Manufacturers Smartcards Systems Hardware

Manufactures smart card readers, magnetic stripe card readers and encoders, magstripe/smart card hybrids, USB readers, motorized and manual readers and encoders.

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  • De La Rue - Supplies identity, electronic payment and smart card systems systems to commerce and governments worldwide, as well as systems cash handling and physical security equipment to banks systems and retailers.
  • ICcard Technology Corporation - Manufacturer of IC cards, smart cards, CPU cards, memory cards, contact cards, contactless cards, gold wafer cards, PVC cards.
  • Austria Card - Offers high security products with know-how in chipcard smartcards production.
  • Neuron Electronics Inc. - Manufactures smart card readers, magnetic stripe card readers smartcards and encoders, manufacturers magstripe/smart card hybrids, USB readers, motorized smartcards and manual readers and manufacturers encoders.
  • Rapsodia Software - Delivers a wide range of applications and tools to build systems secured sim mobile value added services.
  • Intertex Data AB - Modem manufacturer that has merged a V.90 modem smartcards and a manufacturers smartcard reader into one "box".
  • CardLogix - U.S. based manufacturer and developer producing Smart Cards manufacturers used in systems transaction and identification markets.
  • NBS Card Technology Corp. - Performs plastic card personalization using thermal printing, embossing, encoding and smartcards smart card technologies.
  • Supercom Proximity Smartcards - Manufacturer of Proximity Smartcards and other Fingerprint Readers
  • Oberthur Card Systems of America - Manufacturer of smart cards, magnetic stripe cards enabling systems secure transactions and communications over the internet using systems PKI.
  • AMT Europe GmbH - Manufacturer of smartcards.
  • ChipDrive - Manufacturer of smart card products. Products include components systems for accessing systems the data stored on smart cards systems up to complete systems systems for time attendance control, systems debit card systems and sophisticated access systems control solutions.
  • Gemplus - Presents a full range of cards, hardware, software and RF systems tag solutions.
  • Persona Printers - Offers card printers and card personalization systems for systems photo ID cards, employee badges, access control, and systems smart cards.
  • QI Systems Inc. - Designs and sells cash-card readers and associated products.
  • ZeitControl Cardsystems GmbH - Manufacturer of smart cards, chip cards and plastic systems card systems.
  • Datakey, Inc. - Manufactures and markets a complete software and systems smart card smartcards solution that delivers simplified and secure systems single sign-on for a smartcards full range of enterprise systems applications and network resources. Burnsville, smartcards Minnesota. (Nasdaq: systems DKEY).
  • Giesecke and Devrient - Supplies cards and card systems for electronic payments smartcards as well as banknotes and securities, security paper, smartcards banknote processing equipment and complete identification systems.
  • ORGA Kartensysteme GmbH - Smart card manufacturer for communications, finance, health, leisure, loyalty, retail, security and transportation.
  • Euclid Limited - Providing the solution to any plastic card and ticket requirement with a range of standard product and bespoke development to requirement.
  • Dallas Semiconductor - Manufacturer of the iButton, a 16mm computer chip systems housed in manufacturers a stainless steel can. Available as systems a memory iButton or manufacturers as a java card systems 2.0-compliant java-powered iButton.
  • On Track Innovations - Development and marketing of contactless smart card technology systems and product solutions.
  • Litronic, Inc. - Provides enterprise security middleware, software developer toolkits, and systems supporting hardware smartcards to seamlessly add smartcard capabilities and systems integrate legacy security applications smartcards into a public key systems cryptographic framework.
  • Argolis - Designs and manufactures computer peripherals such as innovative manufacturers smartcardreaders and writers for GSM.

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