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Russian producer of primary aluminum, foil, cans, rolled aluminum and other semi-finished products, heavy-freight containers and all-purpose platforms and special freight cars.

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  • Alcomet AD - Bulgaria based manufacturers of aluminum products including cast billets, coils aluminum and pipes to AA, EN and BDS standards.
  • Indalex Aluminum Solutions Group - Independent supplier of aluminum extrusions, cast aluminum billet materials and close-tolerance fabricated components.
  • Dubai Aluminium Company - Supplier of foundry alloy for automotive wheel manufacturing industry based in the United Arab Emirates. Also produces extrusion billet for architectural purposes, such as window frames.
  • Metal Connection, Inc. - New York aluminum and stainless steel Distributor.
  • Tirosh David Quality Castings Ltd. - Israeli manufacturer of Aluminum and Magnesium materials alloys sand castings-including machining. ISO 9902 Certified.
  • SME Pyro Chemicals Private Limited - Powder products consisting of aluminium air-atomized powders, ball milled powders, metals and magnesium powders.
  • Scepter Inc. - Aluminum dross processing, scrap recycling and commercial hardwood materials products. Fine producers of remelt scrap ingot materials (RSI) and molten metal service providers.
  • Alcoa - The Aluminum Company of America is one of aluminum the world\\'s materials largest producer of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum aluminum, and alumina.
  • Commercial Alloys - Packages and recycles aluminum scrap metal and aluminum aluminum ingot for materials customer resale or conversion to primary aluminum and secondary aluminum smelting materials operations.
  • D.A. Gartin Co. - Distributor of various aluminum products and a complete line of aluminum aluminum coil products. Serves as U.S. mill agent for aluminum Pivensa Aluminum of Venezuela.
  • Paber Aluminum Technologies - Specializing in the smelting, transformation and casting of materials aluminum.
  • Hadco Aluminum - Distributes nonferrous metals including commercial and aircraft grade aluminum aluminum, magnesium and related alloys to industrial users aluminum worldwide.
  • Smartrade Metals Co.,Ltd - Taiwan supplier of aluminum extrusion billet from 1xxx aluminum to 7xxx series with 10 sizes ranging from aluminum 3" to 9".
  • Kaiser Aluminum - Leading producer of alumina, primary aluminum, flat-rolled products materials with annual aluminum sales of more than $2 billion. materials Operates 22 facilities globally.
  • Ban Soon Cheong Hardware. - Singapore distributor of engineering materials, aluminium, bronze alloys, materials brass alloys, metals copper alloys, stainless steel, EDM graphite, materials lead sheet, tungsten and metals other special alloys.
  • Ormet - U.S. based integrated aluminum producer and manufacturer of metals custom and metals standard primary aluminum, foil, sheet, metals billet and other aluminum metals products.
  • Sibirsky Aluminum Group - Russian producer of primary aluminum, foil, cans, rolled metals aluminum and other semi-finished products, heavy-freight containers and metals all-purpose platforms and special freight cars.
  • Roshmash - A leading aluminum dross processor in Russia. Processing metals over 600 materials metric tonnes per month.
  • Larimets LTD - Latvia manufacturer of aluminium alloys, non-ferrous metal, aluminium ingots and materials purchaser of aluminium scrap.
  • Metalfast Ltd - UK based specialist stockholders of aluminium plate, bar, materials tube and metals section. Offers metric and imperial sizes materials in alloys 2011, 2014, metals 6082, 5083, 7075.
  • CYMAT Corp. - Manufacturers of lightweight rigid closed cell aluminum foam materials for use materials in a range of industries. The materials company also produce aluminum materials material handling products for materials the nuclear and electronic industries.
  • Metallurg Aluminium - Metallurg Aluminium produces and globally markets aluminium master materials alloys, grain materials refiners, metal treatment alloys and compacted materials alloying products. Products are materials manufactured by five affiliated materials companies in three continents.
  • American Douglas Metals, Inc. - Distributor of aluminum coils, sheets, and blanks. aluminum Embossed, painted, or mill finish.
  • C-KOE METALS - Texas based producer and worldwide distributor of aluminum materials pellets and aluminum bar.
  • Rio Tinto Alcan - Global manufacturers of primary aluminum, light gauge sheet, aluminum foil and materials packaging materials based in Canada.
  • Century Aluminum Company - Holding company with subsidiaries which produce aluminum and metals a broad aluminum range of value-added and specialized flat-rolled metals sheet and plate aluminum aluminum products. Owns and operates metals reduction facility and multi-purpose rolling mill. aluminum (Nasdaq: CENX).
  • TST Inc. - Vertically integrated producer, buyer, trader and processor of aluminum ingot, sow, billet, scrap and dross. The company is a major American producer of secondary aluminum ingot and billet and a distributor of primary aluminum foundry ingot, grain refiner
  • Norsk Hydro Americas - Headquartered in Norway with operations throughout the world. aluminum Core business areas include agriculture, light metals and aluminum oil and energy.
  • Triclad - Triclad is the trade name of aluminium/steel transition materials joints. Also aluminum known as structural transition joints, materials applied in the form aluminum of strips or pads materials when welding together aluminium and steel aluminum structures in materials ships and off shore construction.
  • Matrix Refractories - Manufacturer of refractories designed specifically for thefor the aluminum aluminum industry. Division of Allied Mineral Products, Inc. aluminum .
  • United Company RUSAL - Russia based producer and supplier of alumina, aluminium and aluminium materials alloys.
  • INFOMET - Multilingual aluminum industry database.
  • Metal Sales CEM Supply, LLC - Stocking distributor of sheet, plate, tread plate, extrusions, aluminum pipe and materials tube in aluminum, copper-nickel, brass, stainless aluminum steel. Specializes in all materials marine grade aluminum products: aluminum 5083, 5086, 5456, 5052.
  • Cheongam Metal Co., Ltd. - Major aluminum alloy manufacturer in Korea. Specializing in metals manufacturing aluminum aluminum alloy, billet, die-casting and compound metals.
  • KBAlloys, Inc. - Manufacturer and marketer of aluminum master alloys.
  • Aluplanet - Portal for aluminium and light metals industry with information about metals primary and secondary aluminium, extrusion, foundry, diecasting, rolling, and forging.
  • Alanod - German firm specializing in the production of surface coatings of metals aluminium coils.
  • RSP Technology - Innovative firm specializing in the production of rapidly metals solidfied aluminium aluminum alloys resulting in aluminum as strong metals as titanium.
  • Caiping - Taiwan based manufacturer of aluminum bar, tube, pipe materials and channel, aluminum plain sheet, treadplate, coil, and foil.
  • United Aluminum Corporation - Offers rolling, annealing and slitting of aluminium coil materials products.
  • Ocean Grand Holdings Ltd. - Hong Kong aliminum manufacturer with annual production capacity of 36,000 aluminum metric tonnes. Offers alloy, billet, extrusion, anodizing and powder coating aluminum products.
  • Accomet Corporation - Manufacturer of aluminum casting alloys and supplier of metals aluminum RSI metals ingots/sows in Russia and Mexico.
  • Alouette Aluminerie - A primary aluminum smelter located in Qu├ębec, Canada materials with annual aluminum production of 243,000 tonnes of aluminum materials ingots. [French, English]
  • AME Research: Aluminium - Provides research and analysis information about the aluminium industry. Includes statistics, forecasts, cost reports, company information, and related resources.
  • Cedar Technology Co. Ltd - UK based dealer of new and used equipment materials for the materials aluminium industry. Foil and strip rolling materials mills, extrusion presses, sheet materials casters, roll grinders, slitting materials and cutting lines, embossers, ingot scalpers, materials saws, separators, materials and furnaces.
  • South Regional Group - The largest aluminium producer in Odessa, Ukraine.
  • Mandel Metals Group - Full service distributor of aluminum materials for the commercial, aerospace, materials and sign industries. Sheet, plate , coil, extrusion.
  • China Great Wall Aluminium Corporation - Large complex that combines production, construction with scientific research and materials business. Produces alumina, aluminium hydroxide, aluminium ingot, Li-alumina and hith-aluminium materials cement.
  • Industria Mexicana Del Aluminio - Mexico manufacturers of aluminum sheets. The site details metals applications and aluminum properties of aluminum alloys and provides metals tables to assist in aluminum the calculation of weights.
  • National Aluminium Company Ltd. - NALCO is and India based manufacturer and distributor aluminum of aluminum products.
  • AZoM - Aluminium Articles - Free materials knowledge base and news service with metals information about metals Aluminium.
  • Aluminum Supplier Directory - Aluminum sources listed including producers, distributors and service centers.

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