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How computers can learn to get better at playing games. This site is for artificial intelligence researchers and intrepid game programmers. I describe game programs and their workings; they rely on heuristic search algorithms, neural networks, genetic al

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David W. Aha: Machine Learning Page* - A machine learning resources from Applications to Tutorials.

  • Programming by Example - Programming by example (or by demonstration) is a technique for computers teaching the computer new behavior by demonstrating actions on concrete computers examples. The system records user actions and generalizes a program computers that can be used in new examples.
  • Andrew Schein's Web Page - Machine learning approaches to data mining focussing on text mining applications
  • Grammatical Inference - Repository of information on grammatical inference, automata induction, computers and language acquisition.
  • Integrated Optimization - Artificial Intelligence - Site dedicated to research of artificial intelligence algorithms artificial intelligence applied artificial intelligence to information retrieval, data mining and optimization artificial intelligence methods. Includes artificial intelligence FAQs and AI resources for math/science artificial intelligence teachers and students.
  • Reasoning about Computational Resource Allocation - An introduction to "anytime" algorithms. Published in machine learning Crossroads, the student magazine of the ACM.
  • Machine learning for user modeling - Resources for researchers and practitioners interested in the machine learning use computers of learning techniques in intelligent, user-adaptive systems.
  • Gowachin - A competition on Grammatical Inference.
  • Computational Learning Theory - A research field devoted to studying the design and analysis of algorithms for making predictions about the future based on past experiences. The emphasis in COLT is on rigorous mathematical analysis. COLT is largely concerned with computational and data
  • Machine Learning in Games - How computers can learn to get better at machine learning playing computers games. This site is for artificial machine learning intelligence researchers computers and intrepid game programmers. I describe machine learning game programs and computers their workings; they rely on machine learning heuristic search algorithms, neural computers networks, genetic al
  • Pattern Recognition on The Web - Links to various pattern recognition and machine learning artificial intelligence resources
  • Kernel machines - A central information source for the area of artificial intelligence Support artificial intelligence Vector Machines, Gaussian Process prediction, Mathematical Programming artificial intelligence with Kernels, artificial intelligence Regularization Networks, Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces, artificial intelligence and related methods. artificial intelligence Provides links to papers, artificial intelligence upcoming
  • k-means clustering tutorial - Introduction to k-means clustering, a popular data mining and unsupervised machine learning learning algorithm. Free code, software, resources and examples are machine learning available for download.
  • Pattern Recognition Information - A hub for Pattern Recognition linking to journals, artificial intelligence books, machine learning bibliographies, jobs, conferences and news.
  • Proto-Mind Machines - Artificial Neural Network-based natural language conversational agent and intelligent dialogue artificial intelligence generator
  • Reinforcement Learning Repository - A centralized resource for researchers of reinforcement learning. computers Maintained at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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