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Producers of aluminum castings for large and small needs. Specializing in large castings up to 5000 lbs., prototypes, and casting of plastic moulds.

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  • Fasa Foundry - Italian manufacturer of aluminium die-castings. Services include design castings and engineering of components and mechanical machining. Certified castings under UNI EN ISO 9002.
  • Morris Bean & Company - Makes aluminum castings with dimensional accuracy, exceptional metallurgical qualities, and aluminum parts with complex geometry.
  • Grandview Aluminum Products, Inc. - Suppliers of cast bronze and aluminum products. Custom metals products and ordering information.
  • Modern Aluminum Castings - Offers aluminum alloy sand casting production services from design to castings delivery.
  • UK Racing Castings - England based magnesium or aluminium alloys sand casting aluminum foundry specialising castings in casting for automotive applications. Low aluminum volumes of 1 - castings 500 units. Pattern making aluminum and CNC Machining services available.
  • Gupta Permold Corp. - Supplier of aluminum castings, CNC machining, metal finishing, castings product assembly, castings metal fabrication, based in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • ZincAlu Casting Sdn Bhd - Malaysian manufacturer and processor of aluminium and zinc alloy die-casting components. Currently produces components for computer peripherals, electrical and electronic equipment, motorcycle engines and office systems. Currently, the company supplies d
  • Ormet S.L. - Spanish firm dedicated to producing die-casts mazak 5 castings and aluminium. castings Design, die-making, polished, baths, die casting.
  • American Aluminum Casting Co. - Producer of fine quality aluminum castings at two castings manufacturing plants. metals Sand casting and permanent mold casting.
  • Fundicion Torrey - Features an aluminum foundry making sand and permanent castings mold castings. castings Based in Mexico.
  • Castco: Cast Aluminum Corporation - Complete facilities to provide small and large sand and permanent mold castings, pattern shop and heat treating services since 1950.
  • Longton Light Alloys Ltd. - Aluminium and aluminum castings are made in a metals non-ferrous foundry, from very small up to 2 metals tonnes.
  • Haworth Castings - Southampton UK aluminium castings manufacturer specialising in high metals quality aluminium aluminum castings, sand and gravity die castings. metals .
  • Specialty Aluminum Inc. - Offers large aluminum castings, at least 5 cubic metals feet and over 50 pounds. Silica sand molds metals with cores as large as 1000 pounds. Common metals alloys used are 319, 356, 535, 712, and metals 771.
  • Aliasa Injected Aluminium - Spanish based aluminum die casting company with facilities in five aluminum locations: France, Germany, Denmark and United States.
  • CIF M├ętal - Aluminum and zinc-aluminum casting company with permanent moulds metals in cast aluminum iron, iron and graphite. Quebec, Canada.
  • Littlestown Foundry Inc. - Produces variety of aluminum castings, including awnings and marine hardware. Site provides details of capabilities and available products.
  • Premier Aluminum, Inc. - Manufacturer of complete machined aluminum castings. Offers in-house CNC castings machining, heat treating and tool and die engineering for medium castings volume assembly ready OEM components
  • Aluminum Foundries, Inc. - An aluminum foundry of sand castings, die castings, metals and permanent mold castings from ounces to 500 metals pounds.
  • Custom Aluminum Foundry - Producers of aluminum castings for large and small needs. Specializing in large castings up to 5000 lbs., prototypes, and casting of plastic moulds.
  • Chicago Aluminum Castings Company - Aluminum sand casting specialist since 1910. Offers furnished castings for machine tools, scientific products, conveyor equipment, railroads, food processing equipment, pumps, and decorative items.
  • Chamundi Die Castings - India based high pressure die casting manufacturer making aluminum components in aluminium and zinc.
  • O.D.T. Engineering - Designers and suppliers of casting equipment, material handling equipment and production consumables for aluminium and magnesium casthouses.
  • Alcast Company - Employee owned foundry specializing in aluminum castings. metals Includes brake calipers, torque converters, industrial fans, valve metals bodies, and castings designed for incorporation of tube metals and steel inserts.
  • Firdi Company Limited - China manufacturer of aluminum extrusions, aluminum heatsinks, aluminum sheet metal castings stampings and aluminum die castings.
  • Paul Voss GmbH & Co. KG - German aluminium die casting foundry producing cast parts aluminum with a aluminum piece weight of 0.050 - 5,000 aluminum kg according to drawings aluminum or samples.

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