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Companies or sources of smart card readers which include stand alone terminals, "slave" or tethered terminals, Point of Sale terminals with smart card capabilities, embedded interface logic, etc.

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  • Microrex - Producing write-read devices for magnetic badges and chip-cards.
  • Micropross - Provides smart card readers for manufacturers and application readers developers used to read, program and test ICC readers or IFD.
  • Uniform Industrial Corp. - Source for magnetic stripe card reader, and smart card reader readers and writer, POS, data communication, and video communication products.
  • CardTronics Corp. - Provider of custom smart card and magnetic stripe card interface readers devices to OEM, system integrators and operators.
  • Advanced Card Systems Ltd. - Readers with EMV certified, development kit, fingerprint scanner with smart card readers.
  • SCM Microsystems, Inc. - Designs, develops and manufactures smart card interface technologies readers for OEM smart card and PC card readers.
  • TriCom Card Technologies, Inc. - Magnetic stripe and smart card technology: readers, printers, systems and identification smartcards card equipment.
  • DanaCo - Selling smart card interfaces, cards and battery chargers.
  • Pro-Active - Offers CompactFlash and SDIO smartcards and contactless readers for Pocket smartcards PCs, as well as OEM and desktop contactless readers (Mifare, smartcards Desfire, ISO 14443, RFID).

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