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Knowledge discovery and data mining tools for Unix and Windows, including C5.0/See5 (decision trees) and Magnum Opus (association rules).

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  • RuleQuest Research Data Mining Tools - Knowledge discovery and data mining tools for Unix companies and Windows, machine learning including C5.0/See5 (decision trees) and Magnum companies Opus (association rules).
  • Predicting Customer Clicks - Artificial Intelligence - White paper on clickstream data mining from a customer relationship management (CRM) company
  • PharmaDM - A company specialized in customized scientific Data Mining tools and services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
  • Fiske Software - Specializes in machine learning software for bioinformatics, customer companies relationship management artificial intelligence (CRM), data mining, character and companies handwriting recognition, image processing, artificial intelligence information retrieval, and NLP.
  • Burning Glass Technologies - Provider of advanced Statistical Natural Language processing technologies machine learning to human resources sector with resume processing and machine learning predictive matching products.
  • Multi-EXPERT System Generation. - Multi-EXPERT System Generation, Rosetta-Stone Knowledge Engineering for Enterprise modeling and machine learning reengineering.
  • Angoss Software Corporation - Developer of advanced data mining software and solutions for business companies users. Products include KnowledgeSTUDIO and KnowledgeSEEKER.
  • Textkernel - Advanced information extraction systems using machine learning and natural language machine learning processing.

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