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  • E Tip Inc. - Markets safety, security and maintenance products for the products transportation industry. trucking Includes steering controls, locks and preheaters.
  • Inovex Industries - Produces and distributes the Ride-On line of tire safety sealants that trucking can be used in any pneumatic safety tire.
  • Wheel-Check - Sells a loose wheel nut indicator that provides a simple, trucking visual means of checking proper wheel torque.
  • Normark Industries Inc. - Produces the Luglock wheel nut security ring that protects vehicles products against loose wheel nuts and wheel separation accidents.
  • Dual Dynamics - Provides trucking products that improve safety or improve maintenance including trucking grease hubs, freight restraints and tire inflation systems.
  • Tiss Inc. - Sells alarm systems for trailers to detect illegal intruders and trucking theft.
  • PoleCat Truck Mirrors - Produces driving mirrors for trucks. Includes online ordering.
  • Truck Safety Gear - Stocks a variety of safety flags, wide load safety and oversized load banners.
  • Wip AB. - Supplier of seat leverers, rear vision and surveillance systems. Based products in Sweden.
  • Safety Vision - Provides rear vision and on-board surveillance systems for school bus, products trucking, mass transit, and pick up and delivery applications.

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