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Phone Rate Comparisons contains sites offering objective comparisons of different phone plans.

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See Also:
  • Phonechoice - Australian long distance rate comparison database.
  • Consumer Action - Non-profit advocacy and education organization that offers consumer phone rate comparisons education about telecom rates and issues.
  • Telecomparisons - Canadian rate comparison database. Owned by M3&W, Inc.
  • Sayers Entrepreneurial Enterprises - Comparisons of all major 10-10 and 10-x dial telecommunications around plans.
  • TeleBright - Offers comparisons of telecom services in the United telecommunications States.
  • Maine Public Advocate Office - Offers Maine consumers an official ratewatcher telecom guide with detailed resources comparisons of long distance rates and fees.
  • ConsumerSearch, Inc. - Offers comparison of several long distance plans in the United States.
  • ABTolls - Compares long distance phone rates in and from phone rate comparisons resources the United States.
  • Smart Price - Compares telecommunications services in the United States.
  • uSwitch - United Kingdom home phone rate comparisons.
  • Great Long Distance Rates - Information and rates for long distance telephone service.
  • Utility Consumers' Action Network (UCAN) - Consumer watchdog group advising consumers on energy, utilities resources and internet resources issues.

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