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Beginner's tutorial topics include how to type in data, change column widths, add formatting, adding formulas, insert charts, and sort selected cells. Features snapshot examples.

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Microsoft Excel* - Official Excel home page, part of the Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Excel Basics - Beginner\\'s tutorial topics include how to type in data, change spreadsheets column widths, add formatting, adding formulas, insert charts, and sort spreadsheets selected cells. Features snapshot examples.
  • Archives of Excel-G - A mailing list where the general or casual excel user can excel get help. Free registration required.
  • Peltier Technical Services, Inc. - Information and tutorials about Excel charting and other tips and tricks.
  • Alan's Excel Page - Alan Barasch\\'s guide to Microsoft Excel. A collection excel of macros, spreadsheets formulas, and links.
  • Addix - Suppliers of financial, mathematical and statistical function libraries spreadsheets and tools spreadsheets for use in Excel, VB and spreadsheets VBA
  • Excel Tips - Offers tips, tutorials and help for spreadsheet design and VBA macro programming.
  • David McRitchie's -- My Excel Macros - Excel macros and usage notes to help beginners and fairly advanced users.
  • The Excellent Files - Provides files for download and tips. In the spreadsheets Netherlands.
  • Macro-Investment Analysis in Excel - Using named ranges and matrix operations. William Sharpe, spreadsheets Stanford.
  • The Excel Logic Page - Provides free downloadable files built using advanced techniques. Presentation of excel the author and contact information.
  • Worksheet Server - Web server allowing the deployment of spreadsheets as software a true spreadsheets PHP-based multi-user application.
  • Microsoft Excel Development - How to develop spreadsheets using VBA, includes demonstration spreadsheets macros, sample program/code, and information on FOCARB: a spreadsheets program that re-balances investment portfolio book values.
  • Fred Cumming's Excel Page - Excel 5 workbooks compressed with pkzip and saved as self-extracting excel archives. User forms, macros, and utilities.
  • OzGrid Business Applications - Excel add-ins, templates, and training.
  • Anthony's VBA Page - Mathematical example programs for Excel. Anthony Sun.
  • Archives of Excel-L - Developers mailing list. Presents messages from 1994. Free registration required.

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