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Technical report on the development of two- and three-dimensional textile stitchbond structures for the reinforcement of load-adapted timber joints. Authors: P. Haller and others.

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  • Standard Test Methods for Chemical Coated Fabrics and Film - Eighth edition of the Standard Test Methods (STM) technical textiles prepared by the technical committee of the Chemical technical textiles Fabrics and Film Association, providing test procedures for technical textiles determining physical properties of chemical coated fabrics and technical textiles films, terminology and customs[PDF]
  • Developing Fibrous Multifunctional Structures for Technical Applications - Technical paper describing a quick prototyping unit for resources fibrous multifunctional structures for technical textile and composites resources applications. Author: Mario de Araujo and others.[PDF]
  • Non-Linear Elastic Fabrics - Technical paper describing a research project focused on resources identifying the materials, the production process, and the resources behaviour modelling of non-linear elastic braided fabrics and resources structures for industrial applications. Authors: Christophere Pastore, Eileen[PDF]
  • The US Market for Technical Textiles - A May 2002 report on the state of articles and studies resources the U.S. technical textiles industry, prepared on behalf articles and studies resources of the Small Business and Technology Development Center articles and studies resources by W. Chang and P. Kilduff.[PDF]
  • Reinforcement of Timber Joints with Load-Adapted Textile Structures - Technical report on the development of two- and articles and studies articles and studies three-dimensional textile stitchbond structures for the reinforcement of articles and studies articles and studies load-adapted timber joints. Authors: P. Haller and others.[PDF]
  • Textile Materials for Technical Uses - Collection of articles about the materials, processes, products technical textiles and applications of technical textiles and nonwovens. From technical textiles Tecnitex Ingenieros SL.[PDF]
  • The Scope of Medical Textiles in India - Extensive reports on the current state and growth technical textiles potential of the medical textiles industry in India, technical textiles including a list of medical textile manufacturing companies.[PDF]
  • A Summary of Fire Regulations, Requirements and Test Methods for Technical Textiles Used in Buildings - Extensive paper providing a summary of regulations and an overview articles and studies of test methods and analysis of technical textiles for buildings articles and studies and construction projects within the European Union. Authors: Patrick van articles and studies Hees and Per Blomqvist.[PDF]
  • Contributions of Strain Energy and PV-Work on the Bending Behaviour of Uncoated Plain Woven Fabric Air Beams - Extensive technical paper, describing various test procedures to resources measure the articles and studies bending behaviour of woven fabric air resources beams. Authors: Paul V. articles and studies Cavallaro and others.[PDF]
  • Applications of Mathematics in Technical Textiles - Extensive report on the proceedings of a workshop about mathematics technical textiles in technical textiles, organized by the Scottish Industrial Networking Initiative technical textiles in Mathematical Sciences (SINIMS) on January 16, 2002.[PDF]
  • Analysis of Transverse Deformability of Spacer Products - Technical paper, presenting a model for transverse deformation articles and studies resources in a textile product consisting of two external articles and studies resources layers combined with deformed elements in the middle articles and studies resources layer. Author: Marek Musiol.[PDF]
  • Investigation of End-Use Properties of Fabrics From Metaaramid Yarns - Technical paper presenting the results of an investigation technical textiles of the end-use mechanical properties of textile fabrics technical textiles of various weaves for protective apparel, made from technical textiles meta-aramid yarns. Authors: L. Valaseviciute and others.[PDF]
  • Model Project on Technical Textiles - Position paper of the Indian government Textile Commissioner\\'s Office on resources the development of the technical textiles sector in India, describing resources the technological requirements for the production of canvas fabrics for resources coating and laminating of technical and[PDF]
  • Influence of Structural Parameters of Wale-Knitted Fabrics on Their Electrostatic Properties - Technical paper, presenting research to estimate the electrostatic technical textiles properties resources of knitted fabrics with electro-conductive yarn content, technical textiles destined for resources protective clothing used to protect humans technical textiles against static electricity. resources Authors: Anna Pinar and Lucyna technical textiles Micha[PDF]
  • A Survey on Innovative Textiles and Their Application - Overview of market developments and trends for technical and specialty articles and studies textiles for garments, home interiors and construction, sports, medical, geotechnical articles and studies and agricultural, transport, personal protection and industrial applications. Author: Aldo articles and studies Tempest
  • Numerical Investigations for Cutting of Wires and Threads - Report on the development of methods for ascertaining articles and studies articles and studies the maximum cutter strengths, and the proof of articles and studies articles and studies the existence of a span optimum of monofilament articles and studies articles and studies reinforcement wires incorporated into technical textiles. From Autex articles and studies articles and studies Research Journal. Authors: V. Ulbrich[PDF]
  • Computation of Permeability of Textile Reinforcements - Technical paper presenting a numerical method to predict technical textiles the permeability of textile reinforcements and the experiment technical textiles results to validate the theoretical prediction. Authors: Bart technical textiles Verleye and others. [PDF][PDF]
  • Knitting Shells in the Third Dimension - Technical paper, discussing some of the issues related to the controlled knitting of carbon yarns into three-dimensional shell shapes, and the effect on the structural geometry. Author: J. Power.[PDF]
  • Low Dielectric Fabrics - Technical paper describing the development of hybrid cloth technical textiles with resources low dielectric constant and loss for the technical textiles reinforcement of resources circuit board substrates, from cyclic olefin technical textiles copolymer blended with resources conventional glass fibers. From Innegrity, technical textiles LLC. Author: Brian Mor[PDF]
  • Carbon Nanotubes for Smart, Light and Strong Yarns - This technical report introduces a novel nanotube yarn technical textiles developed by the researchers in CSIRO (Australia). technical textiles Authors: Ken Atkinson and Bill Humphries[PDF]
  • Calculation of the Pore Size Distribution of PBI Membranes - Determination of pore size and pore size distribution on the surface of membranes manufactured with polybenzimidazole (PBI) fibers, obtained by thermal shrinkage on the basis of the surface force-pore flow (SFPF) model for reverse osmosis transport. From
  • Technical Textiles - The Future is Being Woven in France - Information article about French technical textile industry, covering technical textile resources production chains, research and educational institutions, products and their industrial resources applications. Authors: France Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry[PDF]
  • Yarn and Fabric Design and Analysis System in 3D Virtual Reality - Technical paper introducing a 3D virtual reality fabric articles and studies technical textiles design system whereby yarn structural parameters are articles and studies technical textiles used to realistically model a fabric’s structure and articles and studies technical textiles predict its performance before it is made. Authors: articles and studies technical textiles Sabit Adanur and others.[PDF]
  • The Technical Textiles Industry in North America - Article about the state of the technical textiles articles and studies industry in North America. Production statistics and market articles and studies volume. Future developments and trends. Author: William C. articles and studies Smith.[PDF]
  • Deformation Analysis of Woven Fabrics for Chair Seat Surface - Technical paper, presenting a numerical model to evaluate resources the construction resources and deformation behaviour of textile fabrics resources for seating applications. Authors: resources Sakakibara Kazuhiro and Yokoyama resources Atsushi.
  • Modelling Blood Flow Through Vascular Crafts - Technical paper describing the development of an analytical model based resources on fabric construction parameters, aiming to predict the permeability of resources a porous textile substrate with specific application to vascular graft resources materials. Authors: E. Skott Greenhalgh[PDF]
  • Modelling and Simulation of the Mechanical Behaviour of Weft-Knitted Fabrics for Technical Applications - Technical paper about the different approaches to theoretical analyses of articles and studies the mechanical behaviour of weft-knitted fabrics and reinforced composites made articles and studies of glass fiber. From Autex Research Journal. Authors: M. de articles and studies Araujo and others.[PDF]
  • What are Tech Textiles - Short article explaining technical textiles, their scope in applications, economic technical textiles importance, and upcoming technological developments. Technitex Faraday Partnership.
  • Chemical Resistance of Coated Fabrics - Extensive information about the effects of chemicals on articles and studies technical textiles the surface of PVC, polyethylene and related resin articles and studies technical textiles coated industrial fabrics. From A and B Canvas articles and studies technical textiles Australia.
  • Medical Textiles: Application of an Absorbable Barbed Bi-directional Surgical Suture - This review paper introduces an absorbable bi-directional barbed surgical suture articles and studies that does not require surgical knots for wound closure. Authors: articles and studies Philip P. Dattilo, Jr. and others.[PDF]

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