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Malaysia. Developers of an on-line Internet-based digital color engine and indexer for the textile and apparel, dyestuffs, plastics and inks industries. Includes technical and product information.

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  • ITM International, Srl - Italy. Developers of dyehouse technologies and solutions. Integrated dyeing and printing computerised systems for the management of commission dyeing, dyeing and printing from greige stock to invoicing. Demo software downloads. dyeing and printing Discussion forum. Part of the Tosi Group. English dyeing and printing and Italian.
  • eWarna Sdn Bhd - Malaysia. Developers of an on-line Internet-based digital color engine and textiles indexer for the textile and apparel, dyestuffs, plastics and inks textiles industries. Includes technical and product information.
  • AVA CAD/CAM Group, Ltd - UK. Developers and providers of computer aided design textiles (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) software solutions for the textiles printed decorative, textile, laminating and ceramics industries, and textiles educational applications. Technical information on PDF files. Links textiles to worl
  • Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC - USA. Developers of software for the textile printing industry. Includes technical information. Online calculators for digital printing. Introductions to color management, separation and correction, and print techniques.
  • ErgoSoft AG - Switzerland. Developers of high fidelity RIP software for textiles inkjet printing dyeing and printing machines in fine art, digital photography, textiles display graphics, and dye dyeing and printing sublimation and textile printing textiles applications.
  • TreePaint Software Srl - Italy. Developers of graphic processing systems and application dyeing and printing software for printing, photoengraving, silk-screen processes and dyehouses dyeing and printing in the textile and graphic industries. Multi-lingual site.
  • Kaiyuan Computer Technology Co., Ltd - China. Developers of CAD/CAM systems for textile dyeing software and printing dyeing and printing processes. Design and color separation software. software Computerised sampling, digital printing dyeing and printing and chemicals feeding systems. software On-line downloading of program updates. Technical dyeing and printing discussion forum
  • Inèdit Software SL - Spain. Developers of complete range software packages for textiles textile design, software color kitchens and digital printing color textiles management. Includes technical information. software Downloadable drivers and installers. textiles On-line purchasing facility. English, Spanish and software Italian.
  • DP Innovations, Inc - USA. Software for digital printing technologies in the textiles textile, and textiles the wall and floor covering industries. textiles Detailed application information. Articles textiles and industry news. Part textiles of the Dr. Wirth Group.
  • Argetek, Ltd - Turkey. Developers and suppliers of software solutions and software instruments for color matching, measurement and quality control, software and chemicals and dyestuff dosing and mixing applications software in textile, leather, food, paint, furniture and plastics software industries. Tech
  • Color AIXperts GmbH - Germany. Design, development and manufacture of multispectral image textiles capture, and dyeing and printing color management and measurement technologies for textiles the textile printing and dyeing and printing embroidery, ceramics, plastics, paint textiles and lacquer, cosmetics and pharmaceutical, and dyeing and printing the graphic textiles ar
  • M2000: Ink Mixing Software - Windows 95, 98 and NT compatible software for dyeing and printing textile screen printing applications. From Rutland, Inc., USA.
  • Bespoke Textile Computer Systems, Ltd - UK. Custom developers and resellers of software packages software for textile dyeing and printing dyeing, printing, finishing and converting management software and process control applications.
  • Colour Interlink NV - Belgium. Developers of color profiling and matching software textiles for digital printing of textiles, vinyl and laminates. textiles Includes technical information.
  • Iride Centre Srl - Italy. Design and development of software for colormatching dyeing and printing software applications, and process control and laboratory instruments for dyeing and printing software a variety of industrial markets. Software and hardware dyeing and printing software for colormatching in yarn and fabric dyeing, and dyeing and printing software textile printing operation
  • ChromaShare, Ltd - UK. Developers of desktop and web-enabled Windows software textiles for color dyeing and printing management applications. Includes saving and searching textiles of colour libraries, quality dyeing and printing control and sample request textiles management. Also supports image manipulation and dyeing and printing reporting functionality.

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