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Consumer guide to apparel and furnishing textile fabrics and products. Introduction to commonly used fibers, and the components of woven and nonwoven furnishing fabrics. From the Iowa State University's Extension pages.

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  • Identifying the Cause of Destruction of Textile Linear Structures - Technical paper presenting the results of investigations into resources the different mechanisms of continuity loss of textile resources linear products, focused on loose weft yarn breakage. resources From Autex Research Journal. Authors: J. Slodowy and resources A. Rutkowska.[PDF]
  • Impact of the Seam on the Properties of Technical and Nonwoven Textiles for Making Car Seat Covers - Peer reviewed technical paper about an investigation of the influence textiles of the number of stiches in the seam of joined textiles areas and the fabric properties of seamless areas of car textiles seat coverings manufactured from woven and knitted fabrics, nonwovens and textiles artific[PDF]
  • Comparative Analysis of the Thermal Insulation Properties of Fabrics Made of Natural and Man-Made Cellulosic Fibers - Technical paper presenting a comparative analysis of the articles and studies textiles thermal conductivity, absorption and thermal resistance of textile articles and studies textiles fabrics from cotton and Tencel yarns. Authors: I. articles and studies textiles Frydrych and others.[PDF]
  • On-Line Weight and Shrinkage Control of Cotton Knits - Technical paper presenting the results of research conducted articles and studies textiles to develop an image classifier routine able to articles and studies textiles detect and classify knitted fabric defects. Authors: Mohamed articles and studies textiles Abou-Iiana and others.[PDF]
  • The Effects of Light and Ageing on Selected Quilting Products Containing Adhesives - Technical paper about a study aiming to determine textiles whether of not selected adhesive-containing products for quilters, textiles specifically quilt basting sprays, fusible webs and fusible textiles battings, contribute to discoloration or promote degradation of textiles fabrics over t[PDF]
  • Numerical Analysis of Peirce's Cantilever Test for the Bending Rigidity of Textiles - Technical paper presenting the results of the numerical resources analysis and calculations of Pierce\\'s test for the resources bending rigidity of textiles and nonwovens, and a resources comparison of the practical implications for this test resources in textile laboratories. Authors: Piotr Sza[PDF]
  • Odour Measurements in the Textile Industry - Technical paper presenting selected problems associated with the resources measurement of articles and studies odour in the textile industry. Author: resources Krzysztof Gniotek.[PDF]
  • The Effects of Household Fabric Softeners on the Thermal Comfort and Flammability of Cotton and Polyester Fabrics - Master of Science thesis examining the effects of household fabric resources softeners on the thermal comfort and flammability of cotton and resources polyester fabrics after repeated laundering. Author: Jiangman Guo.[PDF]
  • Functional Textiles in Prevention of Chronic Wounds, Wound Healing and Tissue Engineering - Includes technical paper about the growing opportunities for textiles the use resources of specialty textile fabrics in wound textiles healing and the prevention resources of chronic wounds. Authors: textiles U. Wollina and others.[PDF]
  • Fundamentals of Moisture Transport in Textiles - Technical paper about a study conducted to understand articles and studies articles and studies and quantify moisture transport in textile structures as articles and studies articles and studies a basis for the development of novel fluid articles and studies articles and studies management materials and drying processes. Authors: Haskell W. articles and studies articles and studies Beckham and others.[PDF]
  • Linear Flow Detection in Woven Textiles Using Model-Based Clustering - Technical paper about research aimed at detecting linear textiles pattern production faults in woven textile by combining textiles image processing technology with a novel statistical modeling textiles technique. Authors: J.G. Campbell and others.[PDF]
  • Commission's Observations in Response to the Recommendations of the High Level Group for Textiles and Clothing - Presentation of the European Commission\\'s recommendations covering areas of research resources and innovation, education and training, protection of intellectual property rights, resources competitiveness related issues, and trade and regional policies, in answer resources to a staff[PDF]
  • Fuzzy-Stochastic Evaluation of Uncertainties in Material Parameters of Textiles - Presentation of experimental and numerical investigations, aimed at textiles collecting information on the uncertain material parameters of textiles AR glass filaments and yarns. Autex Research Journal. textiles Authors: A. Abdkader, W. Graf, B. Mueller, P. textiles Offermann and J.U. Sicke[PDF]
  • Textile Conservation - Includes information on archeological textile conservation methods and treatments. Part articles and studies of a larger collection of conservation files for archeological materials articles and studies from underwater sites. Author: Donny L. Hamilton.
  • Examination of the Absorption Properties of Various Fibres in Relation to UV Radiation - Scientific examination of the barrier properties of model fabrics as a protection against UV radiation, through the measurement of the UV absorbing capacity of polymers of selected fibers containing dulling and optical brightening agents. From Autex Resea[PDF]
  • Naturally Colored Cotton - Evaluation of the effects of various laundry aids articles and studies resources on color retention and durability of textile fabrics articles and studies resources constructed of naturally colored cotton fibers. Authors: articles and studies resources D. Dickerson, E. Lane and D. Rodriquez.[PDF]
  • Numerical Identification of Elasticity Coefficients for the Bending Problem - Technical paper discussing an alternative use for the articles and studies Pierce cantilever test for determining the relationship between articles and studies bending moment and curvature of flat textiles. From articles and studies Autex Research Journal. Author: Piotr Szablewski.[PDF]
  • Surface Degradation of Linen Textiles Induced by Laser Treatment - Study on the surface degradation of linen fabrics through comparison textiles of the laser treatment with electron beam and heat source textiles methods. From Autex Research Journal. Authors: F. Ferrero, F. Testore, textiles C. Tonin and R. Innocenti.[PDF]
  • Guide to the Control of Cloth Moths and Carpet Beetles - Information sheet of the Australian Textile and Fiber Technology Institute, detailing textile pests encountered in Australia and the control measures available to deal with them.[PDF]
  • Textile Reference Manual - Includes library of technical articles about natural and man-made fibers, textiles fabric weaves and finishes, and textile applications. From the Costume textiles Gallery.
  • Abrasion resistance of Cotton/Flax Fabrics - Technical paper describing the abrasion resistance of two-layered textile fabrics articles and studies constructed from cotton and flax blends, using WiseTex software to articles and studies create three-dimensional geometrical simulation models. From Autex Research Journal. Authors: articles and studies S.V. Lomov a[PDF]
  • Understanding Apparel and Furnishing Textiles - Consumer guide to apparel and furnishing textile fabrics articles and studies and products. Introduction to commonly used fibers, and articles and studies the components of woven and nonwoven furnishing fabrics. articles and studies From the Iowa State University's Extension pages.[PDF]
  • Textile Info - Library of technical and feature articles about textile technology, management resources issues, materials and environment. English, Japanese and Chinese.
  • Determination of Finishing Oils in Acrylic Fibers by Near-Infrared Reflectrance Spectrometry - Technical paper exploring the potential of near-infrared diffuse resources reflectance spectrometry for quality control analysis in the resources textile industry, focused on the quantification of finishing resources oils in acrylic fibers. Authors: Marcelo Blanco and resources others.[PDF]
  • Influence of Furniture Covering Textiles on Moisture Transport in a Car Seat Upholstery Package - Technical paper presenting the conditions of heat and moisture transport textiles in a car-seat upholstery package, and a report on tests textiles conducted on three upholstery packages to assess moisture transport through textiles flat textiles. From Autex Research Journal. Author[PDF]
  • Textile Primer - Short essay about natural fibers as wool, silk, resources linen, cotton textiles and hemp, and descriptions of the resources various types of textile textiles fabric weaves. From the resources St. Ives Historical Society. Author: Kara textiles McLeod.
  • Selecting Jeans - Includes consumer fact sheet on the materials, characteristics, articles and studies textiles styling, construction and sizes of modern jeans. From articles and studies textiles Ohio State University. Authors: Norma Pitts and Joyce articles and studies textiles A. Smith.
  • Textile Articles - Library of short articles about natural and man-made fibers, fabric articles and studies weaving technologies and types of textile fabrics. From Textile Fabrics articles and studies Consultants, Inc.
  • Textiles - ThinkQuest project by students and teachers of the textiles Singapore Chinese articles and studies Girl\\'s School about the history, production textiles and properties of cotton, articles and studies wool, silk, polyester and textiles polyamide, and their applications in the articles and studies textile and textiles fashion industry.
  • Embroidery Solutions - An industrial embroidery manual, including tips and hints, articles and studies troubleshooting, materials and machine settings. Photos and tables.
  • Durameter - A New Stand for Estimating the Durability of Textiles - Technical paper describing a new testing instrument for articles and studies investigating textile filament creep, and presenting and analysis articles and studies of filament creep and strain under constant load. articles and studies Authors: W. Konecki and others.[PDF]

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