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Datgen, formerly SCDS, is a computer program that generates data to systematically test programs that consume data. These synthetic datasets can be used to validate learning algorithms.

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  • NIST Special Database 4. - This NIST database of fingerprint images contains 2000 8- bit datasets gray scale fingerprint image pairs.
  • The RCSB Protein Data Bank (PDB) - Archive of experimentally-determined, biological macromolecule 3-D structures from datasets the Brookhaven artificial intelligence National Laboratory.
  • Face recognition dataset - A dataset of face images for face recognition machine learning algorithms.
  • Penn Treebank Project - A corpus of parsed sentences. Used by many artificial intelligence researchers machine learning for training data-driven parsing algorithms.
  • UCI Machine Learning Repository - A repository of databases, domain theories and data artificial intelligence generators that are used by the machine learning artificial intelligence community for the empirical analysis of machine learning artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • National Space Science Data Center - Provides access to a wide variety of machine learning astrophysics, space physics, solar physics, lunar machine learning and planetary data from NASA space flight machine learning missions, in addition to selected other data machine learning and some models and software.
  • Dataset generator - Datgen, formerly SCDS, is a computer program that artificial intelligence generates data to systematically test programs that consume artificial intelligence data. These synthetic datasets can be used artificial intelligence to validate learning algorithms.
  • DELVE - Data for Evaluating Learning in Valid Experiments - Data for Evaluating Learning Valid Experiments: A standardized artificial intelligence environment designed to evaluate the performance of methods artificial intelligence that learn relationships based primarily on empirical data. artificial intelligence Delve makes it possible for users to compare artificial intelligence their learning methods with
  • The StatLib Datasets Archive - A repository of datasets used in statistics and machine learning.
  • TechTC - Technion Repository of Text Categorization Datasets - Provides a large number of diverse test collections datasets for use artificial intelligence in text categorization research.
  • Time Series Data Library - A collection of over 500 time series, maintained by Rob Hyndman. Time series are organized by subject.
  • Reuters-21578 Text Categorization Corpus - A classic benchmark for text categorization algorithms.
  • RISE: Repository of Information Sources used in information Extraction tasks. - Repository of online information sources: test domains for datasets information extraction and wrapper generation tools that learn datasets extraction rules (extraction patterns).
  • TREC Data - Text datasets used in information retrieval and learning machine learning in artificial intelligence text domains.
  • Bilkent University Function Approximation Repository - Datasets used for the experimental analysis of function approximation techniques and for training and demonstration by machine learning and statistics community.
  • Web->KB dataset - Web pages partitioned into classes, with hyperlink data. machine learning The datasets dataset has been used for text categorization machine learning and learning datasets to extract symbolic knowledge from the machine learning World Wide Web.
  • WordSimilarity-353 Test Collection - Contains 353 English word pairs along with human-assigned similarity judgements.
  • Learning Relational Concepts from Sensor Data of a Mobile Robot - A set of data sets, where each data artificial intelligence set artificial intelligence is represented in first order logic. Maintained artificial intelligence at the artificial intelligence University of Dortmund, Germany.
  • HS3D - Homo Sapiens Splice Sites Dataset - HS3D (Homo Sapiens Splice Sites Dataset) is a datasets database of artificial intelligence Homo Sapiens Exon, Intron and Splice datasets regions extracted from GenBank artificial intelligence primate sequences Rel.123. datasets The aim of this data artificial intelligence set is datasets to give standardized material to train and to artificial intelligence datasets assess the prediction accu

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