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UK. Independent textile and nonwovens research and technology center, also providing services to a range of other spheres of industry and commerce.

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  • International Textile Center - USA. Non-profit organization of the Texas Tech University, dedicated to textiles and nonwovens applied research, testing and evaluation of textile fabrics, fibers and textiles and nonwovens processes. Extensive library of articles on cotton growing and processing.
  • SATRA Technology Centre - UK. Authority on the technical aspects of footwear, textiles and nonwovens business leathergoods, apparel, toys, safety products, furniture, floorcoverings, construction textiles and nonwovens business products and homeware. Involved in product research and textiles and nonwovens business development, material and component evaluation, quality assur
  • Fiber and Fabric - Education and information resource for children and students textiles and nonwovens business about natural and synthetic fibers, and textile, nonwovens textiles and nonwovens business and printing technologies. Links to fiber sites. EduScape textiles and nonwovens business site, created by Anette Lamb and Larry Johnson.
  • SAMPE. Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering - USA. International professional member society, provides information on resources new materials and process technologies through forums, publications resources and books.
  • ITA. Institut für Textiltechnik - Germany. Competence center and research institute for man-made business fiber, nonwovens textiles and nonwovens and textile technology, and mechanical engineering. business Links to related sites. textiles and nonwovens Multi-lingual site.
  • Textile World - Search engine for manufacturers of fibers, yarns, greige resources and finished textiles and nonwovens woven and knitted fabrics, apparel, bedding, resources trimmings, closeouts, transportation and textiles and nonwovens textile machinery. English and resources Italian.
  • TTRI. Taiwan Textile Research Institute - Institute for research and development, and testing and resources evaluation for the Taiwan polymer materials, fiber, yarn, resources textile and nonwovens industries. Presentation video. English and resources Chinese.
  • Textile Recycling Information Sheet - Detailed information sheet about the process and purposes textiles and nonwovens business of textile waste recycling and fiber reclamation. Links textiles and nonwovens business to charities and companies.
  • CSIR. Fiber & Textile - South Africa. Statutory research council of the South resources African government, textiles and nonwovens providing technology solutions to the industry, resources establishing ventures, and licensing textiles and nonwovens intellectual property. Research and resources development activities in fiber, textiles and textiles and nonwovens clothing techn
  • DITF. Institute for Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf  - Germany. Portal to the institutes of textile technology resources and process textiles and nonwovens engineering, and textile chemistry and chemical resources fibers. English and German.
  • CARM. Centre for Advanced & Renewable Materials - UK. Consortium of research centres for biocomposites, opto-electronic resources materials chemistry, textiles and nonwovens chemistry and water soluble polymers, involved resources in contract research in textiles and nonwovens wood and plant materials. resources List of events. Links to related textiles and nonwovens sites.
  • ITCF. Institute for Textile Chemistry and Chemical Fibers Denkendorf - Germany. Government funded institute for fundamental and applied research, and business technology transfer in the field of fibers and textiles with business regard to manufacturing, modification, characterization and processing. English and German.
  • CSIRO Textile and Fiber Technology - Australia. Institution for applied research, development, consulting and business education services to the global wool, cotton, textile, business clothing and leather industries. Business arm of the business Australian Cotton Cooperative Research Organization.
  • Textile Research Institute - Poland. Independent institute for research, development, testing and textiles and nonwovens business certification in the fiber, yarn, textile and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens business industries. English and Polish.
  • BTTG. British Textile Technology Group - UK. Independent textile and nonwovens research and technology textiles and nonwovens resources center, also providing services to a range of textiles and nonwovens resources other spheres of industry and commerce.
  • BIR. Bureau of International Recycling - Belgium. International trade federation for the recycling industry, resources focused on textiles and nonwovens ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, textiles, resources plastics and rubber.
  • National Textile Center - USA. Federally funded consortium of universities, dedicated to resources applied research business on fibers, textiles and related subjects. resources Searchable database of past business and present research projects.
  • Micro and Nanotechnology Directory - Directory of UK individuals, companies and organizations involved resources in micro- textiles and nonwovens and nano technologies. Part of the resources MNT Network.
  • Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering Denkendorf - Germany. Applied research in biomedical engineering, technical textiles, textiles and nonwovens nonwovens, process and manufacturing automation, yarns, finishing techniques textiles and nonwovens and textile management. Also, quality assurance testing services. textiles and nonwovens English and German.
  • Swerea IVF AB - Sweden. Independent research institute, active in fiber science and fabric technology, plastics, composites and rubber.
  • Textile Blog - Karen Miller\\'s blog and encyclopedia presenting photos and business entries about textile fibers, yarns and fabrics, dyeing, business printing and finishing technologies, textile design and designers, business machinery and applications.
  • Elkede Technology and Design Centre SA - Greece. Research and development institute, and design center for the leather processing, footwear, textile and apparel, furniture and plastics industries. English and Greek.
  • FIZ-Technik-Inform GmbH - Germany. Non-profit information and documentation center for advanced research and resources science for small and medium sized companies in a wide resources range of industrial fields. Classification codes for fibers, yarns, fabrics, resources and textile materials and processes, fro
  • Made in Green - Registered trade mark and certification label of the textiles and nonwovens resources Association of Textile Industry Research (AITEX) for textile textiles and nonwovens resources materials and products which are processed or manufactured textiles and nonwovens resources in industrial environments that operate without the use textiles and nonwovens resources of harmfull substances, an
  • Saxon Textile Research Institute - Germany. Application oriented research and development projects for the textile and nonwovens industries. Also, laboratory testing and certification services. English and German.
  • The Alexander Report - Industry guide to business resources and services for the natural and man-made fibers, textiles and nonwovens, and the apparel and fashion trades.
  • TUT - Institute of Fiber Material Science - Finland. Research and development institute of the Tampere business University of business Technology, specialising in fiber technology and business textile chemistry, textile and business nonwovens technologies, and electro-conductive business fabrics and wearables. English and Finnish.
  • IPFDD. Institute for Polymer Research Dresden - Germany. Public institute for application oriented fundamental research resources in polymer resources architecture, interaction mechanisms, and fundamental materials. resources Activities in fiber reinforced resources composites, modified polymer membranes, resources and meltspun nonwovens. List of lect
  • DVS. German Welding Society - Non-profit technical and scientific society for individuals and textiles and nonwovens resources companies, involved in research and education on matters textiles and nonwovens resources relating to the joining, cutting and coating of textiles and nonwovens resources metallic and non-metallic materials, composite materials and technical textiles and nonwovens resources textiles and no

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