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Short article about the controversy over what natural fibers were traditionally used in the manufacture of paper. Author: Ellen McCrady.

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  • Organic Cotton: From Field to Final Product - On-line abstract of a book about the development of an articles and studies alternative path to cotton cultivation and textile production, published by articles and studies PAN UK. Authors: Dorothy Myers and Sue Stolton.
  • Recent Progress in Cotton Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in China - Article from Current Science providing an overview in articles and studies articles and studies current developments in China in genetically engineered cotton articles and studies articles and studies which is claimed to be insect, herbicide and articles and studies articles and studies disease resistant. Bao-Hong Zhang and others.[PDF]
  • Cotton Classification Results - Explanation of High Volume Instrument (HVI) cotton fiber resources measurements for classification according to color grade, fiber resources length, micronaire, and strength, and color, trash and resources length uniformity. From the US Department of Agriculture.
  • Application of Spectrophotometric Methods in Assessing the Influence of Alkaline Treatment on the Degree of Crosslinking of Cotton Cellulose - Original scientific paper about research conducted to evaluate cotton how the structural changes of mercerized cotton influenced cotton the crosslinking of cellulose fibers. Authors: Olivera Sauperl cotton and others.[PDF]
  • Relationships Between Micronaire, Fineness, and Maturity. Part I. Fundamentals - Technical paper presenting the models and computer simulation articles and studies cotton methods of micronaire measuring of cotton fiber when articles and studies cotton the measurements of fineness and maturity are not articles and studies cotton available. From the Journal of Cotton Science. Author: articles and studies cotton Joseph G. Montalvo Jr.[PDF]
  • The Efect of Processing Conditions at Ginning on Fiber Properties - Technical paper about the effect of moisture levels resources in the gin during the ginning process on resources the eventual quality of cotton fiber. Authors: B.D. resources Jade and others.[PDF]
  • Cultivation of Bt Cotton in Pakistan - Opposing view on the cultivation of cotton genetically resources engineered with the bacteria Bacillus thuringgiensis stating that resources the claim that this Bt cotton variety is resources protected from boll worms, is not correct in resources the long run. Author: Shaukat Ali Bhambhro.[PDF]
  • Cotton Counts - Collection of educational articles about the history, growing and processing, economic impact and applications of cotton fiber.
  • Relationships Between Micronaire, Fineness, and Maturity. Part II. Experimental - Second part of a paper about micronaire measuring cotton of cotton, drawing on the computer simulation database cotton to obtain information about how to derive diagnostic cotton relationships to fit to a simpler linear model. cotton From the Journal of Cotton Science. Author: Josep[PDF]
  • Review of Standard Test Methods for Moisture in Lint Cotton - Technical paper reviewing the voluntary, national and international standard test articles and studies methods for the measurement of moisture in lint cotton using articles and studies the oven drying technique. Authors: Joseph G. Montalvo Jr. and articles and studies Terry M. von Hoven.[PDF]
  • Cotton Standardization and Grading: Pakistan - Extensive article about the development and introduction by resources the Pakistani government of a standardization and pricing resources system for the cotton industry in 1983-1986, aided resources by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and resources the UN Food and Agriculture Org[PDF]
  • The Effect of Bale Ageing on Cotton Fiber Chemistry, Processing Performance, and Yarn Quality - Technical paper presenting the results of a study articles and studies cotton on the effects of extended warehousing on fiber articles and studies cotton processing characteristics, by characterizing some of the chemical articles and studies cotton and physical factors of the cotton fiber both articles and studies cotton before and after storage. From the Journal o[PDF]
  • Washed Cotton: A Review and Recommendations - A summary of recent research on batch kier washing of resources raw cotton, and recommendations regarding prevention strategies for dust control resources involving washed cotton. From the U.S. National Institute for Occupational resources Safety and Health.
  • Implications of Surface Chemistry on Cotton Fiber Processing - Technical paper quantifying pectin, wax, glucose and surface electrolyte components of cotton fiber in order to develop a chemistry based methodology to elucidate currently unknown factors involved in yarn spinning efficiency. From the Journal of Cotton S[PDF]
  • The Influence of Surface Electrolyte and Moisture Content on the Frictional Behavior of Cotton Fiber - Technical paper presenting a study of cotton fiber articles and studies articles and studies surface electrolyte content and the moisture associated with articles and studies articles and studies the fiber to determine their potential role in articles and studies articles and studies the conversion of fiber to yarn. From the articles and studies articles and studies Journal of Cotton Science. Author: Gary R. Gamble.[PDF]
  • Evaluation of the USDA Shafter Cotton - Master of Science thesis about the evaluation of a subset of uncharacterised US cotton germplasm for their potential to contribute to future plant improvement efforts. Author: Jimmy Xavier Zumba.[PDF]
  • The Great Cotton-Rag Myth - Short article about the controversy over what natural resources fibers were traditionally used in the manufacture of resources paper. Author: Ellen McCrady.
  • Image Analysis for Cotton Fibers - Technical paper presenting the image analysis algorithms developed cotton for a cotton microscopic system that specifically evaluates cotton cotton properties from longitudinal views. cotton Authors: Y. Huang and cotton B. Xu.[PDF]
  • Australian Cotton: How Good Is It Really? - Survey from 2004 conducted by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, aimed at determining customer opinions on the quality and processing performance of Australian cotton. Authors: Marinus H.J. van der Sluijs, Steward G. Gordon[PDF]
  • Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cotton Fibers: Modeling Using an Empirical Equation - Technical paper about the monitoring of enzymatic hydrolysis cotton of cellulose in cotton fibers by a cellulase cotton mixture, by measuring products of hydrolysis as a cotton function of time in a test reaction vessel. cotton Authors: Ajoy K. Sarkar and J. Nolan Etters.[PDF]
  • Cotton Info - From Curl Bros. History, manufacture and properties of cotton fiber.
  • The Impact of Carding Micro-climate on Cotton Moisture Content and Fiber and Yarn Quality - Technical paper presenting the results of research to determine whether resources an increase in the relative humidity and cooling of the resources air surrounding the card, minimises the loss in moisture content resources of cotton fiber through carding and reduces short fiber conten[PDF]

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