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Short e-mail essay about the early meaning of the word cotton, which prior to 1600 was most often used to describe a type of weave of a woollen fabric rather then the fiber. Author: David Rickman.

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  • The Origins of the Spanish Trade in American Cotton - Paper presented at the 2006 International Economic History resources Congress in Helsinki, describing the problems which obstructed resources the early development of the cotton trade from resources the US to 18th Century Spain, and an resources evaluation of how these problems were resolved. A[PDF]
  • The History of the Boll Weevil in Alabama, 1910-2007 - December 2007 bulletin from the Auburn University of Alabama about the history of the Boll Weevil beatle, which appeared on Alabama cotton fields in 1910 and devastated cotton production, and a review of the measures and programs taken since to eradicate[PDF]
  • Flax Growing in Orkney from the Norse Period to the 18th Century - Technical paper presenting new information from excavations at Orkney, examining history the botany, cultivation and processing of flax during the entire history period from the start of the Norse colonization to modern history times. Authors: J.M. Bond and J.R. Hunter.[PDF]
  • King Cotton: The Fiber of Slavery - Extensive essay about the history of cotton, and the place of slavery in the US cotton industry. From Slavery in America. Author: Jean M. West.
  • Cotton in the Middle Ages - Short e-mail essay about the early meaning of resources the word cotton, which prior to 1600 was resources most often used to describe a type of resources weave of a woollen fabric rather then the resources fiber. Author: David Rickman.
  • The Worldwide Web of Silk Production, 1300-2000 - Preliminary paper about the history of silk and articles and studies resources the production of silk from mulberry and silkworm articles and studies resources to thrown silk ready for the loom. Author: articles and studies resources Claudio Zanier.[PDF]
  • Cotton Production and the Boll Weevil in Georgia: History, Cost of Control, and Benefits of Eradication - Research bulletin from the University of Georgia about history the Boll history Weevil insect which decimated Georgia\\'s cotton history production from its first history appearance in 1915 until history a state wide eradication program was history implemented in history 1987. The costs of pest control and the history history e[PDF]
  • A Short History of Linen - Extensive history of flax cultivation and linen fiber resources processing and history manufacturing in the Middle East and resources Europe, and descriptions of history the properties, characteristics and resources care of linen fiber cloth. Author: history HL Sinne resources Gunnsdottir.[PDF]
  • History Of Cotton Gangs in the Upper Keys - Short article about the eradication of wild cotton in the Upper Keys in the US during the 1930\\'s to prevent the boll weevil bug from spreading to the Southern cotton fields, by workers from the Works Progress Administration program created in 1934 by Pres
  • An Introduction to Silk - Comprehensive overview of the origin and history of articles and studies resources sericulture and silk fiber processing and manufacture, from articles and studies resources the Chinese Empress Xi Ling Shi in 2640 articles and studies resources BC to the present uses of silk in articles and studies resources fashion and industry. From Sabahar's web site.[PDF]
  • The Gangs of Waterloo South: Flax Farms and Wage Labour in Rural Ontario, 1854-1919 - Paper presented at the McGill-Queen\\'s Graduate Conference in articles and studies articles and studies History in 2006 about the Canadian flax commodity articles and studies articles and studies chain, focused on the laborers in this chain articles and studies articles and studies and the unusual form they took in the articles and studies articles and studies Ontario economy. Author: Joseph MacFadyen.[PDF]
  • Following Flax Through History and Rural Space - Paper presented at the University of Guelph about the social history history of Canadian rural life through the geographic analysis of history flax cultivation, trade and industry. Author: Joseph MacFadyen.[PDF]
  • Cotton - The Perennial Patriot - Short article about the importance and influence of resources cotton cultivation and processing in the North American resources society since early seventeenth century. From the National resources Cotton Council of America.[PDF]

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