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See Also:
  • Center for Information Technologie Integration - Smart card research and development project.
  • Visa-Open Platform - Offers system architecture for smart cards.
  • Smartcard Focus - Distributor and retailer of smart cards, smartcard readers, hardware software applications and development kits. Including both contact hardware and contactless technologies.
  • TTFN Smart card pages - Dumb mouse PC/SC smart card driver and scripter.
  • Maxking Limited - Suppliers of Smartcard and Microchip hardware and software.
  • Multos - Multos is an open high-security multi-application operating system systems for smartcards.
  • Macchiato - Provides information about programming Smart Cards and Terminal applications smartcards (JavaCard, Multos, Smart Cards for Windows, OpenCard, Visa Open Platform).
  • ChipDrive - Manufacturer of smartcard based solutions for security, wireless and e-business smartcards applications.
  • BasicCard - A Basic programmable smart card by ZeitControl cardsystems systems GmbH.
  • Athena Smartcard Solutions - Provides smart cards, smart card readers, smart card hardware authentication solutions, systems smart card software development kits.
  • Jacquinot Consulting, Inc. - Smart Card consulting in Atlanta, GA, USA: contractor for software smartcards development and project management. Specialized in security chips, smart cards, smartcards security tokens and dongles via PC/SC, ISO 7816 standards.
  • M.U.S.C.L.E. - Movement for the Use of Smart Cards in a Linux Environment: This site specializes in the development of security infrastructure using smartcards and security devices in the Linux Operating System.
  • ActivIdentity - Providers of a one-time password token system and hardware smart card smartcards based solutions.
  • - Distributor and retailer of smart card readers and programmers, programmable logic chips and chip programmers.
  • Smart Sign Project - Project aims to integrate smart card technology with smartcards Public Key hardware Infrastructures into open, unrestricted and interoperable smartcards solutions.
  • Todos Data System AB - Supplier of authentication solutions based on Smartcard technology and a hardware small portable terminal, also supplies connected Smartcard readers.
  • DotInDots - Services based organisation focused on technical smart card solutions.

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