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Exploration and mining of Wyoming bentonite used for drilling, pelletizing, metal casting, water absorption, grouting and sealing. Includes mineral characteristics, uses and technical data.

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  • Detroit Salt Company - Mine rock salt from under the city of Detroit and industrial minerals distribute the product in bulk as road deicing salt to industrial minerals governments and other entities in Michigan and surrounding states.
  • Luzenac - Major producer and exporter of talc. Includes company mineral exploration and extraction info, news, facts about talc, and talc applications.
  • GSA Resources, Inc. - Zeolites, and specialty clay products.
  • Thunder Sword Resources Inc - Extract and import high quality magnesium chloride crystals mining and drilling from a production facility located at Lake Charhan, mining and drilling in Qinhai, China.
  • Xinrong Group (junhai magnesia mine) - Chinese company has a wide range of refractory products.
  • EUROQUARZ GmbH - German processor/supplier of high-quality industrial sand and gravel.
  • Oxidos Rojos De Malaga - 100 year old Spanish producer of red oxide industrial minerals pigment for paint, cement, and tiles.
  • Black Hills Bentonite LLC - Exploration and mining of Wyoming bentonite used for mining and drilling industrial minerals drilling, pelletizing, metal casting, water absorption, grouting and mining and drilling industrial minerals sealing. Includes mineral characteristics, uses and technical data.
  • Minera Sabater, s.l. - Extraction, processing and sale of white clays, principally industrial minerals for the ceramics industry. Located in Spain.
  • Xuzhou Fengbao Mining - Miners and manufacturers of quatrz sand and products.
  • Greenfire Minerals - Providing precious and semi-precious minerals to the world mineral exploration and industrial minerals extraction market.
  • Québec Cartier Mining Company - Operates an open pit mine and a crusher mining and drilling mineral exploration and extraction and concentrator facility capable of producing 18 million mining and drilling mineral exploration and extraction metric tonnes of iron ore concentrates annually at mining and drilling mineral exploration and extraction Mont-Wright in Northern Québec .
  • Paramount Corporation - Sales of mica, gems, minerals, and mica products.
  • Ashapura Group of Industries - Industrial mineral development in India especially bentonite and mineral exploration and extraction bleaching clay in Kutch region.
  • Jinyang Calcined Kaolin - Calcined kaolin producer in China.
  • Rota - Turkish producer of zeolite for commercial and industrial uses.
  • St. Cloud Mining Company - US Producer of clinoptilolite, a natural zeolite used industrial minerals in agriculture, industrial, and environmental applications.
  • Sabay Construction Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Co. - Production and export of pumice stone and pumicite. mining and drilling Turkey.
  • Gayatri Microns - Indian supplier of white minerals (calcite, talc, china clay, barytes, mineral exploration and extraction mica, dolomite, and micronised products) used in rubber, paint, polymer, mineral exploration and extraction plastic cable, PVC, cosmetic, toothpaste, and paper industries,
  • JSC Mineral - Mining company in Ukraine, producing kaolin, refractory clay, sand and industrial minerals bentonite. Company profile and product specifications.
  • Federal Industrial Products - Bentonite, Barite and associated Polymers and chemical products mining and drilling mining and drilling for a wide variety of industrial applications
  • Manek Minerls - Producer and exporter of bentonite, attapulgite, China clay, feldspar, bauxite and other industrial minerals. Located in India.
  • IMC Global Inc - Producers of phosphate, potash and salt with mining industrial minerals operations in canada and the united states.
  • Pumex UK Ltd - Pumice powders, pumice grains, pumice lightweight aggregate, calcium mining and drilling carbonate and other industrial minerals. A wholly owned mining and drilling subsidiary of Pumex SpA, Italy who extract and mining and drilling process the product on the island of Lipari.
  • CR Minerals Company LLC - Mining and processing of industrial minerals with the industrial minerals following products: safsil, diafil, ditomite, and pumice. Includes industrial minerals an application guide and technical resources .
  • Idwala Industrial Holdings - Idwala (the Zulu word for rock or stone) is a industrial minerals large African company focussed on the industrial minerals and lime.
  • Canadian Salt Producers - Listing of salt producers from the Natural Resources Canada a industrial minerals federal government department specializing in energy, minerals and metals, forests industrial minerals and earth sciences .
  • Goonvean Ltd - Extract and supply china clays, kaolins, and aggregates. mineral exploration and extraction Based in Cornwall, United Kingdom with facilities for mineral exploration and extraction worldwide distribution .
  • Iranian Natural Zeolite Company - Provides natural clinoptilolite with various purities, meshes, and packaging to industrial minerals clients in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.
  • Laviosa Italy - Bentonite - Research, production and distribution of bentonite - Production, research, and distribution of bentonite.
  • Guangxi Longsheng Huamei Talc Development Co., Ltd. - Producer talc powder in many grades, for application as additive mining and drilling in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and polymers, as well as ceramic and mining and drilling chalk pen applications.
  • Xinghe Graphite Mine - Provides medium/high carbon natural flake crystalline flake graphite industrial minerals and industrial minerals expandable graphite.
  • DKT Co.,Ltd. - Supplier of gypsum (calcium sulfate). Thai company, a industrial minerals subsidiary of Sahachart Setakit Co.Ltd.with a gypsum reserve industrial minerals of over 50 million tons .
  • Knelson Concentrators - Provides process solutions to the mining and mineral processing industry.
  • Micafab India Pvt Ltd. - Mica products supplier based in India.
  • NYCO - Producer of wollastonite products.
  • Mintech International, Inc. - Mines and manufactures Chinese attapulgite products for both domestic and export markets. Includes technical data sheets .
  • Alkhobara Industrial Co. - Owns 120 mines, currently supplying fluorspar. Other reserves mineral exploration and mining and drilling extraction include feldspar, farrite, iron ore, ilmenite and bentonite. mineral exploration mining and drilling and extraction Egypt.
  • Companhia Vale do Rio Doce - Brazilian mining company with activities in bauxite, iron ore, manganese, industrial minerals kaolim and potash mines .
  • Bear River Zeolite - Mines clinoptilolite in Idaho, for use in agricultural mining and drilling and pollution control applications. Subsidiary of United States mining and drilling Antimony Corporation.
  • Minera Formas - Company in Chile engaged in mining, processing, sales, mineral exploration and mining and drilling extraction and services related to minerals used in animal mineral exploration mining and drilling and extraction nutrition, fertilizers, and environmental applications, including phosphate rock, mineral mining and drilling exploration and extraction calcium carbonate, and zeolites.
  • China National Non-Metallic Minerals Industrial Import & Export Corporation - Chinese importer/exporter of non-metallic industrial minerals
  • Minelco - Company headquartered in Sweden, supplying a wide range industrial minerals of industrial minerals industrial minerals worldwide through its own mining industrial minerals operations and industrial minerals supply relationships, augmented by processing capabilities. industrial minerals Company profile and industrial minerals product listing.
  • Serina Kaolin - South African producer of water-washed kaolin (china clay).
  • Yichang Yafeng Mining Industry Co., Ltd. - Company in China producing phosphate rock and fused mining and drilling mineral exploration and extraction calcium magnesium phosphate.

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