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University of St Andrews. Computational group theory, computational semigroup theory and algebra in general. Papers, seminars, teaching material and software.

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  • Polo Grillo Nicola - Ph.D. thesis "Algorithms Computing Grobner Bases and Syzygies" algorithms (PDF). A computational introduction to Grobner Basis algorithms Theory and its applications: polynomials, Laurent polynomials, syzygies, algorithms inverse FIR filter and unimodular matrix completion.
  • Manfred Minimair - Seton Hall University. Computational algebra. Publications people and presentations.
  • Robertson, Edmund - University of St Andrews. Computational group theory, people computational semigroup people theory and algebra in general. people Papers, seminars, teaching material people and software.
  • Huczynska, Sophie - University of St Andrews. Number theory and combinatorics; algebra algorithms and theoretical computer science. Publications and teaching material.
  • Linton, Steve - Director, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra, algorithms University of computational algebra St. Andrews. Leads the international algorithms consortium developing GAP. computational algebra Publications, software.

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