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Scientific paper about an investigation into the possibility of creating conductive fibers by chemical coating of polypropylene fibers with specific electrical and mechanical properties, with various conductive materials. From Autex Research Journal. Auth

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  • Polymeric Optical Fibers and Future Prospects in Textile Integration - Technical paper, introducing polymeric optical fibers (POF) for conductive fibers incorporation into intelligent textiles for clothing, accessories, upholstery conductive fibers and technical applications. From Autex Research Journal. Authors: conductive fibers Prof. Ali Harlin and others.[PDF]
  • Novel Polymeric Optical Fibers, Amplifiers, and Lasers - National Textile Center publication of an ongoing project created to articles and studies develop fluoropolymer based optical fibers (POF) which enable a reliable articles and studies reception, routing and secured broadcasting of information, for use in articles and studies smart textiles. Project leader: Johm Balla[PDF]
  • Intelligent Textiles Based on Environmentally Responsive Fibers - Scientific paper about the creation of environmentally responsive resources fibers from resources blends of polyethylene-co-vinyl acetate (EVA), high-density resources polyethylene (HDPE) and carbon resources black (CB), for the resources development of textiles which will be resources able to resources measure and self-reg[PDF]
  • Fiber Computing - Technical paper describing a potential physical layer for conductive fibers wearable computing by using fibers. Authors: Ozan Cakmakci conductive fibers and others.[PDF]
  • Intelligent, Stimuli-Sensitive Fibers and Fabrics - Research article on the ongoing development of fibers articles and studies resources from stimuli-sensitive polymers (SSP) which respond to environmental articles and studies resources changes such as pH, temperature and electrlyte, using articles and studies resources techniques involving wet-spinning of cross-linked SSP gels, and articles and studies resources SSP gel coatin
  • Experimentally Determining the Internal Friction of Conductive Fibers - Technical paper about a research project aiming to develop and conductive fibers technique for determining the internal friction of conductive polymer fibers conductive fibers for applications in nano-electronics. Author: Mary Kutteruf.[PDF]
  • Electrical Properties of Electrospun Fibers of PANI-PMMA Composites - Technical paper, describing a study aimed at creating conductive fibers electrospun, articles and studies conductive nanofibers from polyaniline (PANI) by dispersing conductive fibers in poly articles and studies methyl methacrylate (PMMA) solution in chloroform. conductive fibers Authors: Jagadeesh Babu articles and studies Veluru and others.[PDF]
  • Photoadaptive Fibers for Textile Materials - Short article about the development of a novel photoadaptive system conductive fibers for reversible changes upon exposure to light, for applications in conductive fibers polymers for textile fibers. Authors: Lewis Slaten and Roy Broughton.
  • The Workshop on Conductive Polymers - Original document from a 1985 workshop about the conductive fibers development resources hitherto of conducting polymers. Authors: Y. Okamoto conductive fibers and E. resources Pearce.[PDF]
  • Incorporating Carbon Nanotubes into Polypropylene Fibers - Thesis about the creation of conductive fibers, utilizing carbon nanotubes conductive fibers and conventional melt spinning equipment and based on the theory conductive fibers that the scale and intrinsic high conductivity of carbon nanotubes conductive fibers will allow for the formation of a conductive net[PDF]
  • Hybrid Polymer Nanolayers for Surface Modification of Fibers - Technical paper describing a project focused on the fabrication of resources hybrid polymer nanolayers on the surface of fibers in order resources to create multifunctional responsive or adaptive fibers for smart textiles. resources Authors: Igor Luzinov and others.[PDF]
  • Fundamental Studies of the Thermodynamic, Kinetic, and Process Conditions on the Development of Molecular Microstructure in Electrically Conductive and Optical Fibers - Technical paper about research conducted to develop a sound fundamental understanding and basis for the solution spinning of electroactive polymers into fibers for use in high technology applications. Author: R.V. Gregory.[PDF]
  • Intrinsic Conductivity of Short Conductive Fibers in Composites by Impedance Spectroscopy - Technical paper about an investigation of electrical property measurements on conductive fibers in cement matrix composites by using the impedance spectroscopy method. Authors: A.D. Dixon and others.[PDF]
  • Electrical Properties of Conductive Polymers: PET - Nanocomposites' Fibres - Scientific paper about an investigation into the possibility resources of creating conductive fibers by chemical coating of resources polypropylene fibers with specific electrical and mechanical properties, resources with various conductive materials. From Autex Research Journal. resources Auth[PDF]
  • Energy Dissipation in Conductive Polymer Fiber Bundles - Scientific paper about the development of a mathematical resources model to conductive fibers support a physical experiment on energy resources dissipation from a vibrating conductive fibers beam of electrospun conductive resources polymer fibers. Author: Dorci Lee Torres-Velazquez.[PDF]

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