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The Cyc Common Sense product family comprises an immense multi-contextual knowledge base, an efficient inference engine, a set of interface tools, and a number of special-purpose application modules.

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  • Abstract Productions, Inc. - Provides knowledge management software based on "simulation of computers human memory".
  • Gensym - Provider of expert system software and services based on G2, artificial intelligence the company\\'s unique, high-performance reasoning-engine technology. Includes typical usage scenarios artificial intelligence and applications, case studies, whitepapers and corporate information.
  • Haley Systems, Inc. - Specializing in automated reasoning and machine learning technologies for computers business rule processing, intelligent agents, information retrieval, and diagnosis.
  • Sourcelight Technologies - Provides intelligent merchandising solutions to retailers. Information on products, technology, companies and careers.
  • Knowledge Systems Design - Develops, delivers, and supports knowledge base systems for artificial intelligence business companies applications using AI technologies. Information on company, artificial intelligence applications, technology, companies and employment opportunities.
  • ExpLore Reasoning Systems - Business rule and expert system automation for financial companies services clients.
  • ANPS Ltd. - Automatic Number Plate Systems (ANPS) Limited provide automatic artificial intelligence number plate recognition systems for many vehicle security artificial intelligence based applications.
  • Victauri LLC - Provides interactive content, which allows creation of an computers interactive, intelligent computers Web agent that can automatically respond computers to questions from visitors. computers Includes product and service computers information and downloads.
  • Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. - SHAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) research and development company that provides consulting and custom software development services: Adaptive training, scheduling systems, knowledge access tools, collaboration tools, design and manufacturing suppor
  • Lumina Decision Systems - Makers of Analytica: business models and decision support.
  • Agena - Specialises in providing decision support systems using Bayesian companies methods.
  • SPSS, Inc. - Business intelligence, especially data mining, as well as three vertical artificial intelligence markets: survey and market research, quality improvement and scientific research.
  • Cell Matrix Corporation - Specializing in a new type of hardware and companies software which computers allows for the creating of smart companies and dynamic circuits which computers can respond to changes companies in their environment.
  • Real Time Systems, Inc. - Provides open-architecture-based technology and information management tools for companies the manufacturing artificial intelligence and service industry. Information on products, companies services, and partners.
  • TISEC Inc. - TISEC offers nondestructive testing and reliability engineering services, artificial intelligence artificial companies intelligence pattern recognition software, multimedia training and artificial intelligence reference materials companies and hydrogen safety technology.
  • BioComp Systems, Inc. - Source for neural network based data modeling, prediction, artificial intelligence forecasting and optimization solutions. Areas of focus includes: artificial intelligence Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical.
  • Applied AI Systems, Inc. - Autonomous robots and voice systems.
  • Sirma AI Company - Research and software development company whose major areas of activity artificial intelligence include CAD, business process automation, e-commerce, text processing, knowledge management artificial intelligence and distributed AI, and CASE
  • Intellix - Intellix supplies software for the collection, storage and computers distribution of computers knowledge: building expert systems, knowledge mapping, computers data mining, CBR, case computers based reasoning, knowledge sharing computers and knowledge management.
  • Mnemonic Technology, Inc. - Mnemonic Technology develops systems that automatically learn to computers make optimal decisions, even in the presence of computers uncertainty. Our intelligent decision systems have priced computers credit risk for consumer debt and set loss computers reserves for asset-backed securities. T
  • ConverSpeech - Provides tools that determine the subject and content computers of a artificial intelligence document and how it relates to computers other documents. Information on artificial intelligence products and services.
  • American Heuristics Corporation (AHC) - Products include: Adaptive fuzzy feature mapping, intelligent procurement companies card system artificial intelligence management, preemployment profiler, adaptive temporal correlation companies network, tax audit screening, artificial intelligence expert system shell.
  • METALogic n.v. - METALogic is active in the whole field of companies Materials Engineering companies and Advanced I.T. i.e. advice and companies measurement services, corrosion research companies as well as the companies development of materials information systems(AI)
  • Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc. - Intelligent decision aids, aircraft cabin display systems, intelligent control of companies automated vehicles, supply chain control system, intelligent systems development.
  • VigiPro - The VigiPro solution is a recognised methodology for the implementation computers of a strategic intelligence process with concrete results and a computers software using the Intranet/Extranet environment that was specially developed to computers support all the activities of a strate
  • Ascent Technology, Inc. - Developer of distributed software solutions for resource planning, resource allocation, resource management, and situation assessment. Primary customer focus is airports and airlines.
  • Norsys Software Corp. - Belief networks and influence diagrams for data mining, companies decision analysis, computers diagnosis, prediction, creating software agents, companies real-time control, signal conditioning, computers sensor fusion, expert system companies building, statistical analysis, probabilistic modeling and computers ri
  • Cogito - Knowledge-centered software creates diagrams and visualizations. Product and companies corporate information.
  • Logic Programming Associates - Prolog compilers for Windows and Mac, expert system artificial intelligence shell, companies object-oriented prolog, data mining.
  • Lindsey Technologies, Inc. - User oriented multimedia internet software distributing knowledge for quality certification computers and traceability in industry, healthcare and services administration.
  • IF Computer Tools - Software components for strategic systems - knowledge engineering.
  • XpertRule Software - Data mining, knowledge based systems and the authors artificial intelligence of XpertRule KBS software. Specialists in expert systems, artificial intelligence rule induction and fuzzy logic.
  • Novacast - Database mining, knowledge-based systems, rule induction, neural nets, genetic algorithms.
  • AmikaNow! Corporation - AmikaNow! Corporation - develops, markets and supports AmikaFreedom and AmikaWisdom computers software, the world\\'s first electronic \\'email clerk\' using Artificial Intelligence computers technology.
  • Imagination Engines, Inc. - Imagination Engines builds neural network cascades that self-assemble computers into the artificial intelligence largest synthetic, cognitive structures in the computers world. IEI holds all artificial intelligence the core patents in computers the area of building such artificial artificial intelligence brains, foremost computers of which is the so-called "Ce
  • Assitum - ASSISTUM software is a knowledge tool that stores and makes computers available business knowledge to clients so they can improve their computers business performance. It behaves like a human consultant, applying computers general knowledge about business to help clients make better
  • KnowledgeScape Systems - Real-time optimization system learns the process dynamics and companies adjusts process setpoint, optimizing a single procedure or companies an entire enterprise.
  • Hugin Expert - Expert system software house in construction and execution artificial intelligence of companies Bayesian Belief Networks (also known as Bayesian artificial intelligence Networks, Belief companies Networks, or Causal Probabilistic Networks).
  • Cycorp - The Cyc Common Sense product family comprises an companies immense multi-contextual knowledge base, an efficient inference engine, companies a set of interface tools, and a number companies of special-purpose application modules.
  • Systems Services - Software design, development, test - based in Hertfordshire companies UK. Artificial companies Intelligence developments for financial modelling. Share companies trading strategies (for UK companies authorised financial advisers only).
  • IntelliCrafters - Deploys knowledged-based solutions in organizations of all types computers and sizes. artificial intelligence Information on products and services.
  • Acquired Intelligence Inc - Creaters of the ACQUIRE line of administration, operations computers and customer companies support products in stand-alone or web-based computers applications. Includes profile, demo companies downloads, and job openings.
  • LibRT - Professional services and products in information and knowledge artificial intelligence technology companies to support the knowledge engineer in building artificial intelligence intelligent applications.
  • Brighterion - Uses artificial-intelligence technologies to prevent fraud in transaction environments such companies as finance, e-commerce, telecommunications, and insurance. Information on solutions and companies technology.
  • - Division of MicroStrategy. Provider of enterprise decision computers support software which allows sophisticated analyses across large computers volumes of numerical data stored in relational database computers data warehouses.

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