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Technical paper about Tris and Nmgl grafted, polyethylene coated polypropylene fibers for nonwoven filtration cloth. Authors: Akinori Jyo and others.

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  • Characterising the Liquid Filtration Performance of Nonwoven Media - Technical paper describing a wide array of wet- resources and dry-laid, articles and studies and meltblown nonwoven filtration media, and resources their structures, properties and articles and studies applications. From Lydall Filtration resources and Separatio, Inc.[PDF]
  • The Effect of Anisotropy on In-Plane Liquid Distribution in Nonwoven Fabrics - Thesis on the determination of the effect of articles and studies resources anisotropy in the liquid distribution of a nonwoven articles and studies resources fabric utilizing a device which records the liquid articles and studies resources spread. Also, an introduction of a new method articles and studies resources to measure the intrinsic wicking properties of a articles and studies resources nonwoven fab[PDF]
  • New Materials and Processes for Regenerable Collective Protection Air Purification Systems - Technical article about the development of a new resources system of articles and studies collective protection equipment (CPE) for military, resources industrial and medical applications, articles and studies from sintered metal micrifiber resources based media.[PDF]
  • Primer on Nonwoven Fabric Filtration Media - Overview of the history, materials, media forms, characteristics, manufacturing methods, applications and markets of nonwoven fabrics for filtration media. Author: Edward C. Gregor.[PDF]
  • Chemical and Thermal Stability of Nonwoven Filtration Media in Fluid Power Applications - Technical paper evaluating different nonwoven wet-laid microglass filtration media for articles and studies compatibility with a range of hydraulic fluids at different temperatures. articles and studies From Lydall Flitration and Separation, Inc.[PDF]
  • Modification of Air Filter Media With Nylon-6 Nanofibers - Technical paper, describing a technique of electrospinning more resources efficient air filtration media from polyamide-6 nanofibers with resources various weight covering levels, using a varying number resources of multi-nozzle banks to increase coverage level while resources decreasing fiber[PDF]
  • Improved Fiber Hydroentanglement Using Pulsed Elliptical Jets - Technical paper describing the physical properties and filtration articles and studies resources characteristics of hydroentangled nonwoven filter media made from articles and studies resources splittable and expanded surface area fibers, manufactured with articles and studies resources pulsation apparatus and elliptically formed nozzle jets. Aut[PDF]
  • Treatment and Reuse of Textile Effluents Based on New Ultrafiltration and Other Membrane Technologies - Report of the results of experiments with various different filtration resources membranes on a laboratory pilot plant in order to verify resources the possibility of reusing textile wastewater. Authors: M. Marcucci and resources others.[PDF]
  • Transport Properties of Porous Membranes Based on Electrospun Nanofibers - Technical paper discussing the factors influencing the fabric articles and studies resources structure and transport properties of electrospun nonwoven membranes articles and studies resources for filtration and protective clothing applications. Authors: Phillip articles and studies resources Gibson and others.[PDF]
  • Degradation Processes in Corona-Charged Electret Filter Media with Exposure to Ethyl Benzene - Technical paper, describing the assessment of the degradation of filtration performance of corona-charged nonwoven media, through exposure with liquid and vapor stage ethyl benzene. Authors: Warren J. Jasper and others.[PDF]
  • Chemical and Mechanical Damaga to Felts - Technical paper describing the result of a field articles and studies study, dedicated to the development and formulation of articles and studies the principles of chemical and mechanical wear of articles and studies paper machine felts. Author: Donald L. Gibbon.[PDF]
  • Electrospinning and Porosity Measurements of Nylon-6/Poly(ethylene oxide) Blended Nonwovens - Technical paper, describing a simple method to create nanofiber electrospun nonwoven filtration media from polyamide-6 and polyethylene oxide (PEO) polymers, and providing a strategy for controlling pore size distribution independently from fiber formatio[PDF]
  • Submicron Size Structures, Electrospinning and Filters - Doctor of Philosophy dissertation investigating novel techniques for filtration electrospinning of filtration nanofiber filtration media. Author: Sphurti Bhargava.
  • Fabric Filters - Extensive technical paper discussing the various types and articles and studies cost calculations of fabric filters and the required articles and studies auxiliary equipment, followed by a review of the articles and studies related fabric filtration theories forming a foundation for articles and studies sizing procedures. Authors: James[PDF]
  • Polymeric Nanofibers in Air Filtration Applications - Technical paper presented at the 15th Annual Technical filtration Conference and filtration Expo of the American Filtration and filtration Separation Society, discussing a filtration process for making nanofibers, filtration as well as the benefits, limitations, filtration construction and filtration performance of filters using n[PDF]
  • Liquid Extrusion Techniques for Pore Structure Evaluation of Nonwovens - Technical paper analyzing two different liquid extrusion techniques applied to determine pore structure of nonwoven materials, and an evaluation of the results obtained. Authors: A. Jena and K. Gupta.[PDF]
  • Nanofiber in Filtration Applications in Transportation - Technical paper about the construction and performance of filter media using nanofiber in engine, gas turbine, and mining vehicle cabin air filtration systems. From Donaldson Company, Inc. Authors: Timothy Grafe and others.[PDF]
  • Synthetic Split Microfiber Technology for Filtration - Scientific article about the applications of synthetic split microfibers in resources nonwoven filtration media. Tables, technical specifications, and photos. From Fiber resources Innovation Technology, Inc. DOC file. Authors: Jeff Dugan and Ed resources Homonoff.
  • Designing Nonwovens to Meet Pore Size Specifications - Technical paper, reporting on a study focused on the development of a mathematical basis by which to design and construct a bi-component spunbond island-in-the-sea nonwoven fabric for filtration applications with given pore size specifications. Authors: G[PDF]
  • Air Pollution Control Technology Fact Sheet - Fact sheet from the US Environmental Protection Agency, articles and studies describing the properties, characteristics and applications of paper articles and studies based and nonwoven high efficiency particle air (HEPA) articles and studies and ultra low penetration air (ULPA) filtration media.[PDF]
  • Evaluating Filtration Media - Technical article about a comparison of the major filtration characteristics of articles and studies polymeric membrane and nonwoven filtration media. filtration From Du Pont de articles and studies Nemours. Authors: Dr. Ernst filtration Mayer and Jennifer Warren.[PDF]
  • Hydrophobic Hollow Fiber Membranes for Treating MTBE-Contaminated Water - Scientific paper about the application of hydrophobic hollow filtration fiber membranes (HFM) for the treatment of water filtration contaminated with methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE). Authors: A. filtration Keller and B. Bierwagen.[PDF]
  • PMIAPP - USA. A collection of technical articles from the articles and studies articles and studies PMI, Inc. web site. The subjects are pore articles and studies articles and studies size characterization and measurement, and capillary flow porometry articles and studies articles and studies for nonwoven fabrics as filtration media.
  • Nonwoven Liquid Filtration Media Construction and Performance - Technical paper discussing the construction, performance and applications of carded, articles and studies needlepunch, spunbond, meltblown and wet-laid nonwoven media for liquid filtration articles and studies applications. From Lydall Filtration and Separation, Inc.[PDF]
  • Membranes as Pretreatment to Desalination in Wastewater Reuse - Technical paper reviewing the benefits of wastewater reuse filtration for industrial articles and studies and municipal applications by demonstrating how filtration continuous microfiltration (CMF) pretreatment articles and studies to reverse osmosis (RO) filtration can reduce capital and operating costs, articles and studies improve efficiency, filtration and[PDF]
  • Nanofiber Incorporated Glass Fiber Filter Media - Master of Science thesis presenting a model for resources the prediction and validation of data of glass resources fiber filter media augmented with varying amounts of resources polymer nanofibers. Author: Priyavardhama Srinivasan.
  • Design and Testing of Antistatic Filters for Industrial Air Filtration - Technical paper examining the filtration and electrical properties of membrane resources and non-membrane filter media manufactured from polyester nonwoven needlefelt, including resources a review of recent advances in membrane performance and test resources results. From W.L. Gore an[PDF]
  • Pore Volume of Nanofiber Nonwovens - Technical paper describing a study of measuring the articles and studies resources pore volume and distribution, and pore diameter size articles and studies resources using mercury intrusion, liquid extrusion and capillary flow articles and studies resources porosimetry. Authors: Akshaya Jena and Krishna Gupta.
  • Investigation on Charge Deterioration of Electrically Charged Filter Media Using Electric Force Microscopy - Technical paper presenting an investigation on the effect of exposure resources to organic solvents on the filtration performance of electret filter resources media, using different organic solvents and electret filter media. Author: resources Jooyoun Kim.[PDF]
  • Behaviour of Chelating Fibers having Polyol Groups in Column Mode Absorption if Boric Acid - Technical paper about Tris and Nmgl grafted, polyethylene articles and studies filtration coated polypropylene fibers for nonwoven filtration cloth. Authors: articles and studies filtration Akinori Jyo and others.[PDF]
  • Predicting Nonwoven Sediment Filter Performance - Technical paper testing the liquid filtration performance of nonwoven media of various constructions and fiber blends by standard paper and nonwoven test methods, and proving that filter performance is predictive only within media of the same construction[PDF]
  • Submicron Filtration Media - Technical paper discussing the different types of wetlaid, drylaid and filtration membrane media available for submicron filtration applications, and comparing their filtration methods of construction, performance and cost. From Lydall Filtration and filtration Separation, Inc.[PDF]
  • Electrical Resistivity of Active Carbon Nonwovens - Technical paper about the techniques and procedures for resources making a filtration nonwoven fabric precursor and their effect resources on the magnitude of filtration the electrical resistivity of resources active carbon nonwovens manufactured from this filtration precursor. Authors: resources Romualda Cislo and others.[PDF]
  • Nanofiber Webs from Electrospinning - Technical paper about the performance of nonwoven nanofiber filtration media articles and studies in a mining vehicle air filter system. From Donaldson Company, articles and studies Inc. Authors: Timothy H. Grafe and Kristine M. Graham.[PDF]

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