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Provides information on companies in the marine and energy markets, primarily for credit risk assessment, marketing and business development purposes.

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  • Oceaneering International, Inc. - Advanced applied technology company that provides engineered services and hardware maritime to customers who operate in marine, space, and other harsh maritime environments.
  • Consolidated Marine Contractors Limited - Provide logistical support to remote locations globally for services the marine, maritime construction, gas and oil industries.
  • US Services Group - Provides ship and hold cleaning, oil spill cleanup, remediation, and maritime tank and vessel descaling services.
  • Specialist Marine - British company providing marine and engineering expertise to the offshore, services civil engineering and marine industries.
  • Gulf Agency Company - Provides shipping, cargo, marine services and special services to the shipping industry world wide. Headquarters in Dubai, UAE.
  • Tandem Technologies, Inc. - Develops and offers ballast water treatment systems for oceangoing vessels.
  • Total Marine Contracts Ltd - Services and spares from this Hull based company transportation and logistics including demucking and riding squads.
  • Informa UK Limited - International directory of maritime professionals and services.
  • Meridian Marine Industries Inc. - Ship repair at Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada covering transportation and logistics maritime exhaust, sprinkler, electrical and hydraulic systems, handrails, dry transportation and logistics maritime docking, and life boats.
  • SeaKing Inc. - Sells equipment for use in cruise line dining services facilities and services galleys. Also performs renovations of services shipboard dining areas.
  • International Cargo Gear Bureau, Inc. - ICGB provides registration, inspection, certification, design evaluation and consultation services transportation and logistics for shipboard cargo handling gear, cranes, derricks, cargo containers, and transportation and logistics related equipment.
  • Diesel Marine International Limited - Reconditioning, refurbishment, repair and overhaul of marine diesel maritime engine components.
  • Bolici Group - Provides interior design and manufacturing for cruise lines.
  • Briggs Marine - Provision of oil and gas marine facilities management, services consultancy services maritime to identify and minimize risks and services developing contingency plans for maritime industrial and marine companies.
  • O.J. Marine AB - Naval architecture and marine engineering. Based in Sweden.
  • ComPair Schedules - Provides global schedules on over 200 carriers serving maritime 68 trade services routes in a format that permits maritime analysis of all services, services transit times, and days maritime of departure and arrival.
  • Maritime Claims Services Pte Ltd - Singapore based company providing legal services to P maritime and I maritime clubs, ship owners, ship management companies, maritime charterers, oil company and maritime legal firms.
  • Aqua Marine Services - Marine contractors and tugboat services for the eastern United States.
  • MRC - Provides information on companies in the marine and maritime energy markets, primarily for credit risk assessment, marketing maritime and business development purposes.
  • Pte Ltd - Portal including Cambodian vessel registration.
  • The Trident Group, Inc. - Providing state-of-the-art security procedures for the Maritime Industry.
  • Insulmastic Marine Products Division - Canadian manufacturer and supplier of corrosion protection for maritime marine applications.
  • Anchor Group - Panama Canal agents and surveyors. Registration and survey under Belize flag and Panamanian flags. Company registration.
  • Global Maritime Consultancy Limited - Marine, offshore and engineering consultants with offices in maritime London, Aberdeen, maritime Stavanger, Rotterdam and Houston.
  • Mechanical Systems Support Co., Inc. - In house and on site machining, valve repair maritime and marine transportation and logistics boat shafts.
  • Fratelli Cosulich - Company involved in all aspects of the shipping transportation and logistics services industry from liner and tramp agency, ship management, transportation and logistics services manning, bunkering, surveys, to cruise liners and travel.
  • Chuan Hup Holdings Limited - Singapore based company owning and operating a fleet of about 150 service vessels in South East Asia including anchor handling, tug supply, utility, barges, local and ocean going tugs and other special purpose vessels.
  • Cosco Network - Provider of business-to-business e-commerce solutions for the marine and shipping industry. On-line procurement services for marine fuel oil, lubricants and shipping supplies.
  • Stone Manganese Marine Services Ltd - Aberdeen base company supplying marine engineering projects and maritime service worldwide.
  • Fourniership - French ship\\'s chanders located in Brest and Lorient maritime and provisioning maritime with their own vehicles vessels at maritime French Channel and Atlantic maritime ports, together with most maritime other European Ports.
  • - On-location photography for maritime clients, using aircraft, other services ships, and tall masts.
  • Weeks Marine, Inc - Marine transportation, dredging, marine construction, stevedoring, equipment rental and sales, and towage.
  • Central Marine Logistics, Inc. - Inland waters transportation and import - export operations company providing transportation and logistics fleet management, agency, and marine engineering on the Great Lakes transportation and logistics .
  • Associated Conferences Secretariat, Inc. - Developing international shipping conferences and tariff publishing.
  • Priya Blue Industries Ltd. - Engaged in ship scrapping and marine salvage activity. services We also deal in ship machinery exports services and demo-ship trade.
  • World Fuel Services Corporation - Provides fueling and logistics services to air carriers, maritime cargo and charter, private aircraft, and marine operators. maritime Includes an overview of services, company news, and maritime investor information. (NYSE: INT)

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