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A GP toolkit for exploring problems which don't have a natural fitness function and need human intuition to select the "best of the breed."

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Editor's Picks:* - A definitive source of information about the field of genetic programming with links and conferences.

  • John R. Koza - Inventor of genetic programming and author of numerous artificial intelligence genetic programming published papers on genetic programming at Stanford artificial intelligence University.
  • Genetic Programming Bibliography - A large single file containing an genetic programming bibliography. Lacks a search function.
  • Genetic Programming in C/C++ - Explains the paradigm of genetic programming, and its implementation in artificial intelligence the C/C++ programming language.
  • EuroGP 2002 - 5th European Conference on Genetic Programming, 3-5 April computers 2002: Kinsale, artificial intelligence Ireland.
  • Genetic Programming at University College London - FAQs, people, software, links, conferences, publications, interactive genetic genetic programming art artificial intelligence and music.
  • Genetic Programming Inc. - A privately funded research group that does research genetic programming in genetic programming applying genetic programming.
  • Tuppas Genetic Programming - Manufacturing scheduling and closed loop applications utilizing genetic programming algorithms.
  • Toolkit for Visual Genetic Programming - A GP toolkit for exploring problems which don\\'t have a genetic programming natural fitness function and need human intuition to select the genetic programming "best of the breed."
  • Interactive Truck Demo - Demonstrates the use of genetic algorithms in solving artificial intelligence the computers trailer truck backing up problem.
  • Kanpur Genetic Algorithms Laboratory - Contains information about Kanpur Genetic Algorithms Laboratory and computers papers published by researchers here.
  • Distributed Genetic Programming Framework - A scalable, distributed Java genetic programming environment. It comes with computers a specialization for evolving assembler-syntax algorithms that could run on computers sensor nodes.
  • GP-96 - Genetic Programming 1996 Conference, July 28-31: Stanford University.
  • Teamwork in Genetic Programming - Thesis and software demonstrating teamwork in genetic programming. artificial intelligence Simulates evolving software emulating ants and collective artificial intelligence behavior.
  • Symbolic Regression Applet - Includes a Java Applet for symbolic regression using artificial intelligence GP. It allows the import of data and artificial intelligence the export of the resulting equations to spreadsheet artificial intelligence applications like Excel.
  • GPalta - A genetic programming toolbox written in Java that computers aims for artificial intelligence simplicity and speed.
  • Simple Symbolic Regression Using Genetic Programming - Java applet based on an algorithm of John computers R. Koza.
  • GAUL: Genetic Algorithm Utility Library - A programming library designed to aid development of computers applications that artificial intelligence use genetic algorithms.
  • Groovy Java Genetic Programming - Genetic Programming (JGProg) is an open-source pure Java computers implementation of artificial intelligence a strongly-typed Genetic Programming experimentation platform.
  • Genetic Programming Tutorial - Offers links and an introduction to Genetic Programming.
  • eXtreme Genetic Programming - Applies the concepts of evolution to both software computers and the software process.
  • Natural Selection Inc. - Applies unique expertise in evolutionary computation and evolved neural networks to real-world problems.
  • Bibliography on Genetic Programming - A nearly complete bibliography of papers published on genetic programming. artificial intelligence Part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection.
  • N-genes EC framework - An easy to learn evolutionary computing framework written genetic programming for artificial intelligence Java 5. Genetic programming is implemented through genetic programming fast stack-based artificial intelligence linear programs.
  • Genetic Programming - A web community and forum for genetic programming and other genetic programming types of evolutionary computation.
  • International Society for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation - Promotes the creation and exchange of knowledge on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation and their application.
  • ECLab at GMU - The George Mason University Evolutionary Computation Laboratory, headed genetic programming by genetic programming Profs. Kenneth De Jong and Sean Luke.

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