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Computational Algebra refers to the use of computers to important algorithms in the field.

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See Also:
  • Computer Algebra Nederland (CAN) - Coordinates the use of computer algebra in education computational algebra and computers research. Research reports, newsletters and historical computational algebra material.
  • Communications in Computer Algebra - The ACM SIGSAM Bulletin. Some tables of contents and computational algebra sample articles.
  • GROEBNER: A Package for Calculating Gröbner Bases - A REDUCE package by H. Melenk and W. Neun, computational algebra Konrad--Zuse--Zentrum, Berlin.
  • SIGSAM - ACM Special Interest Group in Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation. computational algebra Site has details of meetings, reports and other computational algebra links.
  • Groebner Bases - Definitions and examples, with Java applet.
  • SymbolicNet - Information centre for symbolic mathematical computation. Links to research and software.

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