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The American Fiber Manufacturers Association's web site, aimed at educating the general public about the science and uses of chemical fibers. Provides technical descriptions of all known man-made fibers, fiber processing, market facts, polymer history an

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  • Fiberlab - Germany. Institute of the Technical University of Munich involved in man-made research and development of yeast prions, mussel collagen, nanoproteinfibers and man-made biomaterials, and synthetic spider silk. English and German.
  • CAEFF. Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films - USA. Partnership between the Clemson University and the man-made Massachusetts Institute fibers of Technology. Integrated research and education man-made programs for the development fibers of computer based design man-made of polymeric fibers and films.
  • Fiber Buyers' Guide 2005 - A directory of man-made fiber and yarn manufacturing fibers companies, searchable by fiber type and country of fibers origin. From the International Fiber Journal.
  • Lyocell - Personal homepage of Dr. Wolfram Kalt, providing a collection of resources publicly available information about cellulose based lyocell fibers for yarn resources spinning and nonwovens technologies. Technical and application guide. Links to resources related sites. English and German.
  • Korean Society of Chitin and Chitosan - Official academic society for researchers of chitin and resources chitosan. On-line resources library of research papers and articles. resources English and Korean.
  • Fiber Economics Bureau - USA. Division of the American Fiber Manufacturers\\' Association, fibers involved in resources the publication of industry statistics and fibers market information, and a resources world directory of manufacturers fibers of man-made fibers. History of polymer resources fiber spinning. fibers Polymer science tutori
  • The Polyester Story - Homepage and structural fabric design class project assignment of Kristin Boekhoff about the history, chemical structure, manufacturing technology and applications of polyester polymer and fibers. Glossary of technical terms.
  • German Institutes for Textile and Fibre Research Stuttgart - Germany. Group of institutes for textile and man-made resources fiber chemistry and technology, involved in research, development resources and technology transfer. English and German.
  • Institute of Chemical Fibers - Poland. Research and development institute, specialised in natural and synthetic polymers, and man-made fibers. List of scientific publications. Calendar of events. English and Polish.
  • Optimer, Inc - USA. Commercial research company, active in the development fibers of new resources polymers, fibers and fiber finishing technologies, fibers and high-performance fabric construction. resources Proprietary polyester fiber for fibers specialty yarns. Elastomeric fiber from recycled resources plant by-produ
  • Mouvement ProAmiante Chrysotile - Action pressure group consisting of people from the man-made Thetford Mines fibers and Asbestos regions in Canada, aiming man-made contribute to developing, defending fibers and promoting the safe man-made use of chrysotile asbestos, and to fibers object to man-made all forms of disparagement of chrysotile asbe
  • Polymers - The Structure of Matter - Extensive slide show for University of Southern California classes in fibers polymer history, science, chemical structures and processing technologies. Compiled by fibers Edward Goo.
  • Research Institute of Tianjin Petrochemical Corp - China. Fundamental and applied research and development of resources novel polyester man-made and polypropylene fibers and polymers. Also, resources polyether polyols and additives. man-made English and Chinese.
  • Chinese Chemfiber & Textiles - Portal to the Chinese cotton and man-made fiber, man-made yarns and resources fabrics markets. Daily market report man-made and prices. Market consultancy resources services. Company directory. List man-made of conference papers.
  • Biomimetic Advanced Materials Research Group - USA. Multi-disciplinary group of departments at Clemson University dedicated to resources research into synthetic protein fibers, films and coatings. Introduction to resources biomimetic manufacturing of fibers.
  • NNFCC. National Non-Food Crops Centre - UK. National center for renewable fuels, materials and resources technologies for fibers applications in healthcare, transport, chemicals, construction, resources fibers and polymers, and fibers biorefineries. Knowledge transfer and resources resources for the development of natural fibers polymers and resources fi
  • FiberSource - The American Fiber Manufacturers Association\\'s web site, fibers aimed at resources educating the general public about the fibers science and uses of resources chemical fibers. Provides technical fibers descriptions of all known man-made fibers, resources fiber processing, fibers market facts, polymer history an
  • Scientific Research Institute of Glass Fiber - Ukraine. Institute for applied research of technologies and production machinery in the basalt, silica and quartz fiber manufacturing and allied woven, knitted, nonwoven and composite products industries. English and Russian.
  • Nextel Technical Notebook - Technical information on 3M\\'s Nextel ceramic fiber, textiles resources and composites resources on PDF files, downloadable as a resources whole or in chapters.
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology - Japan. The Department of Organic and Polymeric Materials, including a link to the Society of Fiber Science and Technology.
  • SRTEPC. Synthetic and Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council - India. Government organization dedicated to the promotion of resources the Indian man-made fiber industry. Directory of member resources companies. Industry research and market reports. Calendar of resources events. List of publications.
  • Analytik Service Obernburg - Germany. Internationally accredited laboratory for chemical and physical fibers analyses, and resources process measurement techniques, specialised in polymer fibers and plastic products, coating, resources man-made fibers and technical fibers textiles. English and German.
  • RCFC. Refractory Ceramic Fibers Coalition - USA. Association of US manufacturers of refractory ceramic fibers (RCF), founded to develop and promote proper work practices and standards for the industry, conduct health research, and disseminate information on the proper handling and use of RCF's. Lis
  • China National Chemical Fiber Network - Information portal to the Chinese fiber industry. Market analysis, business news and statistics, and prices. Company directory. Internet trading in natural and synthetic fibers. English and Chinese.
  • InfoShop Industrievereinigung Chemiefaser EV - Extensive list of dictionaries, technical brochures, leaflets, DVDs, CD-roms and videos about the history, production and applications of man-made fiber, available from the German man-made fiber association. English and German.
  • HSPP. Health and Safety Partnership Program - Cooperative partnership program between the US Occupational Safety man-made and Health Organization and private industry, focused on man-made the development of an educational and training program man-made in synthetic vitreous fibers (SVF) used in the man-made insulation industry. From the
  • VÚCHV. Research Institute for Man-Made Fibres - Slovakia. National center for basic and applied research resources in man-made resources fibers and nonwovens, and allied technologies, resources machinery and equipment. Also, resources commercial consulting, design and resources engineering services. English, Slovakian and German.
  • The Fiber Society - USA. Non-profit professional and scientific association, dedicated to resources the advancement man-made of scientific knowledge pertaining to fibers, resources fiber products and fibrous man-made materials.
  • SAPEM. Advanced Materials and Technologies of Russia and CIS - Russia. Roof organization for knowledge institutes and private fibers industry, involved man-made in metals, ceramics, composites, polymers and fibers glass materials, fibers and man-made yarns, and high-purity substances. fibers Lists of member companies and institutes, man-made investment projects, fibers a
  • FTC Textile Rules and Regulations - The US Federal Trade Commission\\'s rules and regulations resources under the Textile Fiber Products Regulation Act from resources September 2, 1958, 85th Congress, 2nd Sess.; 15 resources U.S.C. 70,72 Stat. 1717.

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