Dial-Around Services Telecommunications

This category is for providers that specialize in long-distance dial-around telecommunications services. These services require dialing a provider's access code prior to dialing a long-distance number in order to bypass the consumer's own long-distance carrier, usually to get a better rate.

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See Also:
  • Pannon Telecom - Dial around long distance provider specializing in Eastern European destinations.
  • MoreDial - UK dial-around to international destinations requires BT landline.
  • Telecom USA - MCI Worldcom provided service operating in the United telecommunications States.
  • Dial Fast - Dial around from UK land or cell phones.
  • Excel - Vartec operated United States provider.
  • First:Telecom UK - UK dial-around service offering prepaid or postpaid plans. telecommunications Access numbers in selected countries.
  • Lucky Dog - Service provided by AT&T for United States customers.
  • Dial Through International - Global provider of long distance services.
  • Less2talk - Canadian provider offering service in Alberta and the dial-around Lower Mainland of British Columbia.
  • Dial00 - United Kingdom dial around long distance service.
  • Just Dial - UK international instant dial service. Must be dialed dial-around from UK dial-around access numbers.

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