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USA. Windows based, touch screen operated software systems for the drycleaning industry. Accounting. Inventory and order tracking and control. Data collection and processing.

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  • WESTechnologies, Inc - USA. Developers of proprietary technology software packages for optimizing fabric yield, and data collection, statistical analysis and archiving in compressive shrinkage processes in fabric finishing operations.
  • Braided Rugs - USA. Free software programs for interior designers and textiles hand crafters software of area rugs. Downloadable latest versions.
  • Informatica Textil SL - Spain. Developers of graphic software packages for textile textiles and nonwovens software terry, dobby and jacquard design applications. Also, three-dimensional textiles and nonwovens software simulation software. List of world wide distributors. English, textiles and nonwovens software Castellano and Portuguese.
  • Inèdit Software SL - Spain. Developers of software packages for textile design, textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens and color management, matching and calibration, and digital textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens printing applications. Technical information. List of world wide textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens distributors. English, Spanish and Italian.
  • Database Applications - Developers of software programs for design management and textiles production control software applications for the apparel industry. Downloadable textiles demo's.
  • Designer Software LLC - USA. Windows and Macintosh based software and systems for textile textiles and nonwovens design and digital imaging, and database, sales and marketing management. textiles and nonwovens Also, training and technical support hardware and software.
  • Dajisoft, Inc - USA. Windows based, touch screen operated software systems textiles and nonwovens software for the drycleaning industry. Accounting. Inventory and order textiles and nonwovens software tracking and control. Data collection and processing.
  • Color Matters International - USA. Developers of CAD systems for fashion, apparel and textile textiles and nonwovens design professionals, and the footwear and accessories industries.
  • Capital Automation Co. Ltd - Hong Kong. Developers of CAD/CAM software programs for the textile and embroidery industries. On-line purchasing. Free trial downloads of embroidery digitizing software, designs and fonts.
  • Techware, Inc - USA. Developers and suppliers of software for production software quality control, software preventative maintenance applications and order inventory software control systems in the software textile industry. User manuals software and technical brochures on PDF files. software Links to software customer sites.
  • PAD System Technologies, Inc - Canada. Development and manufacture of CAD/CAM technologies for the sewn product manufacturing industry. Also, software for e-business, fashion e-merchandizing, real-time 3D-catalogues, and 3D-garment production. List of events. Job bank. English, French
  • Diasfalisis, Ltd - Greece. Developers of software for planning, production control textiles and nonwovens and management, data acquisition and material management applications. textiles and nonwovens Process management and control software systems for the textiles and nonwovens yarn spinning, textile and apparel industries. Detailed product
  • Apso Group - UK. Custom designed, all-round CAD solutions for the software textile industry. software Includes descriptions of individual software programs. software Demo for three-dimensional re-imaging software software. On-line job offerings. software Part of the Cre8tive Group.
  • Vetigraph JPS Informatiques - France. Developers of textile CAD/CAM software and hardware textiles for applications textiles in pattern making, grading, marking, design, textiles and fabric optimizing and textiles cutting. Multi-lingual site.
  • Paulo Pereira - Portugal. Developers of software packages for yarn and textiles and nonwovens software home textiles production, and order management in the textiles and nonwovens software knitted apparel industry. Links to related sites. English textiles and nonwovens software and Portuguese.
  • Colour Matters International, Inc - USA. Developers of design and production software packages textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens for the apparel, textile, accessories and surface design textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens industries. Software modules for printing, weaving and knitting textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens processes.
  • YXENDIS Software - France. Developers of CAD/CAM software for the textile textiles and fashion textiles and nonwovens industry.
  • Barcellos, Ltd - UK. Computer systems and software solutions for the software workwear rental, linen and construction industries. Bar code software and transponder technology for laundry and rental order software tracking.
  • Triadem OHG - Germany. Design, development and manufacture of textile design textiles and nonwovens software software and multimedia database systems. Adobe Photoshop plug-ins textiles and nonwovens software for textile and fashion design applications. Includes technical textiles and nonwovens software information, and on-line training and workshop program on textiles and nonwovens software PDF
  • Option Systems, Ltd - A CAD application for the presentation of line textiles sheets and textiles and nonwovens colorways, and for woven and printed textiles fabric and knit designs. textiles and nonwovens Also, workflow driven product textiles specification and costing systems for the textiles and nonwovens garment industry.
  • Koppermann Computersysteme GmbH - Germany. Developers of a variety of software programs for design, production and marketing in the apparel, garment and textile industries. Detailed FAQs. Download of demos upon registration.
  • Sophis Systems NV - Belgium. Developers of CAD/CAM solutions for production planning, textiles and dobby and jacquard weaving, and rotary and textiles flat-screen printing processes. On-line job offerings.
  • Kalpatharu Software, Ltd - India. Developers of ERP software packages for yarn spinning and weaving mills, and garment manufacturing processes. Technical information.
  • Vivaldi Systems - USA. Developers of Windows based software packages for textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens the drycleaning industry. Demo and upgrade downloads. List textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens of dealers. Link to the International Fabric Care textiles and nonwovens textiles and nonwovens Institute.
  • TexBase, Inc - USA. Developers of collaborative software programs software for material development, sourcing, and product integrity in software textile, apparel and quality assurance organizations.
  • Soft Byte, Ltd - UK. Developers of CAD software for sewn products manufacturering and software pattern drafting. Includes technical information. Downloadable demonstration programs.
  • Eneas Informatica Srl - Advanced modular graphics software for designers, stylists and colorists in software the textile and clothing industries. English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, software Portuguese and Greek.
  • Gerber Technology, Inc - USA. Computer software for production, planning, design, pattern software development. costing, textiles and nonwovens cutting, marking, fabric spreading and sewing software processes in the apparel textiles and nonwovens industry. Includes library of software articles and product descriptions on PDF textiles and nonwovens files. Requires software Acrobat Re
  • Tex-Data Design Solutions - UK. Providers of CAD software and services to textiles the textile, textiles apparel and retail sector. Includes technical textiles information.
  • Audaces - Bazil. Developers of software solutions and hardware for software the apparel textiles and nonwovens and textile, furniture, metal and mechanical, software glass, transport and paper textiles and nonwovens industries. CAD/CAM systems and software inkjet plotters for the apparel industry. textiles and nonwovens English and software Spanish.
  • Lectra - France. Multi-national company, involved in integrated technology solutions for the software textile, home interior, automotive, marine and aerospace industries. Design, manufacturing software and sales systems support CAD/CAM software, hardware and services for software design app
  • OptiTex International - Israel. Developers of Windows based 2D and 3D textiles and nonwovens textiles CAD/CAM software for use in fashion and textile textiles and nonwovens textiles design, and the sewn products industries. Supports digitizing, textiles and nonwovens textiles pattern engineering, grading, marking, and advanced automatic nesting. textiles and nonwovens textiles Detailed product catalogs,
  • Datatex Srl - Italy. Design, development and implementation of integrated manufacturing software software systems for the textile and apparel industries. software Also, organizational and management services. Multi-lingual site.
  • Datatex Automation GmbH - Germany. Developers and world wide distributors of manufacturing and data collection software packages for the textile industry, specialised in on-line fabric inspection. Also, customised software for industrial applications. Powerpoint presentation and d
  • Reflex Data Systems, Ltd - UK. Developers of software and related services for software weaving, and sales and purchase order management, automated software warehousing, manufacturing and accounting functions for the textile software and flooring industries. Also, real-time B2B web facilities. software Technical info
  • Inside Communications BVBA - Belgium. Developers of software and hardware solutions for the textile and wholesale distribution markets. Integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for textile design, manufacturing processes, data capturing and management applications. Mult
  • MKDoc, Ltd - UK. Distributors of window based software packages written specially for software the import, creation and three-dimensional editing of tent and fabric software cutting patterns. Downloadable demo version.
  • AMS, Inc - USA. Developers and suppliers of software for cut order planning, roll allocation and materials utilization in the carpet and textile, plastics and rubber, sheet metal and wood processing industries. Includes program details, a list of clients, case studi
  • NedGraphics NV - The Netherlands. Multi-national company, active in software development, e-commerce tools and CAD/GIS solutions.Integrated software programs for textile design, 3-D presentation, and production management and control.
  • Softrol Systems, Inc - USA. Windows based monitoring, metering, sorting, identification and textiles and nonwovens textiles management software for laundry and garment rental services.
  • Tex Softwares - India. Developers of software packages for mechanical and textiles and nonwovens electronic dobby and jacquard weave design, and textile textiles and nonwovens production and plant management applications. Also, manufacturers of textiles and nonwovens electronic card punching machines and jacquard attachments.
  • fflic Design - UK. Distributors of TexPro CAD software for the fashion, textile textiles and nonwovens manufacturing and digital printing, accessories and surface design industries.
  • Click 2 Touch, Ltd - UK. Developers of patented web based software to textiles enable consumers textiles to view garments and fabrics as textiles three dimensional objects. On-line textiles demonstration.
  • October Studio - UK. Agents for design solutions and CAD/CAM software for fashion textiles and nonwovens and textle design. Also, technical consultants for software and hardware. textiles and nonwovens Links to related sites.
  • iSiS.Com - USA. Developers of software for design, product development, textiles presentation and textiles and nonwovens merchandising, planning, cataloging and archiving, and textiles marketing in the textile textiles and nonwovens and apparel industries. Also, textiles consulting, network and web integration services.
  • GeoDict - Virtual material design and property simulation software for nonwovens and software fiber-reinforced composites for the geothechnical, automobile, nonwovens, filtration media and software paper machine clothing manufacturers.
  • Younwoo Enterprise Co., Ltd - Korea. Developers of software packages for textile CAD design. Image textiles and nonwovens processing, production planning, fabric inspection, fabric and materials analysis, and textiles and nonwovens knitwear design. On-line downloads. English and Korean.

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