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Developer of printing processes used in conjunction with a lens verification device. Used to verify items such as currency, checks, and lottery tickets.

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Sekuworks* - Provides brand protection, documents, labels, and tracking/support services. Specialized Intaweb™ security press integrates flexo, intaglio, holographics, rotary screen, numbering and variable data in a single pass.

  • International Ink Company - Manufactures a complete range of security inks including security thermochromic, color shifting, and invisible inks.
  • Sofi Associates - Sources all individual security and technology requirements for security printing and computer interfacing from conception to finished product.
  • Document Security Systems Inc. - Providers of security papers and specialty printing techniques products for use security on documents, labels, or packaging.
  • Chromazone - Thermochromic pigments and inks that change color when heated or cooled. Available in a wide range of colors and temperatures.
  • Security Foiling Limited - Provides foil and embossing based security systems including printing solutions for bank notes, stamps, tax payment systems, printing bankers' drafts and vouchers.
  • C-Tech International Ltd - Providers of tamper evident seals and property marking products devices.
  • Inotec Barcode Security Ltd. - Suppliers of security labels including tamper evident, barcode, security security RFID, and electro magnetic. Located in the security UK.
  • Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited - Security documents and solutions for personal and product printing identification, lotteries, products payment transactions and the financial market.
  • Multisets Limited - Security printers and business form specialists.
  • Verify First Technologies - Patented anti-counterfeiting solutions and printing technologies for use on business security forms, academic records, transcripts and checks.
  • Microtrace, Inc. - Custom identification and authentication solutions utilizing security labels and seals, products microtaggant identification particles, and security films.
  • Beaver Luminescers - Manufacturer of luminescent pigments and invisible marking inks printing for security printing printing.
  • CFC International, Inc. - A specialty coated film company that designs, manufactures and markets chemically complex, multi-layer, transferable coatings, laminates and sophisticated holographic technologies. (Nasdaq: CFCI).
  • Weldon, Williams & Lick - Custom numbered printing for admission tickets and forms, vehicle permits, security credentials, and ID validation stickers.
  • Rainbow Printing - Printer of checks and security documents. Member of security the NASPO, CPSA, and a licensed user security of the padlock security symbol. Located in Canada.
  • Process Label Systems - Providers of custom label and tag printing, pressure-sensitive printing labels, and printing customized security solutions.
  • Pitagora SA - Intaglio security printers and designers using the Giotto printing Security Design products System. Also supply all types of printing security printing plates and products sell used intaglio printing printing machines. Located in Switzerland.
  • Datagraphic (UK) Ltd - Offers bar code numbering, MICR and OCR encoding, products holograms, visible products fibers, and UV fluorescent fibers for products security documents, tickets, and products cards.
  • Francois-Charles Oberthur Group - Lottery tickets, banknotes, credit cards, checks and passports. printing Worldwide locations.
  • Chemsong, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of water and solvent based, and security specialty inkjet printing fluorescent, thermochromic and photochromic printing inks. security Technical information.
  • TOMOE Woven Label Co.,Ltd. - Wholesaler of woven, printed, and tag security labels printing for a variety of industries including apparel.
  • Kalamazoo Secure Solutions Limited - Specialty printers in design and production of business and security products solutions including checks, payroll services, business forms, identification systems, tickets products and pre-pay vouchers. Product details and catalog request. UK.
  • SICPA - Offers overt and covert high security inks for security banknotes, value printing documents, and brand protection. Worldwide locations.
  • Stephen Austin Confidential Printers - Confidential and commercial print solutions including litho printing, printing digital printing, printing web offset litho printing.
  • Blank Corp. - Suppliers of a patented security paper with copy printing protection to products keep documents safe.
  • J.B. Deschamps - Specializes in using security features such as specialty inks, papers, printing and foils with traditional commercial printing.
  • GWA Security Labels - Provider of asset labels, security seals, property marking products products, barcoding security and asset management applications.
  • Orell Füssli Security Printing Ltd - Develops, produces and manages documents and systems for printing value transmission printing and identification purposes. Located in Switzerland.
  • Stardust Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturers of anti-counterfeiting taggant technologies for use in security security printing.
  • Manipal Press Limited - Security and continuous stationery printing. Online photo gallery of available security features. Located in India.
  • Imprints - Custom imprinted products including tamper evident security and warranty labels.
  • Association Goznak - Printer of security documents including banknotes, passports, certificates, and postage security stamps. Online diagram and photos of available security features. Located security in Russia.
  • - Wholesaler of security paper. Reveals hidden words when printing copied, scanned products or faxed.
  • Leigh-Mardon - Specialists in security printing including cheques, plastic cards, bar code labels, photo id cards, card printers and loyalty programs.
  • Hong Kong Security Printing Limited - A Hong Kong based printing factory specializing in security share certificates, printing cheques, cash coupons and variable data security printing.
  • Madras Security Printers - Printer of secure documents for banks, postal departments, products and government security agencies worldwide. Located in India.
  • Note Printing Australia - Prints polymer banknotes using offset, intaglio and letterpress printing in security conjunction with polymer technology.
  • Secura Monde International Ltd - Providers of marketing advice and consulting for all aspects of the security printing and substrate industries. Located in the UK.
  • Troy Group, Inc. - Offers on-demand distributive printing and imaging solutions, with security application software, security printing hardware and specialized consumables. security Includes online sales, and corporate headquarters in Costa security Mesa, California. (Nasdaq: TROY)
  • Seareach Ltd - UK printer of asset identification and tracking labels, products and tags. Includes product information, samples and images.
  • Joh. Enschedé - A leading Netherlands-based company in the area of products security printing printing and related services.
  • Adler Technologies - Developer of printing processes used in conjunction with products a lens verification device. Used to verify items products such as currency, checks, and lottery tickets.
  • Water Mark Image (HK) Limited - Uses the inmarque system to create custom watermarks products in lower products quantities. Located in Hong Kong.
  • LGInternational Identification Products - Offers security label options and components for the security electronic, computer, printing pharmaceutical, and medical industries.
  • BemroseBooth - Provider of specialty and security printing products and services for printing industries such as mass transit, sports and leisure, and secure printing mail.
  • Graphic Security Systems Corporation - Offering patented technologies that encode printed material and holograms with security covert elements, visible only with lens-type decoders.
  • Fasver - Security solutions for document and brand authentication, including products laminates, industrial security adhesive transfers, and image enhancement. Located products in France.
  • Secutag - Manufacturers of a microscopic coded identification system for product protection security and document security.
  • Smith & Ouzman Ltd. - Security printers offering a variety of features including covert devices, products micro-printing techniques, anti-copy features, and reactive inks.
  • Timbec Inc. - Security printer of scratch off cards, phone cards security and secure gift certificates. Located in Canada.
  • Progressive Microtechnology, Inc. - Complete specialty printing systems and supplies for plastic cards, ID security cards, tickets, and barcodes.

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