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The Mac-Gray Smart Card utilizes the smart card technology to provide keyless door access, card-operated laundry equipment, and student debit cards.

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  • iTeam Resources, Inc. - Provides print management cost recovery, one-card systems utilizing systems smart and solution providers magnetic card technology, student or patron systems cards, and other applicable solution providers products and services of systems debit and cash card systems.
  • Gepitalia - Specialists in smart card software solutions. Established in systems 1999 by the IFIL Group to design, develop, systems implement and sell systems and advanced solutions based systems on smart card technology.
  • Sofi Associates - Secure plastic cards including optical, smart cards, and solution providers synthetic smartcards national ID cards. Materials and devices for solution providers brand protection smartcards for goods and documents. Security chemicals solution providers to defeat copying.
  • Open Domain - Offers off-the-shelf products, complete customized solutions and professional systems services for smartcards secure web applications, smart cards and systems interactive kiosks.
  • Chipcards Ltd. - Card and payment systems and smartcard solutions.
  • Microexpert - Security consultant specializing in payment systems, cryptographic transaction services, intellectual property rights, and anti-counterfeiting.
  • Magcard-Smart Card - Smart Card technology provider.
  • Envoy Data Corp. - SmartCard Systems division provides details of products and systems services offered.
  • Securetech Peripherals Inc. - Securetech is a manufacturer of smart card readers, solution providers writers systems and pre-pay gaming systems.
  • Smart Card Developments Ltd. - Provides development of smart-card systems. Contains company profile, list of services and contact details.
  • RS2 Software Group - Electronic card payment software solutions and Internet services for the banking and financial industry,service providers and retailers.
  • Labcal Technologies - Labcal Technologies offers PKI solutions integrating smart cards smartcards and biometric smartcards systems.
  • Keycorp Ltd. - Makes smartcards, smartcard- and IP-enabled payment terminals, e-commerce transaction routing smartcards software, card OSs (MULTOS, OSSCA), secure Internet payment systems.
  • TTi Card Technology - Anglo-Japanese joint venture company set up by Toshiba, smartcards Toppan of smartcards Japan and ID Data of the smartcards UK. TTi supplies smartcards smartcard solutions to the smartcards banking sector.
  • Mac-Gray Smart Card - The Mac-Gray Smart Card utilizes the smart card smartcards technology to provide keyless door access, card-operated laundry smartcards equipment, and student debit cards.
  • koolConnect Technologies, Inc. - Offers settop boxes for hotel room information and entertainment systems that uses its proprietary Smart Card technology.
  • America Magcard - A provider of smart card technologies in North America. They offer multi-application smart cards, financial cards, photo ID cards, smart card readers, biometric devices and access control systems to customers around the world.
  • CardBASE Technologies - Developer of multi-application smart card management systems and provides applications smartcards for EMV Debit/Credit, Purse, Loyalty and Security to card issuing smartcards organizations.
  • Smart Direction Online Services - EMV and Smart Card Migration and smart card systems training. SD-OS provides knowledge and assistance of systems EMV business decisions, implementations and technical integration.
  • Intercede Integrated Security - Developers of smart card and identity management software that helps systems organizations quickly deploy, maintain and manage complete identity solutions, by systems providing a web-based smart card management system.
  • Neuroscot Ltd - UK distributor of Neuron smart card readers, magnetic card readers solution providers and encoders, of Zeitcontrol programmable smart cards and PC Worth solution providers CCD bar code scanners. Used for Credit card payments, EPOS, solution providers EFTPOS, Kiosk, Access Control, and time and attendance applic
  • Philips Semiconductors for Mifare - Manufacturer of ISO 14443A MIFAREĀ® industry standard for solution providers contactless and dual interface smart card schemes.
  • Borer Data Systems - Manufacturer of Mifare card readers and recording terminals. Includes information on access control, surveillance, recording and monitoring systems and software.
  • Spirtech - Specialists and consultants in cryptography, PKI, software, applications systems and Calypso teleticketing. Site provides information for Transit systems Operators, smartcard, IC and terminal manufacturers, integrators, bank systems and card issuers.
  • Tx Systems Inc. - Cost-effective smartcard technology including CHIPDRIVE smartcard systems terminals, smartcard smartcards systems, smart card API Kits, smart systems card loyalty systems and smartcards smart card encryption software.
  • Axalto Smart Card Security - Provider of microprocessor cards. The company has solution providers 25 solution providers years\\' experience in smart card innovation and solution providers leads its solution providers industry in security technology and open solution providers operating systems.
  • Cardwerk - Develops smart software solutions and provides IT security systems consulting services.
  • ACG AG - Chips and smart cards for smart card-based e-commerce, Internet and systems home banking products.

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