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Bring together cellular and wireless providers who need antenna space with property owners who would like to earn extra revenue by renting their roof space.

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  • Wireless Facilities, Inc. - Company offers network design, deployment, and optimization services construction, installation, and maintenance for the telecommunications industry. Site also has a construction, installation, and maintenance media center, employment and contact information, and investor construction, installation, and maintenance relations links.
  • Omni-Tek, Inc. - Antenna site management company. Includes corporate summary, locations, towers and FAQs.
  • Entire Network Solutions - Manages rooftop sites for owners and marketing to towers the Australian telecommunications and wireless industries.
  • Bosque Communications, Inc. - Offer radio tower rental. Offers details of coverage management and site directions. Central Texas.
  • FiberlessNet - Sells and leases microwave and satellite link locations construction, installation, and maintenance throughout the United States.
  • SecuraSite, LLC. - A provider of site acquisition, zoning, and architectural construction, installation, and construction, installation, and maintenance maintenance and engineering┬áservices to the wireless telephone and broadband construction, installation, construction, installation, and maintenance and maintenance wireless industries.
  • Fryer's Tower Source - Directory of antenna tower sites throughout the US with data on leasing contacts. Requires registration
  • MetroWest Systems - Offer tower rental to two-way radio dealers, end-users, paging and repeater companies. Includes overview of services and photographs. Location Honey Hill Tower, Hopkinton, MA .
  • Shaffer Communication Services, Inc. - Provides a full range of consulting, construction and management maintenance services construction, installation, and maintenance for the communications and broadcast industries.
  • Carrier Communications - Offer antenna sites for lease throughout California . construction, installation, and management maintenance Includes a listing of available sites together with construction, installation, management and maintenance photographs .
  • Vangard Wireless - Site construction, management and leasing along with construction, installation, and maintenance company and service information.
  • TriStar Communications - Owns, operates and manages community towers in several construction, installation, and maintenance areas nationwide. Provides related services, including turnkey wireless construction, installation, and maintenance system deployment.
  • Message Center Management, Inc. - Manages wireless communication site facilities (antenna sites) including management towers, signs, construction, installation, and maintenance billboards, and building rooftops.
  • LMC Management Group - Bring together cellular and wireless providers who need management antenna space with property owners who would like management to earn extra revenue by renting their roof management space.
  • 3G Solutions - Creates revenue opportunities for landlords by marketing, managing and developing management their rooftops and vacant land for telecommunications use.

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