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Germany. Fine woven mesh fabrics for filtration, food process conveyor belts, and decorative fabrics for architectural applications, from metal and plastics. Detailed technical specifications.

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  • Drum Filter Media, Inc - USA. Manufacturers of circular knitted tube fabrics for technical textiles industrial fabrics liquid and particles filtration applications. Also, beane technical textiles bag filter fabrics media and polyester spunbond cartridge filters. technical textiles Technical information.
  • Great Wall Industrial Fabrics Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of solid and mesh woven, and filtration nonwoven needlepunch fabrics fabrics for filtration and screen printing filtration applications, from silk, polyester, fabrics polypropylene, polyamide and nickel. filtration Specialty finishing services. Technical information and fabrics specificatio
  • Jelliff Corp - USA. Manufacturers of metals alloy wire cloth, and technical textiles mono- fabrics and multi-filament woven mesh fabrics for wet technical textiles filtration applications. fabrics Also, electrical resistance wire, and cut-to-size, technical textiles slit rolls, aggregate fabrics screens, discs, circles, heavy woven technical textiles mesh or custom we
  • D & S Weavers - South Africa. Manufacturers of woven greige, optical white technical textiles and technical textiles dyed, heatset or brushed fabrics for filtration, technical textiles tentage and technical textiles upholstery applications, from cotton, polyester, polypropylene technical textiles and blends. Technical technical textiles information, test reports and fabric technical textiles specifica
  • Fratelli Mariani SpA - Italy. Diversified manufacturing company, active in wire meshes, expanded metals, filtration perforated sheets, filtration elements and conveyor belts. Manufacturers of woven filtration stainless steel wire meshes and nets for filtration applications. Multi-lingual filtration site.
  • Tiantai Industrial Cloth Factory - China. Manufacturers of plain, twill and satin woven, technical textiles singed, coated and finished fabrics for high-temperature gas, technical textiles and particle and liquid filtration applications, from a technical textiles wide range of man-made staple fibers and filaments. technical textiles Technical information and speci
  • Filter Fab - India. Manufacturers of woven and nonwoven fabrics for filtration liquid and fabrics dry filtration, geotechnical, protective apparel and filtration screen printing applications, from fabrics polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and filtration high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Also, ready-made filter fabrics bag
  • Tiantai Shengxiang Industrial Clothing Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of needlepunch nonwoven, and plain, twill and satin woven fabrics for filtration, geotectile and screen printing applications, from acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, glass fiber and high-performance fibers. Also, filter bags for liqu
  • Sefar Group - Switzerland. Design and manufacture of precision fabrics for technical textiles screen filtration and textile printing processes, and filtration and technical textiles screening applications, filtration from polyester and polyamide. Also, tension technical textiles measuring instruments, and filtration technical engineering services. Multi-lin
  • Sioen Industries - Belgium. Diversified multi-national group of manufacturing companies, active technical textiles in textiles, fine chemicals and protective apparel. Coated technical textiles technical fabrics for dry and wet filtration media, technical textiles from a range of high-performance fibers. English, Dutch, technical textiles French and
  • Hai Hui Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of double weave and knitted fabrics for air and liquid filtration applications, from polyester and polypropylene mono- and multi-filaments. Also, filter elements. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.
  • Paul GmbH - Germany. Manufacturers of woven metal wire cloth and technical textiles meshes for solid and liquid filtration, sieving and technical textiles screen printing applications. English and German.
  • New Technology Co., Ltd - China. Development and manufacture of woven air-permeable fabrics technical textiles for fabrics pneumatic conveyor belt applications. Also, cotton aprons, technical textiles sifter pads, fabrics tubular fabrics and pipes for the technical textiles processing of bulk fabrics powders, and nonwoven gas and technical textiles liquid filtration felts. Engli
  • Plastok Group - UK. Group of manufacturing companies, active in filtration fabrics media and technical textiles equipment, metal and polyamide meshes, technical fabrics fabrics. Woven and needlepunch technical textiles nonwoven fabrics and felts fabrics for filtration applications, from polyester, polypropylene, technical textiles polyamide and fabrics high-
  • Haver Standard India Pvt., Ltd - Manufacturers of precision woven wire cloth for filtration technical textiles applications, technical textiles from stainless steel, copper, brass, phosphor, bronze technical textiles nickel, silver technical textiles and plastics. Also, knitmesh tower packings, technical textiles and spinneret disc technical textiles filters. Detailed product catalogs, including technical textiles tec
  • Unique Wire Weaving Co., Inc - USA. Manufacturers of custom and stock, plain, twill fabrics and Dutch woven wire cloth for filtration and fabrics industrial applications, from a wide range of metal fabrics alloys. Technical specifications. Typical properties and weaves. Glossary fabrics of terms. Computing tables.
  • Global Screen Mesh Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of woven steel, copper and polyester wire mesh fabrics for filtration, chemical, papermaking and a range of industrial applications. Also, expanded plate mesh. English and Chinese.
  • Sati Grupo Textil - Spain. Design and manufacture of technical textiles for wet and technical textiles dry filtration, from high-performance spun and filament yarns. Also, woven, technical textiles plain, jacquard and printed fabrics for home decoration, from polyester technical textiles and linen blends. English, Spanish and Germ
  • United Wire, Ltd - UK. Manufacturers and suppliers of plain, twill and Dutch woven fabrics wire cloth for filtration applications, from stainless steel, bronze, copper, fabrics brass and aluminium. Also, broadloom wire cloth for the papermaking fabrics industry. Extensive technical information and
  • Heg, Ltd - India. Diversified company, active in graphite electrodes, textiles, sponge iron and hydropower. Precision woven fabrics for high-performance gas and fine particle filtration applications, from activated carbon. Part of the Bhilwara Group.
  • Biyani Industrial Textiles Pvt., Ltd - India. Manufacturers of plain,twill and satin woven and filtration needlepunch nonwoven technical textiles fabrics for liquid, air and gas filtration filtration applications, from polyester, technical textiles polypropylene and aramid. Technical filtration information and fabric specifications. Part of technical textiles the Bintex filtration Group.
  • Suita Filter Cloth, Inc - China. Manufacturers of woven cloth for gas and fabrics liquid filtration, fabrics from glass fiber, polyvinyl alcohol, polyamide, fabrics polyester and polypropylene. Also, fabrics exporter of needle felt, fabrics filter mesh , air slide fabrics, fabrics and filter fabrics paper.
  • DRM Industrial Fabrics, Ltd - UK. Custom design and manufacture of coated and specialty finished technical textiles woven and nonwoven technical fabrics and membranes for wet and technical textiles dry particle filtration, and laundry applications in roll goods and technical textiles finished products.
  • Casfil Group - Brazil. Manufacturers of technical textiles for filtration applications, technical textiles from polyester, polyamide and polypropylene. Also, finished filter technical textiles media. Detailed product catalog, including technical information. English, technical textiles Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Finsa Industrial Filters SL - Spain. Design, development and manufacture of technical fabrics and finished products for filtration applications. Nonwoven high-loft and needlepunch, and open mesh and solid woven fabrics for sieving and filtration, from polyester, polypropylene and poly
  • PT. Unggul Tekno Filter - Indonesia. Manufacturers of woven fabrics for liquid and filtration particle filtration applications, from a range of man-made filtration fibers and filaments. Detailed product catalogs, including technical filtration information and fabric specifications. Also, suppliers of needlepunch
  • Mortelecque - France. Design and manufacture of woven fabrics for filtration wet and fabrics dry flitration, from natural, synthetic and filtration high-performance fibers. Fabrication of fabrics filter bags and filtration filtration media. Installation and maintenance services. English fabrics and French.
  • Share Filtration Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of woven, and needlepunch and spunbond filtration nonwoven fabrics for liquid and dry filtration applications. filtration Also, wire screen filters, and filter bags and filtration elements. Detailed fabric catalogs, including technical information. Part filtration of the Hengda
  • Kufferath GmbH - Germany. Fine woven mesh fabrics for filtration, food filtration process conveyor belts, and decorative fabrics for architectural filtration applications, from metal and plastics. Detailed technical specifications.
  • South-West Filter Cloth Factory - China. Design and manufacture of wide-width, rapier loom fabrics woven filter technical textiles cloth, from cotton, polyester, polypropylene and fabrics stainless steel. English and technical textiles Chinese.
  • Belleville Wire Cloth Co., Inc - USA. Manufacturers of woven and welded wire mesh filtration and cloth technical textiles for filtration applications, from a wide filtration variety of stainless steel technical textiles alloys. Information about wire filtration cloth and weaving technologies. Technical specifications technical textiles and prices.
  • W√§ngi Mesh AG - Switzerland. Manufacturers of high-performance precision woven mesh fabrics filtration for screen filtration printing and filtration applications. Links to filtration related sites. English and filtration German.
  • Hebei Anping Co.,Ltd - China. Polyester and polyamide fabrics for screen printing technical textiles and filtration. Also, steel wire.
  • Tri-Star Special Textile Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of shuttle loom woven and nonwoven fabrics laminate, and coated and uncoated fabrics for industrial fabrics filtration applications, from polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene and metal fabrics fibers. Also, mesh woven fabrics for outdoor furniture.
  • Travancore Fibres Pvt., Ltd - India. Manufacturers of a range of woven and filtration needlepunch nonwoven fabrics for dry and liquid filtration filtration applications, from cotton and polyester, polypropylene and poluamide filtration mono- and multi-filament yarns. Also, a range of filtration ready-made filter bags.
  • Verseidag-Techfab - Germany. Manufacturers of mesh woven technical fabrics for filtration filtration, screenprinting, fabrics automotive and mineral processing applications. Extensive filtration technical information. Part of fabrics the Clear Edge Group.
  • Yanpai Filter Cloth Co., Ltd - China. Manufacturers of fine woven fabrics for gas technical textiles and technical textiles liquid filtration applications, from glass fiber, polyvinyl technical textiles alcohol, polyamide, technical textiles polyester and polypropylene. Also, decorative fabrics technical textiles for transport, hospitality technical textiles and residential markets. Technical info
  • Hengda Group - China. Group of companies, involved in the manufacture fabrics of woven filtration and nonwoven fabrics for air, liquid fabrics and particle filtration applications, filtration from cotton, polyester, polypropylene, fabrics polyamide and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). Also, filtration filter accessories fabrics and wire mesh

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