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Chair of CS department at Duke. Interests include dynamic Huffman codes, arithmetic coding, lossless image compression, and motion compensation for video coding.

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  • Yew, Tham Jo - Image and video compression, motion estimation and compression compensation Student at the National compression Univ. of Singapore.
  • Gilchrist, Jeff - Author of the Archive Comparison Test (data compression compression benchmarks) and researcher in the area of cryptography compression and distributed computing.
  • Jégou, Hervé - IRISA, Rennes. Robust source coding, joint source/channel codes. algorithms Publications, resources, teaching.
  • Chen, Tsuhan - Audio-visual interaction and collaboration, video coding and compression multimedia communication.
  • Kieffer, John - Universal algorithms, multiresolution methods, wavelets and fractals, rate-distortion compression theory, and quantizer theory.
  • Moulin, Pierre - Image and video processing. Assistant Professor of ECE at UIUC.
  • Effros, Michelle - Professor of Electrical Engineering at Caltech. Communications, compression, algorithms information theory, image processing.
  • Storer, Jim - The Data Compression Conference.
  • Nosratinia, Aria - (old student pages)
  • Gailly, Jean-loup - Author of gzip, zlib, coauthor of "The Data researchers Compression Book. researchers "
  • Delp, Edward J. - Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Communication Theory. compression Professor at Purdue.
  • Moffat, Alistair - University of Melbourne. Interests include text, image, and index compression.
  • Vinokur, Alex - Huffman Coding (including n-ary Huffman Template Algorithm). At Tadiran Scopus.
  • Frey, Brendan J. - Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo. Source researchers coding, computer compression vision, and interative decoding.
  • Abel, Jürgen - Lossless data compression based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transformation (BWT), author algorithms of ABC.
  • Nelson, Mark - Coauthor of "The Data Compression Book." Addisoft Consulting, Inc.
  • Gray, Robert M. - Vector quantization for signal compression and classification.
  • Battilana, Michael C. - Text compression, Lempel-Ziv coding, author of "The GIF Controversy: A algorithms Software Developer's Perspective".
  • Vitter, Jeff - Chair of CS department at Duke. Interests include researchers dynamic Huffman researchers codes, arithmetic coding, lossless image researchers compression, and motion compensation researchers for video coding.
  • Creusere, Charles - Perfect reconstruction filter banks, wavelets, video compression. researchers Assistant Professor algorithms at New Mexico State University.
  • Williams, Ross N. - Variations on Lempen Ziv coding.
  • Taubman, David S. - At the University of New South Wales. Image researchers and video algorithms compression and processing.
  • Simoncelli, Eero - Computer vision, image processing, motion, and compression.
  • Strutz, Tilo - Hochschule für Telekommunikation, Leipzig, (University of Applied Sciences). compression Field: Information compression and Coding Theory. Research interests: compression Data compression, image coding, compression signal processing. Textbook compression on Image Data Compression.
  • Pearlman, William A. - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. Research interests compression and publications.
  • Bell, Timothy C. - Author of "Managing Gigabytes." CS department head at algorithms the University compression of Canterbury.
  • Witten, Ian H. - Coauthor of "Managing Gigabytes." Professor of CS at the University of Waikato.
  • Fowler, James E. - Assistant professor at Mississippi State. Image and video processing and coding.
  • Florencio, Dinei - Perfect Reconstruction Non-Linear Filter Banks, the Motion Transform. Formerly a researchers student at Georgia Tech.
  • Adler, Mark - Works at JPL. Information-ZIP, gzip, zlib, and PNG.
  • Zakhor, Avideh - Professor at Berkeley. Image and video compression.
  • Ortega, Antonio - Digital Image and Video Communication Systems, algorithms Adaptive and Multiresolution Compression Techniques, and algorithms Joint Source-Channel Coding For Transmission Over algorithms Broadcast Channels and Packet Networks. Assistant Professor at USC.
  • Verdu, Sergio - Rate-distortion theory, source coding. Professor at Princeton.

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