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Manufacturer of acoustic transducers for ship and submarine sonar, oceanographic survey, seismic exploration, marine life research, medical devices and industrial proximity sensing.

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  • Sonsub International - Supply remotely operated vehicles, remote systems engineering, cable and pipeline burial, subsea systems, and light subsea construction support .
  • International Transducer Corporation - Manufacturer of acoustic transducers for ship and submarine services sonar, oceanographic services survey, seismic exploration, marine life research, services medical devices and industrial services proximity sensing.
  • Subsea Services Incorporated - Provider of underwater inspection, maintenance and repair services sonar to the services marine industry.
  • Subacoustech Ltd - Consultancy in underwater acoustics. Services include the environmental effects of sonar underwater sound, noise and diving and acoustic altimetry . United sonar Kingdom .
  • Ocean Engineering Enterprises - Manufactures underwater loudspeakers, hydrophones, diver recall systems, diver underwater services signaling sonar devices and synchronized swimming sound systems .
  • Submetrix Ltd. - Designs, manufactures and sells sonar systems for hydrographic sonar surveying. Brochures, technical information and useful tips.
  • SRD Ltd. - Sonar Research & Development - Subsea surveys and solutions for real-time process control and visualisation down to 4000 metres. We also provide transducer products. We are based in the UK and operate globally.
  • Neptune Sonar Limited, - Manufacture, calibrate and supply underwater sonar acoustic transducers sonar for commercial services and military applications.
  • J & S Marine Ltd - Design, development and supply of underwater acoustic sensors, services data networks and electro-mechanical based technologies, systems and services through-life support to the defence and commercial offshore services markets.
  • Sunwest Technologies, Inc. - Manufacture CTFM search and obstacle avoidance scanning sonars, Doppler current profilers and acoustic test instruments.
  • Sonatech - Underwater acoustic systems development organization. Includes underwater sonar, underwater services navigation sonar and tracking systems. A Channel Technologies company.
  • Advansys Solutions Ltd - Design and develop software for sonar used in services navel combat underwater services systems.
  • Sippican - Manufactures expendable oceanographic and meteorologic instrumentation and associated sonar data acquisition sonar systems; communication and navigation antenna systems sonar for submarines and aircraft sonar and autonomous underwater vehicles sonar for anti-submarine warfare .
  • Marschall Acoustics Group - Design and manufacture acoustic and nonacoustic instrumentation for sonar underwater and subsurface geophysical imaging applications for the sonar industrial, government, and defence sectors.
  • Lowrance - Manufacturer of recreational marine and GPS electronics for services the consumer sonar sport fishing, boating, aviation, automotive and services outdoors recreation markets.
  • Benthos Inc - Designs and manufactures oceanographic and robotic systems for research, exploration services and defense, and through datasonics transducers.
  • Lubell Labs - Manufacture underwater speakers for the scientist, synchronized swimmer, lap swimmer, and scuba diver.
  • Ocean News and Technology Buyer's Guide - Firms working in the oceans and seas.
  • Gearing & Watson Electronics Ltd - Manufacture and supply a wide range of shakers for vibration testing, sonar systems, underwater transducers and power amplifiers.
  • Naval - Links to products and service companies providing a range of underwater services sonar and acoustic maritime and undersea equipment.
  • Sensor Technology Limited - Producer of piezoelectric ceramics and materials for transducer underwater services OEMs. sonar Manufacturer of underwater sensor and transducer devices.
  • Klein Associates - Manufacturer of side scan sonar systems, navigation and sonar intrusion detection.
  • AquaCoustic Remote Technologies Inc - Providing remote-sensing services for your underwater needs, using underwater services SONAR systems and proprietary software programs.
  • L-3 Communications ELAC Nautik GmbH - Manufacture echosounders and sonars, underwater communication systems, multibeam services systems, transducers and hydrophones.
  • Klaxon Signals Ltd. - Manufacturer the Vitavox range of naval and underwater underwater services loudspeakers and microphones.
  • Sonalysts, Inc. - Provides analysis of submarine sonar systems, and a services wide variety services of airborne, surface, subsurface and land-based services navy systems.
  • LinkQuest Inc. - Designs and manufactures 9600 baud, underwater acoustic modems sonar and precision underwater services marine geodetic systems.

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