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A general GA toolkit implemented in Java, for experimenting with genetic algorithms and handling optimization problems. Source code is available.

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See Also:
  • Netadelica Genetic Algorithms - A brief experiment in coding a simple genetic algorithm \'bit artificial intelligence counter' that compares different evolution parameters.
  • optiGA - An ActiveX control for Genetic Algorithms written in algorithms Visual Basic. Provides a generic control that will algorithms perform the genetic run for any optimization problem.
  • GECCO 2001 - Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2001, July 7-11: algorithms Holiday Inn genetic programming in San Francisco, California.
  • Introduction to Genetic Algorithms - An introductory explanation of genetic algorithms available in artificial intelligence HTML algorithms and PDF formats. The Genetic Algorithm Viewer artificial intelligence Java applet algorithms shows the functioning of a genetic artificial intelligence algorithm.
  • Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation - FAQs for An unconventional and often witty genetic programming introductory compendium. ASCII text only.
  • Papers by Lee Altenberg On-Line - Research publications in mathematical population genetics, evolutionary computation, algorithms and genetic artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Hellenic Complex Systems Laboratory - An independent, nonprofit research laboratory involved in the algorithms transdisciplinary study algorithms of complex systems. Invented the GA-based algorithms design of statistical quality algorithms control.
  • Genetic Daemon - An open source genetic engine server, capable to run any kind of genetic algorithm. It has TCP architecture, working with software clients and human interaction.
  • Open BEAGLE - Open BEAGLE is an Evolutionary Computation (EC) framework genetic programming entirely genetic programming coded in C++. It provides a software genetic programming environment to genetic programming do any kind of EC.
  • rEvolutionaryEngineering - Researches and develops applications using evolutionary algorithms and algorithms genetic algorithms genetic programming for finance and engineering.
  • Genetic Pattern Finder - Uses genetic algorithms to detect the best trading patterns and genetic programming will adapt to any financial data. The trading signales generated genetic programming are statistically validated and can be easily exported.
  • GA Playground - A general GA toolkit implemented in Java, for algorithms experimenting with algorithms genetic algorithms and handling optimization problems. algorithms Source code is available.
  • Orchestrate Plan - Developers of plan and schedule optimization software that genetic programming utilizes artificial intelligence genetic algorithms.
  • Cell Matrix Corporation - Publications describe an application of their computer architecture artificial intelligence to genetic algorithms. Software includes an online circuit artificial intelligence simulator.
  • GAlib - A C++ library of genetic algorithm components. The artificial intelligence library artificial intelligence includes tools for using genetic algorithms to artificial intelligence do optimization artificial intelligence in any C++ program using any artificial intelligence representation and genetic artificial intelligence operators.
  • GA-search - An advanced dedicated genetic algorithms search engine. The "Spider" indexes artificial intelligence only GA related sites.
  • Genetic Algorithm Experiment - This Java applet demonstrates a continuous value genetic algorithm on algorithms a variety of problem spaces with a variety of reproduction algorithms methods.
  • Genetic Programming - Contains information on genetic algorithms and programming techniques. algorithms Sponsors a genetic programming contest in java.
  • Project Jeep - Jeep is a modular, abstract and distributed evolutionary artificial intelligence programming core written in Java (open source), allowing artificial intelligence to grow autonomous agents as well a gene artificial intelligence pool (as in genetic algorithms).
  • PPSN VI - Sixth International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (2000), September 16-20: Paris, France.
  • PC AI Genetic Algorithms - Contains links to genetic algorithms information on the Internet along with vendors and references. Published by PC AI magazine.
  • NeuroDimension Inc: Genetic Algorithm Software - Use NeuroDimension\\'s Genetic Server or Genetic Library products artificial intelligence to genetic programming embed genetic algorithms into your own VB/C++ artificial intelligence application.
  • Franck Binard's Evolutionary Computing Examples - Examples of genetic programs in Perl and C++. Includes genetic programming examples using the Google API to evolve strings as well genetic programming as an ant evolver.
  • Bibliography on Genetic Algrorithms - Genetic algorithm citations starting with ICGA and FOGA. artificial intelligence Part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection at artificial intelligence the Universitat Karlsruhe in Germany.
  • International Society for Adaptive Behavior - ISAB is an international scientific society devoted to genetic programming education algorithms and furthering research on adaptive behavior in genetic programming animals, animats, algorithms software agents, and robots.
  • Introduction to Genetic Algorithms with Java - Introductory pages with interactive Java applets, useful tips for your genetic programming own genetic algorithm
  • IlliGAL - Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Includes a large collection of technical reports and software.
  • JavaEvA - A Java based optimization framework for evolutionary algorithms.
  • Genetic Algorithm - Maze Solver - Has a Java applet that helps the reader visualize the genetic programming inner workings of the genetic algorithm.
  • JOpt.SDK - A tour scheduling and optimization library for Java that uses specialized genetic algorithms to calculate an optimized allocation of orders and stops to vehicles. Solves Traveling Salesman Problems (TSP) and Vehicle Routing Problems (VRPTW).
  • Evolvica - A Java evolutionary computation framework. It includes a visual designer, source code editor and debugger and aims to provide a toolkit for easy implementation of all kinds of evolutionary algorithms.
  • Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithm Toolbox - GEATbx is an implementation of evolutionary algorithms in genetic programming Matlab. A broad range of operators is fully genetic programming integrated into one environment.
  • Musical Composition with Genetic Algorithms - Graduate research project of Joy Schoenberger at the College of genetic programming William and Mary. It attempts to use genetic algorithms genetic programming for musical composition, with coherency through genotype.
  • Genetics-Based Machine Learning - Generalization, scheduling and performance evaluation from the Teacher Research Group.
  • Evolutionary Design of Neural Architectures - Information, bibliography and resources on evolutionary synthesis of genetic programming neuromorphic algorithms systems. Maintained by the Artificial Intelligence Research genetic programming Group at algorithms Iowa State University.

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