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Article on the proper techniques to be employed when performing sample color measurements, to allow correct data to be processed with shade matching and quality control software. Author: Mr. Ken Butt.

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  • Modelling the Structural Barrier Ability of Woven Fabrics - Technical paper presenting a number of procedures for technology the design resources and modelling of channel shapes, as technology well as methods for resources the sealing of woven technology barrier fabrics. From Autex Research Journal. resources Author: Janusz technology Szosland.[PDF]
  • Fabric Handle and its Basic Mechanical Properties - In-depth review of published research works concerning investigations resources of handle, pilling, drape behaviour, seam puckering and resources wrinkling of textile fabrics using the neural network resources model as analysing tool. Compiled and edited by resources Matsudaira Mitsuo.
  • Influence of Physical Parameters on Fabric Hand - Technical paper analysing both the factors that effect technology fabric hand, resources and the subjective and objective assessments technology of it. Part of resources a wider research program technology on the haptic sensing of virtual resources textiles (HAPTEX). technology Authors: Mailis Makinen and others.[PDF]
  • Weaving Technology - Technical paper, reviewing the recent advances in weaving resources technologies, and the challenges facing the weaving industry resources from nonwoven technologies. Author: Abdelfattah M. Seyam.[PDF]
  • Easy-Care and Durable Press Finishes of Cellulosics - Technical paper about resin finishing of textile fabrics to reduce resources swelling and shrinkage, improve wet and dry wrinkle recovery and resources appearance after drying, and help retain intentional creases and pleats. resources Author: Emrah Esder.
  • New Multi-Functional Textiles: Antimicrobial Treatments - Includes collection of slides with an introduction to resources functional textiles, and describing antimicrobial textiles and agents, resources delivery technologies and finishes, and efficacy tests.[PDF]
  • Modelling and Simulation of the Mechanical Behaviour of Weft-Knitted Fabrics for Technical Applications. Part I - Technical paper in four parts, this first of articles and studies resources which discusses the general considerations, experimental analyses, and articles and studies resources ways of improving the mechanical properties of weft-knitted articles and studies resources fabrics and knitted reinforced composites. From Autex Research articles and studies resources Journal. Authors[PDF]
  • Coating and Laminating Technologies Using Hot-Melt Adhesives - Technical paper comparing flame bonding, dry adhesive and articles and studies articles and studies hot-melt adhesive processes in the textile industry. From articles and studies articles and studies Nordson Engineering. Author: Georg Gillessen.[PDF]
  • Color Management and RIP Software for Digital Textile Printing - Technical article describing the various commercially available software systems for color management in digital textile printing. From the Kimberly-Clark Corp, published in Author: Susu Gordon.
  • Application of Electro-Osmotic Transport in the Processing of Textiles - Includes technical paper reporting on the development of resources a pilot resources process for the industrial rinsing of resources textile fabrics combining pressure-driven resources transport with electro-osmotic transport, resources resulting in a considerable reduction of resources the amount resources of water require[PDF]
  • Barre in Fabrics - Includes article about repetitive yarn direction streaks (barre) in the fabric weaving process. Author: R. Velmurugan.
  • Measuring White Specks in Dyed Cotton Fabrics Using the Optimas Imaging System - Technical paper presenting systematic procedures for the evaluation of clusters resources of immature fibers (white specks) on dyed woven and knitted resources fabrics using image analysis equipment. From the Journal of Cotton resources Science. Authors: P. Bel and T. Von Hoven.[PDF]
  • Tactile Rendering: A Vibrotactile Approach - Technical paper describing a rendering strategy based on technology vibrations which resources play an important role in the technology tactile exploration of fine resources surfaces. Authors: Dennis Allerkamp technology and others.[PDF]
  • Velocity Control of Weft Insertion on Air-jet Looms by Fuzzy Logic - Technical paper presenting a study of the effects of yarn properties on weft yarn velocity along the tube in a fuzzy logic controlled weft insertion system of an air-jet weaving loom. Authors: M. Cengiz Kayacan and others.[PDF]
  • ESA - Technology Transfer - Articles and reports about the influence and technical resources results of articles and studies the European Space Agency\\'s Technology Transfer resources Program, on the development articles and studies of textiles and garments.[PDF]
  • Simulation of Weft Insertion on Air-jet and Rapier Looms - Technical paper, presenting a computer model for articles and studies simulating the behaviour of yarn during weft insertion articles and studies on air-jet and rapier weaving looms. Authors: Ir. articles and studies Simon De Meulemeester and Prof. Dr. Paul Kiekens.[PDF]
  • A Functional Woven Fabric with Controlled Friction Coefficients Preventing Bedsores - Technical paper presenting the design and manufacturing technologies articles and studies of a double-layer woven fabric from cotton and articles and studies viscose fibers. with different friction coefficients on right articles and studies and left sides, developed for application as anti-bedsore articles and studies sheets in the medic[PDF]
  • The Relationship of Fabric Properties and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency for Selected Surgical Face Masks - Technical paper reporting on a study to evaluate articles and studies articles and studies the relationship of fabric properties and bacterial filtration articles and studies articles and studies efficiency (BFE) through a comparison of surgical face articles and studies articles and studies masks of various fabric constructions. Authors: Karen K. articles and studies articles and studies Leonas and Cindy R. Jones.[PDF]
  • A Screen Printers' Guide to Digital Flatbed Printing - Feature article about the current state of development articles and studies technology and progress in technology and materials in the articles and studies technology digital flat bed printing industry. Author: Paul Yandell.[PDF]
  • Plasma Aided Finishing of Textile Materials - Doctor of Philosophy dissertation about research into ways to better resources characterize atmospheric plasmas and fully understand the mechanism(s) of surface resources interaction, and to develop a new model for measuring the resources effects of atmospheric pressure plasma on vari[PDF]
  • Engineering the Design Attributes of Woven Interior Textiles Using Shape Memory Polymer - Technical paper about research conducted into the development articles and studies resources of interior textiles with shape memory attributes by articles and studies resources engineering shape memory polymer (SMP) into a woven articles and studies resources structure, which enables it to easthetically change shape articles and studies resources and interact with its users an[PDF]
  • Material Transport with Air Jet - Technical paper presenting a mathematical model of yarn technology end movement articles and studies in the air-jet loom weaving technology. technology Author: Dr. István Patkó.[PDF]
  • Decolorization and Detoxication of Textile Dyes with a Laccase from Trametes Hirsuta - Extensive scientific paper about the process of decolorization articles and studies articles and studies and detoxification of textile dyestuff effluents with the articles and studies articles and studies T. Hirsuta enzyme. Authors: Elias Abadulla and others.[PDF]
  • Seamlessn Textiles with Inherent Shape - Doctor of Philosophy dissertation about research aiming to articles and studies investigate new methods in which a shaped seamless articles and studies woven product could be produced using current technology. articles and studies Author: Kim Suzanne Anderson.[PDF]
  • Barrier Effect of Woven Fabrics Used for Surgical Gowns - Technical paper, discussing the barrier effect of various technology constructions of technology woven fabrics used for surgical gowns, technology and the presentation of technology an optical method of technology obtaining cross-section figures for said fabrics. technology From Autex technology Research Journal. Authors: D. Aibib[PDF]
  • Relationship Between Cotton Varieties and Moisture Vapor Transport of Knitted Fabrics - Technical paper, reporting on a study focused on articles and studies the moisture vapor transport properties (MVTR) of cotton articles and studies fabrics knitted from 31 different cotton fibers with articles and studies different pedigrees grown over a three year period articles and studies in three major cotton growing areas of the articles and studies US[PDF]
  • Architectural Design of the Haptex System - Technical paper reporting the preliminary results of the architectural design resources of the HAPTEX system that will be developed to realise resources a virtual reality system able to render, virtually and haptically, resources the behaviour of textile fabrics. Authors: F. Salsedo a[PDF]
  • Color Measurement Methods for Textile Fabrics - Article on the proper techniques to be employed when performing technology sample color measurements, to allow correct data to be processed technology with shade matching and quality control software. Author: Mr. Ken technology Butt.
  • Performance and Durability of Woven Fabrics Including Recycled Polyester Fibers - Technical paper presenting the results of a study technology of the resources mechanical and surface characteristics, and the technology thermal, moisture and air resources transport properties of woven technology fabrics that include fibers from recycled resources PET bottles. technology Authors: Inoue Mari and Yamamoto Shinji
  • Comparative Analysis of Modeling Methods for Predicting Woven Fabric Properties - Scientific article, comparing mathematical, empirical and artificial neural articles and studies technology network based modeling methodologies for their ability to articles and studies technology predict woven fabric properties. Authors: B.H. Behera and articles and studies technology S.B. Muttagi.
  • Using the Reactive Dye Method to Covalently Attach Antibacterial Compounds to Cotton - Technical paper, presenting a study on the potential resources of making anti-bacterial fabrics to act as barriers resources against specific diseases or wound infections, by attaching resources well described anti-bacterial drugs to cotton fabric. From resources the Journal of Cotton Science.[PDF]
  • From Measured Physical Parameters to the Haptic Feeling of Fabric - Technical paper presenting a real-time cloth simulation system which offers a compromise between a realistic physically-based simulation of fabric and a haptic application with high requirement in term of computation speed. Authors: P. Volino and others.[PDF]
  • Influence of Loop Position in Warp-Knitted Plain Stitches on Structural Properties O Knitted Fabrics - Technical paper presenting the structure of a new resources group of resources warp-knitted interlock stitches using a knitting resources machine with a tuck resources pressure. From Autex Research resources Journal. Authors: K. Kopias and A resources Pinar.[PDF]
  • Utilisation of Linear Textile Wastes with Use of a Rotary Loom - Technical paper presenting a novel method of utilising resources linear textile wastes as direct warps in multi-shed resources rotary weaving looms to produce apparel quality fabrics resources and cloth for composite reinforcement applications. Authors: Janusz resources Szosland and others.[PDF]
  • The Ultraviolet Protection Factor of Naturally-pigmented Cotton - Technical paper presenting a study aiming to determine resources the ultra-violet protection values (UPF) of naturally pigmented resources cotton in the shades green, tan and brown, resources and the effect of light exposure and laundering resources on the sun blocking properties of naturally p[PDF]
  • Modelling and Simulation of the Mechanical Behaviour of Weft-Knitted Fabrics for Technical Applications. Part II - Technical paper in four parts, this second part resources of which resources presents a 3D model based on resources the classic elastica theory, resources which is used to resources calculate the load-extension curves of a resources plain weft-knitted resources fabric in the coursewise and walewise directions. From resources resources Autex Re[PDF]
  • White Speck Detection on Dyed Fabric Using Image Analysis - Technical paper reporting on the development of an articles and studies image analysing system for counting and sizing white articles and studies specks on dyed fabrics, which showed to be articles and studies faster and more efficient in comparison with the articles and studies manual counting method. Authors: Young J. Han and articles and studies others.[PDF]
  • Functionalisation of Textiles - Furure Perspectives - Technical paper about the development of surface modifications and finishing articles and studies technologies of textiles, aimed at imparting value adding functional effects, articles and studies and the development of specific test methods able to measure articles and studies the effectiveness, durability and toxic[PDF]
  • White Speck Quantification: A Human Inspection Technique - Technical paper on the development of human inspection techniques designed technology to quantify and compare white specks present on dyed yarn technology and on cloth made from that yarn, to form an technology accurate and repeatable method of quantifying white specks. Authors: James technology L.[PDF]
  • Roll to Roll Treatment of Textiles in Industrial Plasma Batch Machines - Technical paper presented at the 1997 Techtextil Symposium articles and studies about the increasing application of plasma treatments in articles and studies the textile and technical textile industries. From Europlasma articles and studies NV.[PDF]
  • Introduction to Knitted Wire Mesh - Collection of articles about the technology, manufacture and resources uses of knitted wire mesh in automotive, general resources industrial, filtration and electronic shielding applications. From Metex resources Corp.

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