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  • Intelligent Textiles and Clothing - Scientific book, summarising the main types of intelligent technical textiles textiles and their uses, including reviews of phase technical textiles change and shape memory materials and their applications. technical textiles Edited by H Mattila.
  • Smart Textiles Network - UK. Central Saint Martins Innovation Centre of the resources London technical textiles University of the Arts based think resources tank, focused on exploring technical textiles the future of smart resources textiles, intelligent clothing, products, and environments technical textiles in the resources context of societal futures and future markets.
  • MIThril - Introduction to, and information resource about wearable computing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Technical Textiles - Official web site of the European Union, providing fabrics an overview of the current state of affairs fabrics and future plans for the development of the fabrics European technical textiles market.
  • Smart & Interactive Textiles - Commercially available report on the US market for resources smart and interactive textiles for consumer, industrial and resources military applications. Author: Andrew McWilliams.
  • Tex Club Tec - Italy. Organization of associations, companies and individuals specialised technical textiles in technical textiles the technical textiles and nonwovens industries, focused technical textiles on promotion, technical textiles market analysis, training, testing and the technical textiles organization of international technical textiles conferences. Members' directory.
  • A Brief History of Wearable Computing - Detailed time-line of the development of the wearable fabrics computing technology. resources Author: Bradlet Rhodes.
  • CleverTex - European Commission funded program, aiming at developing a master plan resources and a framework for future actions in research, education and resources technology transfer in the fields of multi-functional intelligent textile materials resources in Europe. Extensive preparatory study
  • Technical Textiles News - Blog dedicated to industry news and articles about technical textile technical textiles technology and applications, career opportunities and trade events.
  • Mediatex - The UK Department of Trade and Industry\\'s web site about their Technical Textiles Project, developed to encourage and support collaboration in research and development activities throughout the UK technical textiles supply chain. List of resources, exhibi
  • Important Facts About Wire Cloth - Extensive information about the materials used for the fabrics production of resources wire cloth, weave types and technologies, fabrics wire cloth properties and resources characteristics, and fields of fabrics application. From Bopp AG.
  • Evaluation of Existing Test Methods for ESD Garments - A 2004 intermediate progress report of the European fabrics ESTAT-Garments research technical textiles project, focusing on the evaluation of fabrics existing test methods for technical textiles ESD garments and fabrics. fabrics From VTT Technical Research Centre of technical textiles Finland.[PDF]
  • Smart Textiles & Nanotechnology - Monthly newsletter about electrospinning, nanofibers and coatings, shape resources memory materials, smart fabrics and wearable electronics. Published resources by International Newsletters, Ltd.
  • Technical Textiles Guide - Printed and electronic version of an introduction, a resources series of technical textiles technical articles, and a directory of resources Spanish technical textiles companies. technical textiles From Tecnitex Engenieros SL.
  • Technical Textiles Index - From International Newsletters. Classified and searchable news and technical textiles information index for the technical textiles industry, covering technical textiles engineering, industrial and medical textiles, and nonwovens.

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