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  • Case-Based Reasoning: Experiences, Lessons, and Future Directions - Home page for the AAAI Press book, edited artificial intelligence by David Leake. Includes the table of artificial intelligence contents and a link to an on-line version artificial intelligence of the chapter "CBR in Context: The artificial intelligence Present and Future," a tutorial and overview of artificial intelligence case-based reasoning research and app
  • CADET - Case-based Design Tool - "System that aids conceptual design of electro-mechanical devices artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence is based on the paradigm of artificial intelligence Case-based Reasoning." artificial intelligence Project information, members, publications.
  • Illation: Case Based Reasoning on Java platform - Java-based Artificial Intelligence technology: Experience Based Reasoning and artificial intelligence Case Based Reasoning, Neural Networks and Natural Language artificial intelligence Processing for knowledge management, dissemination, and retrieval.
  • University of Massachusetts - Amherst CBR Group - Information about research, publications, abstracts, and personnel.
  • Improving Accuracy by Combining Rule-based and Case-based Reasoning - Abstract for full paper, PDF full text available. machine learning "An architecture is presented for combining rule-based machine learning and case-based reasoning." Published in Artificial Intelligence machine learning in 1996.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Case-Based Reasoning (AI-CBR) Group - Affiliated with the Laboratory for Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) machine learning at Kansas State University - emphasis on open-source software for machine learning AI and CBR
  • CBR: Foundational Issues, Methodological Variations, and System Approaches - "This paper gives an overview of the foundational machine learning issues related to case-based reasoning, describes some of machine learning the leading methodological approaches within the field, machine learning and exemplifies the current state through pointers to machine learning some systems." Published i
  • CMU AI Repository: CBR Area - Direct link to CBR software and materials in artificial intelligence the CMU AI repository.
  • AI-CBR - Featured papers, researchers and projects, links to CBR artificial intelligence people, machine learning research centres and projects, a guide to artificial intelligence software tools, machine learning searchable online bibliography, virtual library, and artificial intelligence a mailing list.
  • Case-based Reasoning website of the IIIA - Research and development work related to Case-based Reasoning case-based reasoning (CBR) performed on the Institut d\'Investigaci√≥ en Intellig√®ncia case-based reasoning Artificial (IIIA).
  • ML & CBR Folks - A list of home pages for people in machine learning machine machine learning learning and case-based reasoning.
  • Intro to CBR - Short intro includes information about technical issues, applications, machine learning suitability case-based reasoning conditions, tools, and related websites and mailing machine learning lists.

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