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Schools, programs, and informational sites that teach the techniques of bookbinding.

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  • A Simple Book Repair Manual - Provides general advice and guidelines for in-house book binding and finishing bookbinding repair, materials appropriate for book repair, ten simple binding and finishing bookbinding repairs, and a book repair toolbox. The binding and finishing bookbinding web version of the Simple Book Repair Manual binding and finishing bookbinding was created by members of Preservation Services, Dartm
  • Knops Boekrestauratie - Information on various parts of a book and education and training bookbinding the way they are restored.
  • The Library of Congress: Concertina Book Instructions - Illustrated instruction for constructing books that were traditionally binding and finishing bookbinding used for Buddhist sutras or for albums of binding and finishing bookbinding calligraphy or paintings.
  • Designer Bookbinders - Non-profit UK promoter of the craft of British bookbinding through exhibitions, lectures and publications.
  • Gigabooks Hand Bookbinding Supply - Information about and products for binding paperback books by hand. bookbinding Hand-binding presses, computer-printable cover stock and how-to information.
  • North Bennet Street School Programs - Offers two-year, full-time bench bookbinding program. Curriculum, facilities, and faculty. binding and finishing Boston, Massachusetts.
  • The History of Bookbinding - Company site offering informational page on history of education and training binding and finishing bookbinding.

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