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Vince Kelly's personal homepage on carbon fiber. Extensive description of the chemical construction, the various grades, production technologies and uses. Links to organizations, research institutes and companies.

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  • Mechanical and Thermal Behaviours of First Choice, Second Choice and Recycled P-Aramid Fibers - Technical paper evaluating the cutting, abrasion, fire and resources thermal behaviour articles and studies properties and characteristics of first and resources second choice, and recycled articles and studies para-aramid fibers for protective resources clothing. Authors: Xavier Flambard and others.[PDF]
  • Development of High-Strength Polyethylene Fiber for Ballistic Applications - Technical paper, presenting a less expensive alternative method articles and studies for the production of polyethylene fiber with high articles and studies tensile modulus and high tensile strength for ballistic articles and studies applications, and a review of processing parameters on articles and studies properties of as-spun and dra[PDF]
  • Liquid Crystal Fibers of Bent-Core Molecules - Technical paper about a study of the ability of liquid high-performance fibers crystal molecules to form stable fluid fibers and bridges, and high-performance fibers the mechanical effects such as horizontal and transversal vibrations under high-performance fibers electric field of bent-shaped (banana) liquid crystal fibers,[PDF]
  • What is XLA Fiber Technology? - Short description of the technology behind Dow Chemicals\\' resources olefin-based, heat high-performance fibers and chemicals resistant stretch fiber for resources the development of durable high-performance fibers garments with improved shape resources retention properties.[PDF]
  • Graphite and Carbon Fibers - In-depth study on the production, properties and applications resources of activated articles and studies carbon fibers. Photos and diagrams. Link resources to glossary of articles and studies chemical terms. From the resources University of Wisconsin.
  • Poly(Trimethylene Terephthalate) Polymer for Fibers - Scientific article on the chemical structure, properties and resources characteristics of high-performance fibers PTT fibers for spunbond applications, from resources the NF New Fibers high-performance fibers magazine. Authors: Houston S. resources Brown, Paul K. Casey and J. high-performance fibers Mike Donahue.
  • Flame Resistant Barriers for Home Furnishings - Technical paper detailing some of the statistics behind articles and studies high-performance fibers the effort to develop safe and effective open-flame articles and studies high-performance fibers resistant home furnishings, and presenting test results of articles and studies high-performance fibers bedding and upholstery fabrics. From Basofil Fibers, LLC. articles and studies high-performance fibers Author: Alan Handermann.[PDF]
  • Spider Silk History - Article on the history, development, production and properties of man-made high-performance fibers spider dragline silk for medical, ballistic protection, personal healthcare and high-performance fibers industrial applications. From Nexia Biotechnologies, Inc.
  • PBO Fiber - Extensive technical specifications of as spun and high resources modulus PBO fiber, and descriptions of their properties, resources characteristics and uses in high performance applications. From resources Toyobo Co., Ltd.[PDF]
  • Development of High-Strength Polyethylene Fiber from Local Materials for Ballistic Applications - Technical paper about the development of high-strength polyethylene articles and studies resources fiber with a tensile modulus in excess of articles and studies resources 30 GPa and a tensile strength of about articles and studies resources a 1000 MPa. Author: Taweechai Amornsakchai and others.[PDF]
  • The Structure of Carbon Fibers - Description of the production process of PAN and articles and studies pitch based carbon fibers, and study of their articles and studies structure through the use of x-ray diffraction and articles and studies electron microscope scanning. Graphics intensive. Author: Mikael Brostrom.
  • Thermotropic Liquid Chrystalline Polymer Fibers - Extensive technical paper describing a model for a articles and studies high-performance fibers process which realistically couples the hydrodynamics, the LCP articles and studies high-performance fibers dynamics and the temperature field, along with the articles and studies high-performance fibers free surface and boundary conditions of the manufacturing articles and studies high-performance fibers process of liquid chrystalline p[PDF]
  • High Performance and High Temperature Resistant Fibers - Overview of the definitions, properties, products and end articles and studies articles and studies uses of the most common high-performance and high-temperature articles and studies articles and studies resistant fibers applied in the textile, composite and articles and studies articles and studies nonwovens industries. Originally form Aramid, Ltd. Edited and articles and studies articles and studies revised with permi[PDF]
  • High-Speed Spinning of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fibers - Doctoral thesis about the spinning of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers at high speeds, and the effects of the spinning parameters on the fiber properties. Author: Mees Roukema.[PDF]
  • Carbon Fiber - Description of the chemical structure of carbon fibers, the polymer from which it is made, and its applications in the composite industry. From the University of Southern Mississippi\'s Department of Polymer Science.
  • Synthetic Spider Silk - Technical paper reviewing current developments in the research articles and studies resources into synthetic ultra-high performance protein fiber, and related articles and studies resources spinning processes. Slow loading DOC file.
  • Aramid Fiber - Description of the chemical structure of aramid fibers. From P. resources Leo and Co. web site.
  • Increased Versatility of Polyamide Fibers through the Use of Effect Additives - Seminar paper presenting the latest developments in functionalizing polyamide fibers through the use of appropriate effect additives. From Ciba Specialty Chemicals. Author: Daniel Meuller.[PDF]
  • Bioengineered Spider Silk - From Access Excellence. Short article on the results resources of ongoing articles and studies research on the manufacture of the resources man-made equivalent to spider articles and studies silk.
  • Ultrastrong Polymer Fibers: Ab Initio Calculations on Polyethylene - Study of the elastic modulus and electronic structure resources of high-performance high-performance fibers polyethylene fibers by using the Car-Parrinello resources technique. Authors: J.C.L. Hageman, high-performance fibers R.A. de Groot and resources Robert J. Meier.[PDF]
  • Novel Properties of PLA Fibers - Article about the characteristics, properties and applications of resources fibers made resources from polylactic acid (PLA) polymers. Chemical resources structure. From Fiber Innovation resources Technology, Inc. DOC file. resources Author: Jeffrey S. Dugan.
  • Photoadaptive Fibers for Textile Materials - Final report on the result of a National Textile Center research project, aiming to develop photoadaptive fibers that can undergo photoinduced reversible optical and heat reflectivity changes. Authors: G. Mills, B.L. Slaten and R. Broughton.[PDF]
  • Visualisation of Romm Temperature Polyethylene Fiber Surface Restructuring Induced by Plasma Selective Etching - Extensive technical paper, reporting on a process whereby high-performance fibers ordered articles and studies nano-domains are formed and a morphological reconstruction high-performance fibers is generated articles and studies into row-structure on the surface of high-performance fibers ultra-strong, ultra-high molecular articles and studies weight polyethylene fibers as a high-performance fibers result of the[PDF]
  • AFM Characterisation of Technical Fibres - Technical paper presenting the methodological approaches to exploring resources the nanostructures, high-performance fibers properties and dynamics of surfaces and resources interfaces of technical fibers high-performance fibers using Atomic Force Microscopy resources (AFM). Author: Q.F. Wei and X.Q. high-performance fibers Wang.[PDF]
  • PTT Fibres - Article about the manufacture, properties, characteristics and chemical structure of resources polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) fibers, and descriptions of the companies licenced resources at the present to produce these fibers. From the NF resources New Fibres magazine.
  • High-Performance Oxide Fibers for Metal and Ceramic Composites - Technical paper about the development of a new rare-earth doped resources alumina fiber specifically designed for the reinforcement of metal and resources high-temperature ceramic matrix composites. From 3M Corporation. Authors: D.M. Wilson resources and L.R. Visser.[PDF]
  • Chemical Fibres with Specific Properties for Industrial Application and Personnel Protection - Extensive technical paper about the primary types of high-strength fibers for high-performance technical textiles, developed by the All-Russia Research Institute of Polymeric Fibers. Includes specifications, characteristics and application information. Au[PDF]
  • Fatigue Properties of PBO Fibers - Report on research carried out to determine the properties of poly p-phenylene-2,6-bezobisoxazole (PBO) fiber, through mechanical measurements of compressive and shear modulus, and fatigue characteristics. Authors: Y. Yamashita and others.[PDF]
  • Hollow Graphite Fibers - Slide presentation of the development of a novel hollow carbon fiber for composite reinforcement applications from isotropic coal-tar pitch (CTP), developed by the MER Corp.[PDF]

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