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Information resource about the possible hazardous effects on human health which may be connected with the manufacture and use of fiberglass, mineral wool, and refractory ceramic fibers. From OSHA.

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  • Synthetic Inorganic Fiber Program - Part of the Glenn Research center\\'s Environmental Programs Manual, describing articles and studies a program to establish the minimum requirements to reduce the articles and studies risk of occupational illness resulting from exposure to synthetic inorganic articles and studies fibers, such as fiberglass, mineral woo[PDF]
  • Continuous Filament Basalt - Technical paper describing the manufacturing process and potential resources applications of articles and studies extruded continuous basalt filaments (CFB) for resources yarn spinning and nonwovens articles and studies manufacturing. From Basalt Specialty resources Products, Inc. Authors: Mike Swink and articles and studies others.[PDF]
  • Asbestos and Other Fibers by PCM - Description of an analytical method for the detection of hazardous airborne fiber particles. From the US Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.[PDF]
  • Basalt Fibers - Feature article about the development, properties and technical mineral fibers applications of basalt continuous filament fibers. Author: Jean-Marie mineral fibers Nolf.[PDF]
  • Glass Fibers - Extensive technical article about the manufacturing processes, physical articles and studies resources and mechanical properties, and commercial uses of glass articles and studies resources fibers. From PPG Industries, Inc.[PDF]
  • Glassfiber Reference Guide - Information about glassfiber manufacturing technologies, properties and technical characteristics, and nomenclature and glossary of technical terms. From Advanced Glassfiber Yarns, LLC.[PDF]
  • Asbestos - Description of the background, material structure, applications, and possible substitutes for asbestos fiber. From the Mineral Information Institute.
  • Chrysotile - Information resource on chrysotile fibers, a form of articles and studies asbestos which is less hazardous to human health, articles and studies and is used in rubber and cement concrete articles and studies products, friction materials, textiles and insulation products. Safe articles and studies use manual. List of alternative fibers. L
  • Synthetic Vitreous Fibers - Public health statement about mineral fibers and the effects of exposure to human health. From the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.[PDF]
  • Basalt Fibers: Alternative To Glass? - Article about the development, manufacturing, properties and applications resources of basalt fiber and filaments as a reinforcement resources substitute for glass fiber and carbon. Published at resources CompositeWorld.Com. Author: Anne Ross.
  • Man-made Vitreous Fibres - Detailed evaluation of the strength of the available mineral fibers evidence articles and studies for carcinogenity of man-made vitreous fibers as mineral fibers ceramic fibers, articles and studies glasswool, rockwool and slagwool. Author: Edouard mineral fibers Bastarache.
  • Asbestos Defined - Informational resource on asbestos. Description of the fibers, their effects mineral fibers on health, and information about handling and applications. From Weiz mineral fibers Luxemberg PC.
  • Fiberglass Fact Sheet - Description of fiberglass and its application areas, health articles and studies resources effects and safety regulations, exposure factors, treatment options articles and studies resources and control measures. From the Illinois Department of articles and studies resources Public Health.[PDF]
  • Occupational Exposure to Fibrous Glass - Collection of PDF documents containing the criteria for mineral fibers recommended standards of proper handling and use of mineral fibers glassfiber, and material safety data sheets. From the mineral fibers US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Toxicological Profile: Asbestos - Profile of key literature on PDF files, describing resources the hazardous, toxicologic properties of asbestos fibers. From resources the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.
  • Processing Glass Fiber from Moon and Mars Resources - Technical report on the manufacture of short and continuously spun glassfiber from two lunar soil simulants, and the role of gravity in the crystalization and final fiber diameter. Authors: Dr. Dennis S. Tucker and Edwin C. Ethridge.[PDF]
  • Guides to Pollution Prevention - An October 1991 guide to pollution prevention in the fiberglass-reinforced mineral fibers and composite plastics industry. From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.[PDF]
  • Inorganic fibers - Article describing the chemical properties and characteristics of mineral fibers glass, articles and studies carbon, boron and ceramic fibers, including production mineral fibers and market articles and studies information, and a list of global mineral fibers manufacturers. From New articles and studies Fibre magazine.
  • Fiberglass Fabrication - Table of contents, linking to articles about resources the fiberglass industry, processes and raw materials, glossary resources of terms, health and safety, hazard prevention technologies resources and technical assistance. Directory of links to related resources sites. From the Pacific Northw
  • Ceramic Fibers - Classification of refractory ceramic fibers. Carcinogenity, properties and use. Production, articles and studies exposure factors and regulations. From the National Institute of Environmental articles and studies Health Service.[PDF]
  • Hazards of Fiberglass Lay-up and Spray-up - Descriptions of recommended work practices in fiberglass resin mineral fibers plastics mineral fibers manufacturing, case histories, and information on related mineral fibers OSHA standards. mineral fibers Adapted from and booklet published by mineral fibers the US National mineral fibers Institute for Occupational Safety and mineral fibers Health.[PDF]
  • Synthetic Mineral Fibers - Information resource about the possible hazardous effects on human health articles and studies which may be connected with the manufacture and use of articles and studies fiberglass, mineral wool, and refractory ceramic fibers. From OSHA.

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