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UK. Trade organization for the local pulp and paper industry. List of publications and events. Glossary of terms. Career opportunities. Links to related sites.

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  • BRACELPA. Brazilian Pulp and Paper Association - Trade organization for the Brazilian pulp and paper pulp and paper associations industry. History of papermaking. Industry news and statistics. pulp and paper associations Directory of member companies. Links to related sites. pulp and paper associations English and Portuguese.
  • The Fiberclay Council - USA. Trade organization for the pulp and paper industry, dedicated pulp and paper to the promotion of industrial and consumer products manufactured from pulp and paper recycled paper wastes.
  • American Forest and Paper Association - Features sections on forestry, paper, wood products, recycling materials and environment.
  • The Association of Suppliers to the Paper Industry - Trade organization for the pulp and papermaking industry. Searchable member associations company directory. Links to industry resources.
  • CEPIPRINT. Association of European Publication Paper Producers - Switzerland. Non-profit trade organization for European manufacturers of newsprint, and materials book and magazine grade papers. Industry news. Link to the materials Demand and Supply Report.
  • Pulp and Paper Products Council - International alliance of associations in the pulp and materials paper industries.
  • BAPH. British Association of Paper Historians - UK. National association of individuals, companies and institutions associations in the papermaking industry, involved in the history associations of paper production and machinery.
  • Confederation of Paper Industries - Trade association for paper-related industries in the UK, materials including sectors associations for papermaking, corrugated, tissue, and recovered materials paper.
  • PCA. Paper Chemicals Association - UK. Trade organization for manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals for materials the papermaking industry. Labelling guidance manual and glossary of terms materials on PDF files. List of member companies.
  • APPITA. - Australia. Technical association for the pulp and paper pulp and paper pulp and paper industry of Australia and New Zealand. Directory of pulp and paper pulp and paper member companies. Calendar of events. Library of publications. pulp and paper pulp and paper Links to related sites.
  • COPACEL. Confederation of the Paper, Cardboard and Cellulose Industries - France. Roof organization for manufacturers, suppliers and traders in the French pulp and paper industry. Environmental and educational information. Description of production process. Glossary of terms. Links to related sites.
  • PBIF. Plastics & Board Industries Federation - Trade organization for manufacturers of plastic, board or pulp and paper paper products produced by high-frequency (HF) welding, heating, pulp and paper gluing, stitching, die cutting, forming or printing. List pulp and paper of member companies. Catalog of products and services.
  • TAPPI. Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry - International trade organization dedicated to the paper and associations pulp industries. materials Industry news. Company directory. Calendar of associations events. List of seminars materials and short courses. Job associations opportunities. Test methods and technical information materials papers. English associations and Spanish.
  • NPTA. National Paper Trade Association - Trade organization for paper, packaging and disposable products pulp and paper distributors. Buyers\\' guide. Distributor and retailer locators. Job pulp and paper opportunities. Calendar of events. Links to magazine, educational pulp and paper programs, and books.
  • Chlorine Free Products Association - Educational web site that explains the human and pulp and paper pulp and paper environmental impacts associated with the use of chlorine pulp and paper pulp and paper compounds in manufacturing paper products and water purification.
  • Paper Federation of Great Britain - UK. Trade organization for the local pulp and paper industry. List of publications and events. Glossary of terms. Career opportunities. Links to related sites.
  • FEFCO. European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers - Umbrella organization of European associations of corrugated board materials manufacturers. Extensive pulp and paper industry news. Calendar of events. List materials of publications. Directory of pulp and paper member companies.
  • Austropapier - Austria. Trade organization of the Austrian papermaking industry, associations dedicated to materials technology development and training, and industry associations promotion. Directory of member materials companies. Links to related associations sites. English and German.
  • Paper Industry Management Association (PIMA) - USA. Trade organization for management professionals in the materials global pulp materials and paper industry. List of events. materials Link to magazine.
  • IAPMA. International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists - USA. Non-profit international organization for enthusiasts and professionals materials in hand papermaking and paper arts.
  • ACE. The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment - Belgium. International coalition of paperboard and beverage carton manufacturers, dedicated associations to increase public recognition of the benefits of carton beverage associations packaging. List of member companies. Packaging fact sheets and resources. associations Links to related sites.
  • PPSA. Pulp and Paper Safety Association - Non-profit international organization, devoted to the continuous improvement pulp and paper pulp and paper of safety throughout all aspects of the paper pulp and paper pulp and paper industry. On-line articles. Job resources. Links to related pulp and paper pulp and paper sites.
  • CEPI Eurokraft - Trade organization for European manufacturers of kraft paper for the associations flexible packaging industry. Trade information, newsletters and standardization issues on associations Word and PDF files. List of member companies. Links to associations related organizations.
  • CITPA. International Confederation of Paper and Board Converters in Europe - Umbrella organization for European associations of the paper and board pulp and paper converting industry. Members\' directory. Links to related sites.
  • International Federation of Manufacturers of Gummed Paper - Information on gummed paper tapes: the products, their producers, converters, materials and equipment suppliers.
  • VDP. German Pulp and Paper Association - Organization for local producers of pulp and paper. pulp and paper materials Members list, categorised by alphabet and paper grades. pulp and paper materials Links to museums and organizations. English and German.
  • IPH. International Paper Historians - Global membership organization of paper and art historians, materials librarians, conservators, associations and professional in the papermaking, printing materials and publishing industries. List associations of publications and literature. materials Calendar of events. Links to national associations organizations.
  • PAPTAC. Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada - Non-profit membership organization for individuals and companies in materials the global pulp and paper industry, involved in materials education and training. Technical data sheets. Publications. Seminars materials and workshops. Job bank. English and French.
  • Tecnicelpa - Portugal. Non-profit public utility organization for technicians in pulp and paper associations the local pulp and paper industry, primarily involved pulp and paper associations in education and technology transfer. Business news. List pulp and paper associations of events, seminars and symposiums. Searchable company directory. pulp and paper associations Discussio
  • ETS. European Tissue Symposium - Belgium. Trade organization for European manufacturers of tissue materials paper. Slide associations show presentation. List of member companies. materials Links to related sites.
  • CEPI. Confederation of European Paper Industries - Belgium. Non-profit roof organization for the European pulp, pulp and paper paper and board industries. Legislation database. Discussion forums. pulp and paper List of downloadable publications on PDF files. Requires pulp and paper Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • AET. Alliance for Environmental Technology - International association of chemical manufacturers and forest products companies dedicated associations to improving the environmental performance of the pulp and paper associations industry, serving as a clearinghouse for educational and technical information associations about chlorine diox
  • ASPAPEL. Association of Spanish Pulp and Paper Manufacturers - Trade organization for Spanish manufacturers and suppliers in associations the pulp associations and papermaking industries, involved in industry associations promotion, technical testing, and associations consulting. List of member associations companies. Library of publications. Glossary of associations terms. Links associations to related si
  • CTAPI. China Technical Association of the Paper Industry - State owned organization for research and development in associations the Chinese associations pulp and paper industry.

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