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France. Developers of operating system independent textile cad software, and dobby and jacquard weaving and knitting design software. Also, textile printing design and reproduction software. On-line tutorials. Available in over a dozen languages.

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  • Startes Jaquard S.p.A. - Italy. Designs and design software for jacquard weaving software machines. Harnesses and accessories for textile looms.
  • FibPaint - France. Developers of software for flatbed, circular and weaving and knitting socks knitting machinery. Downloadable graphics toolbox, automatic pattern weaving and knitting preparation, colorways and print editor, and color design weaving and knitting to machine conversion program. On-line updates. English and weaving and knitting Frenc
  • Textronics - India. Developers of software for the design of weaving and knitting software yarn dyed, jacquard and dobby woven fabrics. Also, weaving and knitting software CAD/CAM solution for studio applications. Includes product information.
  • Sholingur Textiles, Ltd - India. Diversified company, active in textiles and software. Developers of software fully integrated, modular software packages for yarn spinning, knitting and software weaving processes. Also, ERP consulting and web enabling solutions.
  • AVL Looms, Inc - USA. Developers of Macintosh compatible textile design and production software textiles for treadle and dobby looms. Also, new and used looms textiles and accessories. List of agents. Links to related sites.
  • HS Computer Co., Ltd - Taiwan. Design, development and manufacture of computer aided design (CAD) weaving and knitting software and manufacturing (CAM) systems for jacquard fabric weaving operations, weaving and knitting and automatic laser cutting, punching and engraving machinery. Also, manufacturers weaving and knitting of woven and pri
  • Teckmen Systems - India. Developers of textile design software for jacquard, dobby and software printed fabrics. Also, suppliers of hardware and technical consulting services. software Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
  • Brunold Software - Switzerland. Developers of software for shaft and jacquard software computer controlled software weaving looms. Technical information and screenshots. software Operating manual on PDF software files. Links to related software sites. English and German.
  • Knitting software - Free download of software for Shima Seiki knitting machines SEC202FF textiles and SES234FF.
  • ScotWeave - CAD system for design and manufacture of dobby and jacquard, textiles flatwoven and velvet fabrics. Created by the ScotWeave software company textiles at the Scottish College of Textiles.
  • Cameron Fibre Arts - Canada. Developers of Windows and Macintosh compatible software packages for software weaving applications. Collections of weave drafts. Links to related sites.
  • Two-Nine Industries Co., Ltd - China. Developers and suppliers of CAD software packages for construction textiles and print design of woven and knitted apparel and furnishing textiles fabrics. Technical information. Part of the Toyoshima Group. English, Chinese textiles and Japanese.
  • Pointcarré - France. Developers of operating system independent textile cad textiles software, and software dobby and jacquard weaving and knitting textiles design software. Also, textile software printing design and reproduction textiles software. On-line tutorials. Available in over software a dozen textiles languages.
  • Maple Hill Software - USA. Developers of Windows based simulator for weave design and textiles colorways. On-line tutorial. Download of trial version, latest version and textiles program updates. Links to related sites.
  • Carol Ann Designs - UK. Agents and suppliers of software for professional and domestic knitting and sewing. Also, training seminars and workshops on machine knitting and software usage.
  • Booria Systems - Iran. Developers of CAD/CAM systems for jacquard and weaving and knitting dobby, hand and machine weaving of carpets. Includes weaving and knitting product information and technical guides.
  • Canyon Art Co - USA. Windows 95/98 and NT compatible software for the creation software and display of dobby weaving patterns, and loom control drivers. software Downloadable demos. Pricelist.
  • WeavePoint 5 - Windows based software for creating, editing, analyzing and textiles archiving of weaving and knitting advanced textile patterns and colorways, for textiles hand loom weavers and weaving and knitting textile designers. Discussion forum. textiles Downloadable demo version.
  • Wonder Weaves Systems - India. Developers of Windows based software packages for textile and weaving and knitting carpet weave and print design. Detailed product descriptions.
  • JacqCAD International - USA. Macintosh based software for design, editing, loom control file creation, and designs punching for the jacquard weaving process. Technical information on PDF files. Requires Acrobat Reader.
  • The DesignScope Company - Germany. Software developers for the textile industry. CAD/CAM software programs for weaving and knitting jacquard weaving and warp knitting processes. software Also, development of application weaving and knitting specific software. On-line simulations. software Site opens in new, full screen weaving and knitting window. English software and German.
  • Rexel Bit, Ltd - Spain. Developers of a wide range of software solutions for software the knitting industry. Detailed product catalogs. Includes technical information and software instruction guides. English, Spanish and Catalan.
  • Arahne Doo - Slovenia. Integrated CAD/CAM systems for dobby and jacquard weaving processes. textiles On-line tutorials. Free downloadable demo. Links to related sites.

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