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Canadian manufacturer of a caliper tool that measures an air chamber size from a type 9 to type 36, including long stroke models.

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  • Jendyk Enterprises - Security and anti-theft devices for tractor trailers. Includes illustrations for trucking installation of the products. Located in Wentworth, Georgia.
  • Chamber Mate Tools - Canadian manufacturer of a caliper tool that measures transportation and logistics an air chamber size from a type 9 transportation and logistics to type 36, including long stroke models.
  • Pacific Northwest Technologies - A custom manufacturer of on-board scales, weight indicators and load cells for the trucking industry.
  • Fabtron Corp - Produces metal engine oil reservoir kits that dispense trucking oil directly into engines.
  • Transport Security Inc. - Provides anti-theft devices to insure the security of products truck, trailer, products container and cargo. Locks for Haz-Mat products and bulk tanker trailers products are available.
  • RBE Electronics, Inc. - Provides portable tractor and trailer light circuit testers. transportation and logistics products Helps in troubleshooting and repairing lighting circuits, including transportation and logistics products ABS systems.
  • Cost Per Mile - Sells book designed to calculate cost per mile trucking or operating ratio. Site contains links to general trucking trucking information.
  • Arctic Fox Inc. - Cold weather aids and diesel fuel, battery, products oil pan trucking heaters. Also provides contract manufacturing products services.
  • OilGuard - Produces an oil filtration system for commercial trucking vehicles, large engines and industrial applications. Designed to trucking increases fuel efficiency when used with synthetic oil.
  • Auxiliary Power Dynamics - Produces a power system that provides heating, air conditioning, electrical power, air compression, and main engine coolant and oil circulation.
  • proteK-dor Ltd. - Sells a security device which protects truck drivers that are asleep in their cabs.
  • Enviro-Cool - Offers a coolant system cleaner and filter for products large engines.
  • Bellseng Technology Inc. - Produces a ground level operated pneumatically actuated port closure for trucking dry bulk transportation.
  • RigMaster Power - Supplies stand alone generator sets for trucking applications. products Includes dealer trucking locations.
  • PM On Board - Manufactures vehicle weighing systems for transport industries including products on-board truck products scales, loadcells and displays.
  • American Mobile Power - Hydraulic Wet Tank Systems - Custom built tanks are available utilizing basic steel products or aluminum products designs. Units can be ported, vented, products and finished to applicable products specifications.

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