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UK. International organisation in the field of textile conservation research, education and practice of the University of Southampton, offering postgraduate courses, and commercial consultancy and analysis services to textile conservation projects.

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  • Ewa Soszko - Poland. Textile artist, specialised in the conservation of history antique tapestries resources and rugs, and ecclesiastical robes and history garments. Also, reproduction of resources antique Russian icons using history the original techniques. English and Polish.
  • Maya Wool - Community project aiming to preserve the ancient art conservation of Mayan history wool spinning and weaving. History of conservation wool in Central America. history On-line exhibition of Mayan conservation blankets and textiles. On-line purchasing of history historical reproductions conservation of Mayan blankets.
  • Textile Conservancy - UK. Textile service company, specialised in the conservation, restoration and history preservation of historic tapestries, banners and Oriental and imperial robes. history Also, cleaning, repair, mounting for display and exhibitions, and collection history surveys.
  • CDMT. Center for Textile Documentation, Training and Culture - Spain. Industry center for textile documentation, training and education, preservation, resources historical research and culture. Includes resource for the history and resources culture of the Spanish textile industry. English and Spanish.
  • Threads of History Project - Textile conservation project of the Trinity County Historical resources Society (TCHS), history which owns a collection of garments, resources rugs, household linens, quilts, history flags and fraternal order resources banners from 1850 to the present. history On-line exhibit resources of clothes and handmade quilts.
  • The Textile Restoration Studio - UK. Textile conservation studio, involved in cleaning, repair, resources support, mounting for display and storage of antique resources samplers, embroideries, costume and costume accessories, lace, furnishings, resources banners, ecclesiastical items and full size tapestries. Also, resources t
  • Ricamo Bandera Embroidery Association - Italy. Chieri Textile Foundation and Museum sponsored organization, conservation focused on resources the preservation, safeguarding and promotion of conservation the traditional Piedmontese embroidery resources technique through educational activities, conservation exhibitions, and the publication of a resources registere
  • Irish Linen Centre And Lisburn Museum - Registered museum, aiming to collect, safeguard and interpret resources artefacts and history information relating to the Irish linen resources industry and the history history of Lisburn and the resources Lagan Valley. Links to related sites.
  • Tribal Textiles - Homepage of Pamela A. Cross, providing an information conservation resource about history the tribal textile cultures of China conservation and Southeast Asia, including history photo galleries, articles and conservation scientific studies. Links to related sites.
  • Medieval Textiles - Web site of the Medieval Textiles Study Group within The Complex Weavers Guild of the US, dedicated to the reproduction of medieval textiles and clothing. Technical information and design drafts. Links to related sites.
  • Anokhi Museum - Project funded and maintained by the Anokhi Foundation, history dedicated resources to the preservation and exhibition of history traditional Indian hand block resources textile printing techniques.
  • Eschke Seidenmanufaktur - Germany. Textile company, specialised in the reconstruction of resources historical jacquard conservation woven and printed tapestries, draperies and resources upholstery fabrics in silk, conservation linen and cotton, from resources the Gothic period to Art Nouveau. conservation English and resources German.
  • Dressing History - Historical fashion reproductions, engaging historical interpretation, original garments history for sale and a series of talks and history accompanying books.
  • Thistle Hill Weavers - USA. Custom and commission weaving company, specializing in historic textile history fabric, trims, carpets and furnishings reproductions for museums, private homes, history and the film industry. Also, museum consulting services.
  • Historic Textiles Studio - USA. Offering a wide range of textile conservation history services including stabilization, cleaning and restoration.
  • Textile Center of Minnesota - USA. Coalition of artists, educators, organizations, businesses, collectors and enthusiasts, dedicated to the development and promotion of educational programs, special events and projects related to the preservation of textile traditions of the Upper Mid
  • The Textile Conservation Centre - UK. International organisation in the field of textile conservation research, history education and practice of the University of Southampton, offering postgraduate history courses, and commercial consultancy and analysis services to textile conservation history projects.
  • Janie Lightfoot - UK. Textile conservation, cleaning and restoration studio. Also, technical consultancy, and lectures on conservation practices and textile history.
  • Threads of Life - Privately funded organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion and marketing history of traditional woven, natural dyed and handmade ritual textiles from history Indonesia. Also, art classes and tours focused on Indonesian history traditional textiles. Links to related

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