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Scientific discussion platform established by global bromine manufacturers, aimed at furthering research, knowledge transfer and the dissemination of environmental information. List of companies. Technical information on bromides and brominated flame reta

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  • Inherently Conductive Polymers - Information resource on the technology, current research, materials and related topics in the manufacture and applications of inherently conductive polymers.
  • International Flooring Sciences Resource Center - Publishers of peer reviewed technical papers, reports, and textiles and nonwovens articles on flooring related ergonomic, chemistry, environmental, cleaning textiles and nonwovens and recycling topics. Sponsored by the Carpet and textiles and nonwovens Rug Institute.
  • Dyes & Pigments - Information resource and company directory of manufacturers and suppliers of textiles and nonwovens dyestuffs and pigments, and related machinery. Marketplace, buyers\\' guide and textiles and nonwovens technical FAQ. Detailed application guide. Introduction to the global dyestuff textiles and nonwovens industry. Technical a
  • The Colour Experience - Information resource about the science and technology of colour. History of dyes and fashion. Gallery of artists and designers. Glossary of technical terms. Links to related sites. From the UK Society of Dyers and Colourists.
  • All About Woad - Teresinha Roberts\\' home page, providing extensive information about woad history, resources cultivation, pigment extraction and the use of natural woad pigments resources for yarn and fabric dyeing. Links to books, publications and resources woad related sites.
  • Wild Colours - Information resource about the cultivation, extraction and dyeing with natural red, yellow, blue dyes, and the extraction, preparation and use of plant based mordants. Links to books, information and commercial natural dye companies.
  • BSEF. Bromine Science and Environmental Forum - Scientific discussion platform established by global bromine manufacturers, aimed at textiles and nonwovens furthering research, knowledge transfer and the dissemination of environmental information. textiles and nonwovens List of companies. Technical information on bromides and brominated flame textiles and nonwovens reta
  • The Worshipful Company of Dyers - Former guild of textile dyers, presently involved in the continuing resources development of the craft of textile dyeing in cooperation with resources the Department of Colour Chemistry at Leeds University and the resources Society of Dyers and Colourists in Bradford, and educational
  • The Material Vinyl - Information about vinyl and its properties and applications, textiles and nonwovens fire performance and recycling, and safety guidelines. From textiles and nonwovens The Vinyl Institute.
  • PETnology GmbH - Information resource, portal and company directory for the resources polyethylen-therephtalate (PET) dyestuffs and chemicals industry. Job market. Calendar of events. resources Links to research institutions dyestuffs and chemicals and trade associations. English resources and German.
  • Special Chem - Portal and information resource to polymer additives and textiles and nonwovens resources colors, adhesives and sealants, and coatings and inks. textiles and nonwovens resources Technical guides and articles. Product database. Extensive glossary textiles and nonwovens resources of terms. Business news. Links to related sites.
  • Chemistry - An introduction to the science of chemistry.
  • Coshh Essentials - Database of UK health and safety legislation, guidance resources and publications for professional in the chemicals handling resources and processing industries.
  • The Adhesives Design Toolkit - UK Department of Trade and Industry funded web-based resources resource providing resources a framework for the collation and resources organisation of relevant material resources related to adhesives and resources adhesive bonding. Directory of links to resources adhesive related resources sites.
  • The Fire Retardant Forum - On-line platform for the promotion of knowledge and dyestuffs and chemicals information exchange on chemical fire retardants for industrial dyestuffs and chemicals applications. Links to related sites.
  • Spindigo - European Union sponsored project, aimed at developing new, sustainable ways dyestuffs and chemicals to manufacture indigo dyes from woad and polygonum plant crops dyestuffs and chemicals to satisfy market demands for naturally sourced indigo. Progress reports dyestuffs and chemicals on PDF files. Links to partner sites.
  • Flame Protection and Flame Retardants - Information resource about a variety of chemical flame dyestuffs and chemicals dyestuffs and chemicals retardants and their applications. Also market information. From dyestuffs and chemicals dyestuffs and chemicals Clariant Corp.
  • SDC ColourClick - Web-based resource for color facts and information. Company directory. List of trade events. Archive of articles. From the Society of Dyers and Colourists.

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