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Article about new developments in man-made fiber manufacturing and finishing, and their use in textiles, nonwovens and industrial applications. Author: Albin F. Turbak.

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  • Characterisation of Fibers Produced from Blends of Polybutylene and Polypropylene - Technical paper, describing the physical properties of extrusion spun fibers articles and studies composed of various mixtures of polybutylene and polypropylene polymers. Authors: articles and studies Robert L. Shambaugh and Diana L. Ortiz.[PDF]
  • Abrasion Properties of Polypropylene/Polyamide 6 Blended Fiber - Study of the variations in abrasion resistance with blends of resources different ratio of polypropylene and polyamide 6 fiber and various resources fiber viscosity rates. Authors: Takahashi Tetsuya and others.
  • Positron Lifetime Study of Thermally Induced Microstructural Changes in Nistari Silk Fiber - Technical paper presenting a positron lifetime study on natural polymer resources nistari silk suggesting that structural changes occur within the fibers resources as a result of thermal treatments. Author: C. Ranganathaiah.[PDF]
  • Weakening of a Polyethylene Chain by Methyl Side Groups - Scientific paper, presenting a new model used to resources estimate how resources much the tensile strength of polyethylene resources fiber can deteriorate due resources to the presence of resources methyl side groups. Authors: J.C.L. Hageman resources and others.[PDF]
  • Silk Protein Project - Detailed description of the Ph.D. project of Kimberly Carlson about research into spider silk, and the possible utilization of the resulting knowledge in the manufacture and processing of existing man-made polymers and fibers.
  • Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing - Instructional classroom module on the manufacturing and processing technologies for man-made man-made fibers. Author: Charles B. Weinberger.[PDF]
  • Ultrahydrophobic Fibers: The Lotus Approach - Description of Clemson University National Textile Center\\'s study, aiming to establish fundamental principles and develop practical approaches for the production of ultra-hydrophobic fibers that utilize the so-called “lotus effect”.[PDF]
  • Gecko-Inspired, High-Friction Microfibers - Article about the development by engineers of the articles and studies man-made University of California, Berkeley, of an array of articles and studies man-made synthetic micro-fibers using ultra-high friction to support loads articles and studies man-made on smooth surfaces. From EurekAlert.
  • The Craft of Cutting Fiber - Paper presented at the 1979 TAPPI Nonwoven Fibers resources Seminar about man-made the technology of cutting synthetic filaments resources into staple fiber for man-made nonwovens production applications. From resources Minifibers, Inc. Author: G.B. Keith.[PDF]
  • Introduction to Fiber Science - From the College of Textiles of the North resources Carolina State resources University. Concise descriptions of the morphology, resources formation and properties of resources natural and chemical fibers.
  • Spinning the Elements - History of the development of polyamide as a articles and studies resource for fiber manufacture. Chemical structure and properties. articles and studies Biography of Wallace Carothers. Links to related sites. articles and studies From Chemheritage.Org.
  • Complete Textile Glossary - Reference for textile terminology, covering all types of man-made textile terms, with special emphasis on the nature, man-made manufacture and applications of man-made fibres. From Celanese man-made Acetate LLC.[PDF]
  • Surface Modification of Fibers Via Graft-Site Amplifying Polymers - Technical paper presenting a new approach to surface modification of articles and studies man-made fiber in which polymers are grafted to naturally occurring articles and studies graft-sites on the substrate in order to alter surface charge, articles and studies wettability and dye uptake. Author: Stephen Michielson.[PDF]
  • Effects of Chemical Modifications on Polyester Fibers - Technical paper providing a general view of the man-made chemical structure, articles and studies polymerization reactions, and the chemical, physical man-made and mechanical properties of articles and studies polyester fiber, including a man-made review of the effects on structure articles and studies and properties man-made after chemical modificatio[PDF]
  • Nonbitumous Components of Bitumous Paving Mixtures - Article about nonbitumous materials used in asphalt paving mixtures, including resources mineral, cellulosic, polyester and polypropylene fibers as stabilizers. From the resources US Transportation Research Board.[PDF]
  • Biomimetic Manufacturing of Customised Novel Fibre Proteins for Specialised Applications - Investigation of the role of various protein primary man-made structural components man-made in fiber production, using spider silk man-made and collagen as a man-made model. From Autex Research man-made Journal. Authors: F. Teule and others.[PDF]
  • Chameleon Fibers: Dynamic Color Change from Tunable Molecular and Oligomeric Devices - Research project of Clemson, Furman and Georgia Tech resources Universities, aiming to create color tunable fibers and resources composite structures through the development of new and resources novel polymers and molecular emissive devices for incorporation resources into or crafted onto fiber[PDF]
  • The Soybean Protein Fibre - A Healthy and Comfortable Fibre for the 21st Century - Short article, presenting the characteristics of soybean protein articles and studies man-made fibers and the perspectives for their development and articles and studies man-made applications. Author: Li Yi-You.[PDF]
  • Graft Copolymerization of PET fibers in a Swelling Agent - Technical paper about improving the dyability of polyethylene man-made terephthalate (PET) fibers by grafting vinyl monomers onto man-made them by chemical initiation, utilizing dimethyl formamide (DMF) man-made as a swelling agent. Authors: H.I. Unal and man-made others.[PDF]
  • Charge Characterization of an Electrically Charged Fiber Via Electrostatic Force Microscopy - Technical paper presenting a study to demonstrate the articles and studies resources feasibility of using electrostatic force gradient imaging as articles and studies resources an analytical tool to monitor charge in electrically articles and studies resources charged fiber, and to probe the solvent-induced charge articles and studies resources deterioration of the electret fi[PDF]
  • Identification of Synthetic Fibers Used in Rope Making - Article describing test methods to identify the various man-made types of man-made man-made fibers used in the manufacture man-made of rope materials. Tension man-made Technology International, Inc.
  • Man-made Fiber Specifications - List of technical specifications for a range of articles and studies man-made common and high-performance man-made fibers. From MC2 Market articles and studies man-made and Competitive Convergence.
  • High Value Fibers - Short article about the definition of the term articles and studies resources "high value" in relation to man-made fibers, and articles and studies resources the reasons which make them high value. From articles and studies resources Hills, Inc. Author: John Hagewood Ph.D, P.E.
  • How Synthetic Fiber Processing Technology Affects the Quality of the Web - Paper presented at the 1973 TAPPI Paper Synthetics man-made Conference, describing articles and studies the technologies and processes which make man-made up the synthetic fiber articles and studies manufacturing process. From Minifibers, man-made Inc. Author: G.B. Keith.[PDF]
  • Effects of Polypropylene Fiber on the Properties of High-Strength Concretes - Technical paper about the increased ductility behaviour and resources improved fire resources resistance of high-strength concrete when polypropylene resources fibers are added to resources the mixture. Author: T. resources Budi Aulia.[PDF]
  • Genetically Engineered Spider Silk Fiber in Insect Cells - Article from the Israel High Tech and Investment Report, reporting man-made on the successful production of spider web fiber in insect man-made cell cultures which are equal in their chemical resistance characteristics man-made to those produced by the spider.
  • Fibers - Detailed descriptions of the chemical structure and morphology, resources and the properties of most of the man-made resources fibers in use today. From the University of resources Southern Mississippi web site.
  • Heat Treatment of Carbon Fiber Precursor Material for Activated Carbon Fibers - Technical paper about the preparation of precursor fibers, and melt articles and studies spinning, stabilization, carbonization, and activation of isotropic pitch-based carbon fibers. articles and studies Authors: Lisa Huggins and others.[PDF]
  • Manufacturing Methods for Multi Step Index Plastic Optical Fiber Materials - Technical paper evaluating preform manufacturing methods for plastic man-made optical fiber man-made (POF) as an alternative to copper man-made wires and high-performance glass man-made fiber. From Autex Research man-made Journal. Authors: Marju Ferenets and others.[PDF]
  • The New Textile Technology - Article about new developments in man-made fiber manufacturing resources and finishing, man-made and their use in textiles, nonwovens resources and industrial applications. Author: man-made Albin F. Turbak.
  • Research on the Degradation of PA6 Waste and Utilization of the Degradation Products for the Synthesis of Copolyamide Resins - Technical paper reporting on an investigation concerning the utilisation of polymer waste in the manufacture of polyamide fibers. Authors: Jacek Wesolowski and Karolina Grzebieniak.[PDF]
  • Man-Made Respirable-Sized Organic Fibers - Technical review of issues related to organic fiber man-made toxicology and studies assessing the mechanisms of biodegradability man-made of para-aramid, respirable-sized fiber-shaped particulates (RFP). Authors: David man-made B. Warheit and others.[PDF]
  • New Generic Fiber - Elastolefin - Extensive technical paper from the Joint Research Centre articles and studies man-made of the European Union, reporting on the labelling articles and studies man-made of a new elastomeric generic fiber from Dow articles and studies man-made Corporation, made up of ethylene and at least articles and studies man-made one other olefin.[PDF]
  • Design, Fabrication and Properties of Macro-Scale Supramolecular Fibers - Short technical paper describing the design and fabrication man-made of macro-scale resources supramolecular fibers composed of hydrogen bonded man-made pseudo-polymer chains of guanosine resources derivatives, including an investigation man-made of the properties of the fibers. resources Authors: Koji man-made Araki an[PDF]
  • Bioactive Surgical Sutures - Report on the development of biologically active, radioactive surgical fibers, by fixing sulphur-35 isotopes onto polyolefin, polyamide and polyvinyl alcohol fibers. From Autex Research Journal. Author: V. Zhukovsky.[PDF]
  • Effect of Polymeric Fibers on Refractory Castable Permeability - Technical paper about the effects on the permeability articles and studies articles and studies and porosity of concretes and refractory castables after articles and studies articles and studies the addition of polypropylene fibers of constant diameter articles and studies articles and studies and various lengths. Authors: R. Salomao and others.[PDF]
  • Functional Fibers for Immobilization of Biomolecules - Review of a project performed at the University man-made of California, Davis\\' Fiber and Polymer Science Department, man-made pioneering the concept development of using fibrous supports man-made for the conservation, recovery and reuse of specialty man-made enzymes. Authors: You-Lo Hsieh a[PDF]
  • Autonomous Separation of Fiber Cross Sections - Technical paper presenting a skeleton-based segmentation algorithem to separate touching articles and studies cross sections of fibers before extracting fiber geometrical features. Authors: articles and studies Bugao Xu and others.[PDF]
  • Olefin Fibers - Extensive scientific article about the chemical structure, mechanical and thermal properties, manufacturing methods, processability, and commercial uses of olefin fibers, focused on polypropylene fibers. Authors: R.R. Hegde and others.
  • Expanded Surface Area Fibers: A Means for Medical Product Enhancement - Technical paper presenting a description of expanded surface area fibers (CSM) in 4 deep-groved geometry, and the medical product applications that might benefit from their incorporation. Authors: Edward A. Vaughn and Brent G. Carman.[PDF]
  • Examination of the Ageing on Selected Synthetic Fibres Under the Influence of UV Radiation - Report about the assessment of the effects of UV radiation man-made on the molecular and supermolecular structures of polyamide and polypropylene man-made fibers. Authors: Barbara Lipp-Symonowicz.[PDF]
  • Effect Additives for Popypropylene Fibers - Technical paper presented at the 2002 seminar, \\'Improving Performances of resources PP Fibers and Tapes by Functional Additives\\', providing an overview resources of the latest developments in functionalising polypropylene fibers, tapes and resources nonwoven fabrics through the use of[PDF]
  • Antimicrobial Polymeric Materials: Cellulose and m-Aramid Composite Fibers - Technical paper, describing a novel method of creating articles and studies articles and studies polymeric fibers with lasting anti-micribial properties by chlorinating articles and studies articles and studies liquidised m-aramid and cellulosic polymers, before the dry-jet articles and studies articles and studies wet spinning process. Authors: Jaewoong Lee and others.[PDF]
  • Synthetic Fibers and Textiles - Historical document from 1942 of the Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, about the classification, finishing technologies, care and serviceability of synthetic fibers and textiles. Author: Hazel Fletcher.[PDF]
  • Hills Fiber Articles - Links to technical papers and articles about solid and bi-component, regular and specialty man-made fibers for nonwovens production. From Hills, Inc.

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