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Short article about the development of a process for the production of macroscopic carbon nanotube fibers and strips for possible applications in medical, electronic and textile products. From the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal.

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  • Nanofiber Technology: Bridging the Gap Between the Nano and Macro World - Technical paper discussing the potential impact of nanofibers articles and studies from electric polymers and their composites on the articles and studies development of devices and structures for novel functions, articles and studies drug delivery systems and scaffolds for tissue engineering, articles and studies wires, capacitors, conv[PDF]
  • Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Graphite Nanofibers - Report on a laboratory project, focused on the nanofibers development of articles and studies a new carbon based nanofiber from nanofibers the metal catalyzed decomposition articles and studies of certain hydrocarbonates, at nanofibers temperatures ranging from 400 to 800 articles and studies degrees centigrade. nanofibers Author: Terry K. Baker.
  • Polyphosphazene Nanofibers for Biomedical Applications: Preliminary Studies - Technical paper about research demonstrating that nanofiber of resources polyphosphazenes for resources biomedical applications can be manufactured by resources electrospinning, producing submicron sized resources fibers from an electrostatically resources driven jet of polymer solution. Authors: resources C.T. La[PDF]
  • Quality Control in the Manufacturing of Electrospun Nanofiber Composites - Technical paper about the development of evaluation tools resources for the commercial production of nanofibers, focusing on resources the uniformity of nanofiber distribution, fiber size distribution, resources durability of fiber layers in the composite, and resources environmental resistance[PDF]
  • Manufacturing at the Nanoscale - Report of the National Nanotechnology Initiative Workshops presenting findings and resources recommendations for the development of a strategic plan for the resources US nanotechnology industry.[PDF]
  • Cost Effective Nanofiber Formation: Melt Electrospinning - National Textile Center project outline for the development of a nanofibers third generation apparatus for the electrospinning of polymer nanofibers.[PDF]
  • Use of High Surface Nanofibrous Materials in Medicine - Extensive article about the potential uses of nanofibers resources and nonwoven articles and studies structures in biomedical applications. Authors: S.V. resources Mikhalovsky and others.[PDF]
  • Hydrogen Storage in Graphite Nanofibers - Report on the discovery that graphite nanofibers are capable of nanofibers absorbing and storing up to 40 wgt % of hydrogen, nanofibers through the establishment of a strong interaction between hydrogen and nanofibers the delocalized p-electrons present in the graphite layer. Author: C.[PDF]
  • Fabrication and Properties of Rapid Thermally Processed Carbon Nanofibers - Technical paper about physical experiments in controlling the articles and studies properties for the fabrication of nanofibers, necessary for articles and studies the development of nanoscale electronics. Author: Santiago Serrano.[PDF]
  • Electrospinning Nanofibers of Polyaniline and Blends - Technical paper about electrospinning of nanofibers from pure articles and studies resources doped polyaniline dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid, and articles and studies resources doped polyaniline blended with polystyrene (PS) and polyethylene articles and studies resources oxide (PEO) dissolved in chloroform. Author: Manuel J. articles and studies resources Diaz de Le[PDF]
  • Reading the Small Print - Extensive article about the legal issues related to resources the fast resources developing use of nanotechnology in industrial resources and consumer products. From resources the Environmental Law Institute. resources Authors: Lynn Bergeson and Bethami Aurbach.[PDF]
  • Carbon Nanotube Fibers - Short article about the development of a process nanofibers for the production of macroscopic carbon nanotube fibers nanofibers and strips for possible applications in medical, electronic nanofibers and textile products. From the Centre de Recherche nanofibers Paul Pascal.
  • An Investigation on Phase Behaviour and Orientation Factor of Electrospun Nanofibers - Master of Science thesis presenting an investigation on articles and studies phase behaviour of nanofibers electrospun from polymer blends, articles and studies and orientation factors within nanofibers electrospun from both, articles and studies a single polymer solution and blended polymers. Author: articles and studies Kai Feng.[PDF]
  • Nano-Textiles Are Engineering a Safer World - Article about Cornell University\\'s scientists\\' activities towards developing nanofibers nanofibers to resources act as biological sensors and shields nanofibers against viruses, bacteria and resources hazardous particles. Author: Clare nanofibers Ulrich.[PDF]
  • Characterization of Uncoated and Sputter Coated Nanofibers - Master of Science thesis, primarily focused on the characterization of articles and studies uncoated and sputter coated nanofibers, and include an extension of articles and studies a proposed method in literature for calculating the surface energy articles and studies of nanoparticles and preparation of optimal surfa[PDF]
  • Electrospinning of Nanofibers from Polymer Solutions - Short technical article about the mechanism and electrohydrodynamic articles and studies articles and studies modeling, experimental realization and a number of applications articles and studies articles and studies of electrospun nanofibers from polymer solutions. Authors: A.L. articles and studies articles and studies Yarin and E. Zussman.[PDF]
  • Preparation of Graphite Carbon Nanofibers with the Use of Water-Soluble Supports - Scientific article about the preparation of graphitic carbon nanofibers with a nickel rich growth catalyst, supported on three different water-soluble supporting substrates. Authors: Eve S. Steinwalt and C.M. Lukehart.[PDF]
  • Peptide-Amphiphile Nanofibers - Study of twelve derivatives of peptide-amphiphile molecules designed to self-assemble resources into nanofiber, and an investigation into the scope of amino resources acid selection and alkyl tail modification of said molecules which resources yield nanofibers varying in morphology, s[PDF]
  • Molecular Spinnerets for Polymeric Fibers - Technical paper about the investigation into, and the design and nanofibers synthesis of molecular spinning machines that can be shaped in nanofibers the form of membranes, control fiber structure and produce nanofibers. nanofibers Authors: Karl I. Jacob and Malcolm Polk.[PDF]
  • Enhancing the Properties of Nanoscale Electrospun Polymer Fibers - Technical paper about the development of a new articles and studies resources method to induce a nanoporous texture on polymer articles and studies resources fibers, and a unique processing protocol to enhance articles and studies resources the properties of nanoscale electrospun polymer fibers. Authors: articles and studies resources John Rabolt and others.[PDF]
  • Research of Electrospinning - Short article, describing the principle of the electrospinning resources process, and an ongoing research project performed at resources the TANDEC institute for nonwovens research, dealing with resources electrospinning of nanofibers from polyamide. Author: Peter P. resources Tsai.
  • Meso- and Nano-scaled Polymer Fibers and Tubes - Dissertation about the development, production, characteristics and industrial applications of articles and studies nanofibers and structures. Author: Jun Zeng.[PDF]
  • What is Nanotechnology? - Short description of nanotechnology in general and its nanofibers possible applications in science and industry. From the nanofibers Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • Elastomeric Nanofibers of Styrene-Butadiene-Stryrene Triblock Copolymer - Technical paper about the examination of the physical and mechanical properties of elastomeric electrospun nanofibers from commercial styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) triblock copolymer. Authors: Hao Fong and Darrell H. Reneker.[PDF]

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