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  • International City and Country Codes - Listing of international country and city dialing codes.
  • TECHtionary - An animated dictionary on telecommunications, data networking and business internet technology.
  • Data Center Exchange - Database of data centers, co-location facilities and telecommunications resources sites with resources space available for sale or lease. resources Compare specifications for power, resources connectivity, and space.
  • The Progress & Freedom Foundation - A think tank devoted to the study of business the digital business revolution. Studies, papers, and reports on business e-commerce, telecommunications, and energy. business Generally supports deregulation and business free market in telecommunications.
  • All Conference Services - Provides information about conference calling, audio, video and web conferencing services.
  • Economic TeleDevelopment Forum - Specializing in telecommunications infrastructure investment and telecommunications community economic development public policy.
  • TeleJungle - Web articles/links, headline news, and market research for telecommunications the Telecom industry
  • Telecommunications in Canada - Reference material and overviews pertaining to the history, achievements, and resources activities of the telecommunications community in Canada.
  • BTL Communications UK - UK based voice and data communication consultancy, offering resources solutions on voice and data communications issues from resources VPN DSL networks to voice recording.
  • Westbay Engineers Limited - Assisting the global network professional with telecommunications traffic business design and analysis.
  • SMi Conferences - Linking business with information through the delivery of resources quality telecommunications business information services.
  • Canarie - An organization dedicated to the research and implementation telecommunications of advanced business broadband telecommunication networks and applications that telecommunications stimulate economic growth and business increase Canada's international competitiveness.
  • Telecom Message Sequence Charts - Major telecommunications standards are described with message sequence charts.
  • The Telecom Network - Telecom resources for Interconnects.
  • Telecommunications Act of 1996 - Full text of Act (S.652) as published by resources the 104th United States Congress.
  • National Telecommunications And Information Administration - US President\'s principal adviser on telecommunications and information policy.
  • American Poster - Telecommunication printing specialists including designation strips, plastic overlays, resources handsets and business housings.
  • Telecom Toolbox - A suite of telecommunications market research tools for telecommunicationservice providers from Taylor Nelson Sofres Telecoms (TNS Telecoms)
  • Caller ID FAQ - Detailed information on Caller ID, explaining the hardware telecommunications and software requirements, and reviewing dozens of Caller telecommunications ID programs. Includes hints and tools for telecommunications those developing their own software.
  • Conference Manual - Guide on audio, video and other conference calls.
  • Network Insight Institute - Provides independent information, ideas, seminars and publications for resources the community and industry about the future of resources media, telecommunications and on-line services.
  • Telintell - Provides free access to reports on the telecoms business sector.
  • - Service provider for vendors and users of telecommunications resources networks.
  • PBX Info - Information on PBX and other Telecom systems, including telecommunications Voicemail, VoIP business and Unified Messaging.
  • Internet Telecom Project - A small group dedicated to the dissemination and resources discussion of reliable telecommunications information. The Project is resources not involved in advocacy, lobbying, or representation.
  • TelephonyIndex - A resource for locating interactive voice response, call center and resources computer telephony products.
  • Converging Industries Research Foundation (CIRF) - Policy research papers on infrastructure deployment and the telecommunications convergence of the telecommunications, Internet, wireless, cable TV, telecommunications broadcast, and satellite industries. Results from a fiber telecommunications optic deployment model.
  • Voice&Data Online - A central node for communications equipment, sales and business service in Australia.
  • FCC Geographic Resources - FCC regulated telecommunications geographic licensing data, market boundaries, business antennae locations business and other relevant information.
  • - A series of one day Executive Briefings on specific areas business of optical networks including tunable lasers, DWDM devices, automation in business photonics, and optical amplifiers.
  • Webify.Us - Working to demonstrate business relevance for web 2.0 business communication and collaboration tools.
  • Telecommunications Reports International - Subscription based newsletters, online services, special reports and business research services. resources Intelligence on all areas of business the domestic and international resources telecommunications business.
  • Avaya PBX Administration Guide - Information and troubleshooting guide for administering or building telecommunications Avaya systems. business Event errors and error codes explained.
  • Analysys Mason - Online subscription services, strategic briefing reports, consultancy and telecommunications conferences for resources the telecoms industry
  • Telephone System Learning Seminars Inc. - Telephone system basics, seminar\\'s on how to resources negotiate, purchase resources and install the best phone system resources for your company.
  • Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI) - University-based research center focusing on strategy, management and policy issues in telecommunications and computing.
  • Communications Standards Review - Reports on US and international telecommunications standards meetings telecommunications for multimedia and wireline access technologies.
  • TNS Telecoms - TNS Telecoms, the world\\'s largest telecom market information resources company, offers a host of products derived from resources ongoing syndicated data collection.
  • Blacksburg Electronic Village - Technical Reports - A series of technical and research reports about BEV and resources municipal broadband network issues.
  • The Commonwealth Government and Business Guide to ICT - A resource of information about ICT in the business Commonwealth for resources use by Government Ministers, Regulators, Utility business Heads and leaders of resources the Communications Industry.
  • - Norstar specialist, supporting traditional voice, converged and pure telecommunications VoIP telephone systems. Omaha
  • Technology Guides - Impartial and free technical papers covering communications, networking and Internet technology.
  • Private Line - Informative and detailed articles on the telecommunications and wireless industries, with a large section covering the history of telephone networks.
  • FindLaw - Communications Law and Regulation - This summary outlines many of the basic issues business confronting telecommunications business law practitioners.
  • Alden Systems, Inc. - A Birmingham, Alabama-based software company specializing in the creation of business asset management software and the provision of process-driven services for business the telecommunications industry.
  • Tech Talk Bulletin Board - Telephone repair, tech support and programming help bulletin board, covering business all major brands with additional resources.

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