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Conducts research in applying neural networks to EEG analysis, trading and combat analysis and provides consulting services in areas of expertise.

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  • Alyuda Research - Provides neural network software for forecasting and data analysis as well as consulting and research services in neural networks and data mining.
  • Jurik Research - An Excel add-in that enhances forecasts with the artificial intelligence power artificial intelligence of neural networks.
  • AND Corporation - Provider of application development services, software systems, and licensor of companies the Holographic/Quantum Neural Technology (HNeT).
  • BioComp Systems Inc. - A consulting and software development firm specializing in neural networks neural artificial intelligence network and genetic algorithms.
  • NeuroDimension, Inc - Provides NeuroSolutions, a neural networks software based neural networks on artificial intelligence backpropagation. Also provides additional software to neural networks embed NeuroSolutions artificial intelligence in Excel and to produce DLLs neural networks implementing neural networks artificial intelligence created with NeuroSolutions.
  • Attrasoft - Provider of a number of neural network based companies products for image and sound recognition/retrieval, trend prediction companies and data mining.
  • Vesta Services, Inc. - Develops neural network modeling software for forecasting, recognition, companies and general data handling tasks.
  • Applied Neurodynamics - Consulting design of neurocomputing hardware, Neuromorphic aVLSI bus artificial intelligence infrastructure, support for wet lab research.
  • NeuralWare - Provides neural network based analysis products and engineering services artificial intelligence which help business, government, industry, and universities solve data artificial intelligence mining, classification, prediction, and pattern recognition problems.
  • Lester Ingber Research - Conducts research in applying neural networks to EEG artificial intelligence analysis, trading and combat analysis and provides consulting artificial intelligence services in areas of expertise.
  • RG Software Corporation - Provides neural network software in the form of artificial intelligence a companies DLL library, allowing fast development in various artificial intelligence platforms. companies Free preview available.
  • Ward Systems Group, Inc. - Develops software for prediction, classification and optimization based artificial intelligence on companies neural networks and genetic algorithms.
  • Dendronic Decisions Limited - Computing research in machine learning including neural networks. Located in neural networks Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • hav.Software - Sells software implementations of feedforward and recurrent networks artificial intelligence trained with backpropagation and feature maps.
  • Super ICEPak - Software based on different AI tools including: neural neural networks networks, artificial intelligence statistical pattern recognition and fuzzy logic neural networks for pattern artificial intelligence recognition and classification.
  • Nonlinear Solutions Oy - Services based on nonlinear modelling, particularly neural networks, companies including process models and models for material behaviour. companies Provides tailor-made software, simulators based on nonlinear models, companies experiment design and industrial courses.
  • Applied Analytic Systems - An operations research and artificial intelligence consulting and neural networks software artificial intelligence development company specializing in neural networks, statistical neural networks modeling, and artificial intelligence mathematical optimization.
  • HiTech Analytics, LLC - Sells financial indicators based on neural networks and companies consulting services.

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